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Propyl Amyl Pentyl Butyl

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Topic created by Lottie
on Wed, 1 Nov 2023 at 23:25

Lottie said on Wed, 1 Nov 2023 at 23:25...

Hi friends.

I hope you are well.

Looking for advice and opinions.

I started poppers about 5 year ago and loved it from the get go and was hooked..

I heard horror stories of eye damage so dropped propyl straight away - even though it was insanely nice and strong i thought. I appreciate that potentially any formula can have this danger.

I then used to get (amyl) poppers from
-great products on the whole.

But I wanted to buy from uk (where i live) , mainly because getting imported packages was drawing a lot of unwanted attention.

I have bought pentyl in uk from
which is ok but not as nice as EU amyl.

I can get Amyl from
but not sue if it the same as the EU stuff. It gave me a cough but i was over doing it.
Anyone tried their amyl?

I can get Double Scorpio also from Prowlerpoppers. Not tried butyl ever. Seems expensive at 24 small bottle. But don't mind if it is good and the real thing. Anyone tried it from here ? is it ok? is it butyl?

Thanks in advance you lovely people.

Lottie x

Hunter said on Thu, 2 Nov 2023 at 05:15...

@Lottie: Last year, I placed two orders with Twisted Beast Poppers (in the UK) for their in-house Amyl Nitrite and Pentyl Nitrite formulas, which they claim are very strong. I obtained very little to no noticeable pro-sexual effects from these two products, so I have not placed any more orders with this vendor. Other users on this forum may have a more positive experience with these in-house formulas.
Several years ago, I purchased some Double Scorpio products, but they did not work for me - no positive or enjoyable pro-sexual effects. As far as I know, their formulas are Butyl Nitrite.
Getting back to Twisted Beast: As far as I know, manufacturers in the UK can only sell Butyl Nitrite within the UK. They may be able to manufacture amyl and pentyl nitrite formulas but are not permitted to legally sell those formulas within the UK.
Regarding Popper-Aromas-EU (in France): Their order processing is very efficient, but I have found almost all of their current "Iso-Amyl Nitrite Mixture" products to be weak and sub-standard, and they provide very little enjoyable, pro-sexual effects. Another experience with some of these products is that the first hit is sometimes quite good, and then the formula goes flat almost immediately. Again, other users may have a more positive experience with these iso-amyl formulas manufactured in France and Belgium.

Lottie said on Thu, 2 Nov 2023 at 15:29...

Thanks for the info Hunter. I guess it's a case of trying different shops and hoping for better experiences. Most only sell propyl in uk though so little choice or back to poppers aromas . Eu

Hunter said on Mon, 6 Nov 2023 at 05:48...

@Lottie: Following is a correction to my 2 Nov post above.
Vendors in the UK are only legally allowed to sell Propyl Nitrite, not Butyl Nitrite, which was banned for sale within the UK.
However, it appears that the Twisted Beast website is offering amyl nitrite and pentyl nitrite products for sale to customers outside of the UK.
I do not know if they are selling these products to customers within the UK.

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