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spilled poppers question

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Topic created by Canuck Sb
on Thu, 2 Nov 2023 at 22:28

Canuck Sb said on Thu, 2 Nov 2023 at 22:28...

wondering what happens if one would spill poppers on wooden floor and not notice would anything toxic remain after evaporation of the nitrite?

Skegness4Ever said on Thu, 2 Nov 2023 at 22:43...

two posts already! you are making a real big drama about your wood floors...why you don't have lino like everyone else! or what about some nice shag pile carpet..."A shag pile carpet makes a statement, it's both luxurious and fun" Wood floors are a pain in the anus! always need polishing and get scratched, or permanently stained when you are staggering about in a batman mask with a dildo up your butt, and a bottle of poppers. You have paid the price for being posh. Lino just needs a cloth and soapy water to clear away those unfortunate spills...whatever they may be.

This movie also shows you what happens when you are upwardly mobile and houseproud....google it...

“Polish a floor, put a rug on it, and you might as well set a man trap…”

The Fatal Floor 1974

canuck Sb said on Sun, 5 Nov 2023 at 07:54...

question wasn't about the stupid wood floor that was just part of the details did you even bother to read before answering i guess not butt thanks anyway lol.

Skegness4Ever said on Tue, 7 Nov 2023 at 10:12...

what is the question about then? you mean you are worried about a dog or cat getting sick from licking the residue...or what. i deduce it is that, if you do not care about the state of your floors. but i hope others learn the lesson about the lethal combination of polished floors and rugs, i would also make you aware about chucking Frisbees or balls at electricity pylons then climbing up the plyon to retrieve it, and NEVER throw water on chip pans if they catch fire! and don't forget what Tufty taught you neither! Be safe guys! Oh and Tufty's homey was Willy Weasel whose love of ice cream was the cause of an accident! ice cream, rugs, chip pans, the world is full of danger!

Oh really...... said on Thu, 9 Nov 2023 at 09:53...

>>>>>The Fatal Floor 1974

During the 1970s there was a lot of voodoo, black magic, and bizarre kinky stuff in popular culture. Hammer Horror? always girls with huge tits being chased by vampires, monsters, and Satanic cults.

The Rug of Doom by E. Wattaprat (Delhi, 1946) was part of that, it is a novel about a rug woven by a wicked Indian maharajah. It ends up in an auction house and is bought by various bad people who end up being victims of it's evil ways. The Rug of Doom was republished in 1972, and was a hot seller among the hippy crowds interested in Indian mysticism and all that jazz. Is a rug on a highly polished floor dangerous? Yes, I think so. But the urban myth of a killer rug (it can also be like a boa constrictor snake and crush you slowly, or release toxic spores that induce hallucinations) is the source of this IMHO. Interestingly Wattaprat was the grandson of the A.T Wattaprat of Wattaprat and Sons, the world famous tea merchant. There is a painting of his mother called Big Ma Tea Pot in the national gallery, it is a rare example of Indian surrealism inspired by Dali.

Guttrunks said on Fri, 10 Nov 2023 at 06:17...

Total balderdash, Sir! The Rug of Lust (it is not Doom) belongs to a class of literature known as erotica, or more plainly "dirty books" The author's name is a nom de plume, and there is most certainly NO great artwork of this person's mother, as a tea pot or anything else, extant in any major art collection.

The book was printed in 1968 by Howard Mangle Press. The rug in question does not seek to murder anyone, it is laced with psychotropic substances, oils, and extracts of certain mystical plants. It is used to arouse wayward womenfolk into a state of erotic frenzy.

>>> also be like a boa constrictor snake

No, Sir. The rug appears to envelope the nude lady when she is hallucinating, it does not crush her, actually it strokes her and commits various obscene outrages upon her person, hence the idea of a "thousand tongues lapping" which was a known refrain the 1960s. The rug is certainly not malign, it is lascivious.

Oh really...... said on Fri, 10 Nov 2023 at 22:48...

Not the same book, dirty raincoat man. P*** off.

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