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Propranolol and Poppers?

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Topic created by SNFR
on Sat, 4 Nov 2023 at 20:21

SNFR said on Sat, 4 Nov 2023 at 20:21...

Hey everyone, I was recently prescribed 20mg Propranolol and I'm unsure if it's safe to do poppers too close to a dose?? My understanding is that as a beta blocker I definitely should not be mixing the two, but since it's a fast acting medication with a short half life I'm wondering how many hours I should wait before doing poppers. My psychiatrist says I can take Propranolol twice a day or as needed for stressful situations, so it doesn't seem to be something that builds up in the body like an antidepressant. Any help or advice would be appreciated - I don't want to stop taking poppers as they help a lot in the bedroom, but I'm not trying to harm myself either.

Safe Sage said on Sat, 4 Nov 2023 at 20:59...

SNFR, please consider talking to your psychiatrist about this, who has received medical training and understands the interactions between drugs, instead of seeking advice from a group of poppers users.

Fratfcuk said on Mon, 13 Nov 2023 at 10:45...

I use poppers and have had a prescription for Propranolol, and there is no interaction between the two. Poppers are just a vasodilator. Thatís it. It will not have any effect on the Propranolol.

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