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Everest premium review

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Topic created by Mickey blue eyes
on Thu, 2 May 2024 at 20:02

Mickey blue eyes said on Thu, 2 May 2024 at 20:02...

I bought Everest premium as I am yet again searching for the amber nectar. I had read reviews on Reddit and it suggested it was the next big thing. yet again I was disappointed. it gave a very very mild sluttyness but that similar to jungle juice black label ect.

The huge negative is the effects I struggled to breath the night after the first very short session. god knows how bad it would be if I really went for it. such a horrible feeling and I'm sure not good at all long term. binned the two bottles shortly after first use.

Peter said on Fri, 3 May 2024 at 17:40...

@MBE: The results of your on-going search for a superior quality popper product / formula are consistent with mine. Very frustrating.
Also, the physically debilitating and toxic "hang-over" effects after using many of the current popper formulas have become progressively worse over the past several years.
I have now significantly decreased the frequency that I use poppers.

Anon said on Fri, 3 May 2024 at 22:53...

Iíve posted many times here with feedback on various sources not so much labels. But I recently tried pl-200 from Chicago solvents, itís got a fast ramp not subtle at all. Makes you kind of lightheaded but no change in urges or anything. It gives a body numbing high though. Lasted at least 2 minutes at strong levels, 5 at moderate and then maybe 5 more subtly there. Totally the longest Iíve felt.
Hasnít compared to the best of Everest though, but that was only good the first time I got it. Itís been downhill no matter the source.

Big Nuts Billy said on Sun, 5 May 2024 at 20:55...

@Mickey Blue Eyes,
I see why you don't like other posts lol. Sounds like your having some bad luck for sure. Poppers have changed for sure over the years. I still find some good companies in the US with fresh product. Ordered over seas...but always get stuck in customs so gave up there. Hope you have better luck in the future.

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