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Topic created by dildoslut
on Fri, 28 Jun 2024 at 16:52

dildoslut said on Fri, 28 Jun 2024 at 16:52...

Hey are you still around? The PDF on your site is sadly down.
However I remember the recipe from the subreddit and tried it again, however the yield never turns green and gives quite a lot of side effects like headaches, red head and no horniness or loose ass.

The nitrite when mixing with the acid is really blue, even though it's cheap stuff. Sadly can't get my hands on the good nitrite as I don't know any chemist's around and they only sell to companies.

Do you think it's the nitrite? I live in Europe. Doesn't matter which alcohol or acid I use. It never turns green. I only make 10ml cause not a heavy user. Instead of using an ice bath, I pre chill both the acid and nitrite/alcohol mix in the freezer for two hours and use a little more distilled water to keep it cool for the short reaction.


Yield turns yellowish.

MO'ASS! said on Fri, 28 Jun 2024 at 22:52...

Chill your alcohol, nitrite+H2O solution and your diluted HCl in 3 separate containers for at least 24 hours and make sure your freezer wasn't running a defrost cycle during that time. The flask you are using for your reaction should be chilled with the nitrite solution in it. Meaning don't be using 3 containers then pouring the nitrite solution and alcohol into an unchilled flask. You can get away with 4 hours min chilling the 3 but go a full day if you can. There is no need to add chilled water to the 3 after making and chilling your solutions. You can premix and chill the nitrite + alcohol but I think it is best to leave them separate until you start. Adding water is a bad idea since it will be above freezing and 10C higher then what you should be running your reaction at.

The reason you are not seeing the green is because you're not using an chilling bath to keep down the temps. I don't recall the temp it turns green but it is -5 or a bit less. Ideally you want to run the reaction at -10C or better throughout. It helps the results but it is not the issue you are having. You can simply find yourself a bowl add crushed ice with loads of salt then place that flask in it. Just be sure to keep the bottom of the flask and the stir bar close enough to your mag stirrer. Basically run it much colder and the results will improve. At one point you will reach the level where the results aren't any better since you are crappy nitrite. You'll know when you get to this point since you will have the effects but feel like crap soon after. cie la vie

Anon said on Sat, 29 Jun 2024 at 17:27...

When you chill your reactants in a freezer, you can speed this up by using a mixer and a air blower. I have a box that I run that I put my mason jar in that rest on top of mixer and has air fed into it with a small squirrel cage blower. I then put a syringe with about 33% sulfuric acid in the mason jar and let it stir and the jar gets blown by air as it drips into the mixture of nitrite, water, and alcohol. I have been adding glycerine rather than salt to the mixture to lower the freezing temperature and believe it works. If the temperature is low and the acid concentration is not high enough, it doesn't I believe dehydrate the glycerine to acrolein, which stinks and is orange. I run it around 0 F or -17 C. I think I get something better than adding sodium chloride to lower the freezing temperature of the solution. I believe I am getting decent product.
The smell is very neutral like faucet water and I am pretty sure that claims of banana or spearmint smells are the result of degradation of the alkyl nitrite into god knows what and not the alkyl nitrite itself. I get spearmint and banana smells only when I run the mixture very high on acid, which I assume is damaging the alkyl nitrite. I also suspect that part of the euphoria related to alkyl nitrites use is due to some unidentified byproduct or very depdendent on the mood when used.

nonfag said on Tue, 2 Jul 2024 at 13:38...

It's really disconcerting when you have people come here asking questions on stuff that is pretty basic, and I bet these morons will go out and try to sell their stuff when thninfagey think they started getting it's right because they did it themselves and they were satisfied, like you don't even know at what temperature to do these reactions? So you went ahead and took the most basic guide, and then read over the important shit. For shame! You'll be another one of those morons like that poppers X guy who sells inferior product, and talks out of his ass. That's him. That's you.

AnonOP said on Sat, 6 Jul 2024 at 12:08...

bro the poppersX guy is a G. you can go fuck yourself. plenty of people on these forums have had a good experience with his stuff, and honestly mixing all three is the closest i've ever gotten to the feelings when i first did poppers. dude's on to something and i hope he finds it.

asdf said on Sat, 6 Jul 2024 at 16:51...

There are general misconception about some things. The best you can do is go read papers and figure it out yourself through trial and error and logging data. I am partially convinced there is bad information being put out intentionally by individuals that sell poppers. Like it will get you there but it will not be a great product.

Pastor V de Gato said on Sun, 7 Jul 2024 at 19:01...

..bad information being put out intentionally by individuals...

a new conspiracy theory is BORN! PRAISE BE! congrats asdf, you are a proud father! shall I do a baptism? only $75 if you join my congregation, marriage $120, lottery ticket prayers $25, free exorcisms! (with a film crew from OANN.)

Amyl specialist said on Sun, 7 Jul 2024 at 21:11...

I have vast experience making poppers. And I just discovered more key insights via trial and error. You need top quality one pentanol....factory sealed, not some old shit from a second hand dealer. You need to cover it with argon once it's been opened. Pentanol degrades...no matter what.

Now..mixing/ratios. You need to use excess alcohol and SN...and use less acid(HCl 30%) than you think or what a balanced equation would require. You won't see green or blue because you literally have plenty of alcohol to immediately unite with the blue nitrous that forms. Excess nitrous that fails to combine will turn to nitric acid/oxides and taint the crude popper. When you do it right, there won't be much visible brown gases even when adding the acid quickly CAUSE you don't have excess nitrous because you have a slight excess of alcohol.

Now...chill the reagents separately. They don't have to be that cold but an ice bath needs to be used. Mixing speed should be high.

Add the SN to DW. Then once the alcohol is cold, add it to the SN solution. Then drip the ice cold acid into the pot...at a steady drip clip.

NOW...VITAL ratios. 27 grams SN into 60 mls DW
7-8 mls HCl 30% PER 11-12 mls one pentanol. These are close enough to tweak per trial and error. If you add too much acid, you will create lots of impurities and destroy your yield.

Rinse the product with plenty of cold water and then soda/brine. Dry on Kcarb and store on Kcarb. You will get a VERY potent ass relaxer that smells clean and non acidic.

Amyl specialist said on Sun, 7 Jul 2024 at 21:17...

If you make amyl this way, you will see what others have reported. When looking at an erotic image, you will suddenly get tunnel vision, a sharper image of the object. And you will feel a definite increase in erotic interest. The ass relax effect will turn any bottom into a hopelessly addicted bottom slut. And that's why the FEDS don't want good amyl hitting the streets anymore.

Amyl specialist said on Mon, 8 Jul 2024 at 15:10...

Super cold temps is BS. Seeing Green and/or Blue nitrous acid is BS. If your ONE PENTANOL is 99.9% pure, it will suck up all the nitrous acid immediately. If it's not pure enough, cause you bought SHIT from an Ebay guy, and IF you add way too much acid, plus SN, you will see green/and or blue nitrous and YOU just fucked up what could have been the best amyl of your life. YOU DO NOT want excess nitrous to form...cause then it has nothing to do but degrade into nitric acid and brown gases, which will royally fuck up your popper.

Amyl specialist said on Mon, 8 Jul 2024 at 15:13...

For a 30ml brew.
27 grams SN into 60 mls DW
about 24 mls 30% muriatic, ice cold
34 to 36 mls factory direct one pentanol, NOT crap isobutyl/butyl you bought on Ebay cause that was all you could get. That's fucking BS!!

Amyl specialist said on Mon, 8 Jul 2024 at 15:17...

Your fresh normal straight chained amyl nitrite will relax your ass each and every freaking time. It will feel so relaxed, numb and good....that you will yearn to be a power bottom. If you bought shit alcohol and mixed it wrong, you will get nothing but confusing toxic half assed shit.

Pastor V de Gato said on Mon, 8 Jul 2024 at 19:44...

Holy Water 700ml bottles ONLY $39.99
Pack of six clerical collars ONLY $23.99
Scared Blessings for long journey (by Skype) $ 50.00

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