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Jack T. said on Thu, 26 Jul 2012 at 22:08...

Poppers Guide.com is my original piece of work and as such is protected by copyright in its entirety (including, without limitations, all text, images and software).

That said, please be free to exercise your "right to quote".

Right to quote—also commonly known as "fair use"—is a concept which allows anyone to quote excerpts of copyrighted works as long as the cited portions are (1) within a reasonable limit, are (2) clearly marked as quotations, and are (3) fully referenced.

Feel free to use reasonable excerpts of text—or any image(s)—as long as you clearly acknowledge Poppers Guide.com as the source.

Jack T.

P.S. I'm leaving this page open for a discussion of copyright issues affecting today's bloggers and other online publishers. A little off-topic on a website about poppers, I know... but I'm interested in it.

Rog said on Tue, 28 May 2013 at 11:55...

I have written a lengthy book (116,000 words) about LSD use earlier in my life with the intention of putting it out as an ebook. The publisher wants me to remove all quoted material from eg Aldous Huxley and Leary, other writers and scientists etc.
It will be gutted!
I name and reference and italicise all quotations but do not understand how far the 'fair use' doctrine extends.
I think I spent too many years as a student and never realised the protection theses and essays had at that time.
Now I fear my tome:"LSD - Blew Out Grandad's Windows; Integrating Psychedelic Experience" will never enter the public world. Damn!
Rog Read M.Phil etc.

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