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Joe Miller’s Secret Formula

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Topic created by Rob
on Sat, 5 Aug 2023 at 09:02

Rob said on Sat, 5 Aug 2023 at 09:02...

I made this post for a bit of comedy really!

What are peoples opinions of being able to figure out what the process was to create those old style amazing pops!

A secret lost to time maybe!

Ps.. never forget about poppers hahaha!

Guttrunks said on Sat, 5 Aug 2023 at 15:26...

There is nothing remotely comic about the celebrated "yellow pad of Harding Street", Sir! It has been my devoted quest, and the devoted quest of many hereabouts, to locate this lost treasure of the Golden Age for many years!

There are those among our number who seek it for vainglory, pecuniary advantage, and to exploit her, they have all failed to capture the noble faded parchment of years gone by. It was in my grasp once, I was shown it by Senor Kövér Férfi, the celebrated master of intrigue and mysterious doings, at Port Elizabeth in 2018. Alas, he vanished whilst I was at my ablutions, along with my silk umbrella and my attache case containing several lost treasure maps, including one showing The Lost City of the Kalahari, and the personal hair comb of Hermann Wilhelm Göring. I suspect Férfi is currently living as a woman in Marrakesh, frequents The Purple Spider Cafe, and uses the alias Tryphena Kønssygdom. Alas, Mr. Rob I currently lack the necessary funds to pursue Ms Kønssygdom! If you, or a syndicate of others, are prepared to forward certain funds, sufficient for passage to Marrakesh, to include refreshments, and sundry items, modest accommodation and so forth, I will offer a 25% share to said interested party, of future remunerations that emanate from the items contained in the attache case. I expect Göring's comb to fetch a tidy sum, let alone the variety of maps, and the celebrated, noble, eternal "yellow pad of Harding Street" which Férfi has wrapped in plastic and secreted in his jockstrap. Please express your interest, Gentlemen.

Baron Von Hømstein said on Sat, 5 Aug 2023 at 19:40...

Dear Mr Guttrunks

I write to you good sir regarding the request for funds, so that you may venture forth on your quest for the yellow pad of Harding street.
Let me first start by saying I lack the necessary English skills to reply so eloquently to yourself for my education and youth was misspent frequenting the themes of rock and roll, herbal medicine and consorting with a certain Duke of Nukem on my mechanical entertainment device.
Regardless I still obtained my title and fortune by speculating my currency in the financial markets.
I agree to forward you the required funds so you may go forth, hopefully , fruitfully on your honourable quest to Marrakesh to track down the dastardly Ms kønssygdom and obtain the holy parchment, once and for all bringing it back into the safe hands of the poppers circle!. A 25% return is agreeable to me. Regarding Hermann Wilhelm Gøring’s prized comb, may I offer you a trade upon successful completion of your endeavour .. for the personal spectacles of a certain A.Hitler which were passed onto me by my late father Dietrich Friedrich Eduard Kasimir von[a] Saucken.

Please expect therefore to arrive shortly at your residence a special delivery of thirty five 1oz Gold Krugerrand coins to finance the expedition and a bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild 1870 of excellent provenance to also be received upon successfully obtaining the yellow pad of Harding street.

Ps. I am not Rob

Guttrunks said on Sun, 6 Aug 2023 at 16:05...

My Lord,

It is true that Hitler wore Pince-nez. This is proven by the private photographic set known as "Adolf im Seidenpyjama" which were a gift bestowed upon young men in the employ of hostelries and cafes in the area surrounding The Kehlsteinhaus in the early 1940's. In plate 3(iii) he is indeed wearing a pair of Pince-nez made by Doppeltsehen und Bodenzange of Munich. The great mystery is the missing plate 5(ii) entitled "Fleisch und zwei Gemüsesorten" which was burned by the mother of Franz Heißer-Boden in 1945. Only a small fragment remains and appears to show a unknown man in a wig eating a small white carrot.

If you do indeed have an original Doppeltsehen und Bodenzange, with provenance, then these might be sold for great reward, by private treaty. As regards the provenance, I may be able to assist in this regard, it will take careful consideration, and an academic study tour of Germany and Bolivia. I also have in my possession a toothbrush which, in my opinion, belonged to Joseph Goebbels, in the same box is a toothpick, and, an unusual device which I suspect was used to trim nasal hair. These items might be combined with your Doppeltsehen und Bodenzange to great advantage. I expect a bidding war, Sir!

Kønssygdom has tried unsuccessfully to sell the comb, he is currently selling private favors in the souk, and living in a squalid room with a one-legged Irish lorry driver. We will partake of the Château Lafite Rothschild by way of celebration at the establishment of Senor Calambre Estomacal Severo, Marrakesh's premier dining spot, Gusanos de Cucaracha (Calle de Las Mil Visitas al Baño 14)

I remain Your very humble servant and vassal, Baron Von Hømstein.

Doctor Guttrunks

NætrateSpecialißt said on Tue, 8 Aug 2023 at 01:43...

If you indeed have a Doppeltsehen, please provide photographic evidence that it is in your possession. A great reward may be provided in lieu of you serving prison time for holding stolen German art.

Willhelm IV indeed wrote that he had a "fetish" (loosely translated) for such works, but his collection was believed to have been destroyed in the Firebombing of Reutlingen in 1488.

Guttrunks said on Tue, 8 Aug 2023 at 04:21...

Doppeltsehen und Bodenzange (Gummi-Knieschützer Str 41) were an infamous Bavarian optician, I have never heard of their production being described as art, NætrateSpecialißt. Many of the Reich "glitterati" frequented their disgraceful premises, and rumors abound of a certain private rooms where unspeakable debauchery occurred. The building was bombed, and Dr Blödsinn (Frankfurt 1973) describes the retrieval of a rubber hose and a machine which Blödsinn suggests was used for administering enemas, as well as trunks filled with "alte Damenunterwäsche und Inkontinenzbekleidung" and other mysterious items which have never been disclosed. Blödsinn outrageously suppressed this valuable scholarly information, as he saw it as likely to outrage public morals, and inflame unnatural passions.

Willhelm IV: Indeed, Sir! There is a painting by Heinrich Anton Dähling which shows him wearing a dead octopus on his head! I am not aware of any scholarly discussions regarding his peculiarities. Pray do enlighten the learned gentleman hereabouts, Sir!

Peter said on Fri, 11 Aug 2023 at 14:04...

@Rob: To the best of my memory, Joe Miller was not directly involved in the manufacturing process of his popper products (e.g. RUSH, etc).
Miller hired a professional chemist working for one of the major pharmaceutical companies (which I believe was located in New Jersey) and that chemist created the formula for RUSH, which I believe was a butyl nitrite formulation.
Other participants on this forum have previously contributed comments regarding Joe Miller, and they know more about Miller's history then I do.

Rob said on Sat, 12 Aug 2023 at 18:35...

Peter, yes. Thankyou for your comments. I find it all very interesting

WhoreZone said on Sun, 13 Aug 2023 at 07:06...

Wtf did I just read here?

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Sun, 13 Aug 2023 at 07:39...

>Wtf did I just read here?

untreated mental illness?

As Rob says Joseph F. Miller did not manufacture poppers, he marketed them. Production was the responsibility of Great Lake Products. Rush poppers did NOT contain amyl nitrite during the Miller years, but they were originally amyl during the very early years and came in glass vials (snappers). Miller's PWD Rush poppers were iso-butyl nitrite, they were forced to also adopt hexyl nitrite, which sucks, due to the regulatory pressure. There would be no poppers industry without Joseph F. Miller, because he countered the anti-poppers hysteria, and quack science, that plagued the product. There was no outright ban, as is the case in Canada, this was due to his efforts. He was also a passionate LBGT activist and had a genius for design, but he did not make poppers himself.

Rob 2 said on Sun, 13 Aug 2023 at 10:56...

Ahh ok, yes, very interesting! Thanks !

I wonder why we don’t see more iso-butyl nitrite being made?
I’ve spent most of today going through the old the forum posts.. trying to memorise the different facts and formulas

I have to admit I didn’t know the were different types back in 2012-2016
I suppose like many I took it for granted… and now here we are!

Have a great week everyone ! x

The Professor said on Sat, 19 Aug 2023 at 00:21...

Alkyl nitrites were DISCOVERED by T Lauder Brunton is the late 1800's.

ELI Lilly was making prescription Amyl Nitrite (a mix of isomers) from 1960-1968 for the treatment of angina.

In 1969, ELI LILLY asked for the medication to be made prescription only because they were worried about abuse.

in 1972 CLIFFORD HASSING invented butyl nitrite Lockerroom.

1976 Pacific Western Distributing Corp. of SAN FRANCISCO, chaired by INVENTOR JAY FREEZER, released a Butyl nitrite called Rush.

Joe Miller was a distributor that took over from Jay Freezer when he died of AIDS in 1985.

Joe Miller was not a chemist, but he was a voracious advertiser and pressed millions into the palms of legislators to keep the party running

The ELI lilly chemist got involved with PAC-WEST AFTER Jay freezer's lineup, and helped Joe Miller develop the variant named Quiksilver, which was very nice and smooth back in the 80s.

The product was often tainted with things like chlorine and chloroform (both Pac West AND Lockerroom stuff.

The FDA did NOT raid Joe Miller's plant.

The PWD license for manufacturing alkyl nitrites still exists, and some manufacturer's have bothered to pay for licensing; their IMPLEMENTATION of what is basic chemistry leaves much to be desired.

AFAIK, Joe Miller's great lakes products company manufactured the products, and his Pacific west distributing company sold them.

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