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Poppers while pregnant

Posted on Poppers Guide's Forum

Topic created by Buttfistee
on Mon, 8 Jul 2024 at 11:32

Buttfistee said on Mon, 8 Jul 2024 at 11:32...

Hi all was wondering if anyone has done them while pregnant or know if there would be any major adverse effects of light usage.

Thanks in advance.

Marlon said on Mon, 8 Jul 2024 at 19:32...

Absolutely DO NOT! NO, NO, NO. Do not even think about it.

>adverse effects of light usage.

YES! BIG TIME if you are pregnant.

GoodnessGracious said on Tue, 9 Jul 2024 at 11:23...

Ahh, well. Stupid people really shouldn't breed in the first place. Might as well just go ahead and fuck it up now. Have a nice day! Retards.

@Buttfistee said on Tue, 9 Jul 2024 at 13:13...

I hope this is a troll, or that you are kidding. Poppers will seriously affect your baby's oxygenation. Please don't do it.

Tarquin de Baiser Noir said on Wed, 10 Jul 2024 at 09:28...

If kidding, not funny at all! Pah! In my opinion people should have to pass a test, and be awarded a certificate of mental competency, before being allowed to have a bun in the oven! Same with the right to vote. They should be forced to watch those Public Information Broadcasts where the tell you not to put your fingers in electric sockets, beware of fat men with orange skin wearing wigs, and not to use electricity pylons as climbing frames.

poppersx.com said on Thu, 11 Jul 2024 at 16:43...

Jesus Christ no! could lead to infant brain damage from lack of oxygen or premature birth and/or miscarriage.

If you have come to full term (9 months) then it MIGHT be safe to use to help with birthing. I'm not a real doctor I just play one, better than some real Drs but still..

Marlon said on Thu, 11 Jul 2024 at 18:55...

> I'm not a real doctor

DO NOT LISTEN to this madman. It is very dangerous to abuse nitrites during any stage of pregnancy, including birth. I cannot believe this question is even being asked.

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