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Topic created by Andy
on Thu, 6 Jun 2024 at 10:42

Andy said on Thu, 6 Jun 2024 at 10:42...

This shop delivers European Poppers to North Amercia in a fantastic speed and at good prices: www.poppers-now.com

DesertScorpio said on Thu, 6 Jun 2024 at 15:25...

I ordered from here - shipping was super fast, the poppers themselves didn't do much for me. Kind of pricey. This is a sister site for the original out of Switzerland https://lederreiniger-online.de/en/poppers-shop/

huffnfuck said on Thu, 6 Jun 2024 at 15:48...

The problem with these European varieties is they seem to think pentyl is as good as amyl. To each their own, I went to the site and all they have is pentyl and hexyl. Pass for me. I like Poppers King for the most part. Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either and good stuff that works for me.

Franco said on Thu, 6 Jun 2024 at 19:04...

>as good as<

It is,because pentyl nitrite is the same as amyl nitrite, look up what science boffin The Professor wrote about that. pentlyl is amyl....that's all.

>hexyl. Pass for me<

hexyl is terrible mixture, avoid it then.

Cum Pump said on Thu, 6 Jun 2024 at 19:28...

While amyl and pentyl are synonyms neither term conclusively defines a chemical structure. Products marketed as amyl and pentyl may or may not contain the same isomeric mixture of five carbon nitrites.

Cum Dumpster said on Thu, 6 Jun 2024 at 20:21...

Prefix it with a number like 1-Pentanol, and you'll be closer.

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