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BuyNitrousOnline.com: Coupon Code WELCOME = 20% OFF

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Topic created by RedLoughnerBRO
on Sat, 17 Jun 2023 at 20:36

RedLoughnerBRO said on Sat, 17 Jun 2023 at 20:36...

Hi everybody,

It's Red Loughner here to tell you about a great deal we have right now at BuyNitrousOnline.com...

From now until the end of June 2023, you can use Coupon Code WELCOME to Save 20% off ALL Items in stock!

(Now, all of our items in stock are *currently discounted* so this coupon is your chance to REALLY save big!)

As you may know, BuyNitrousOnline.com is the sister website of BuyRushOnline. Meaning, you can go there for the same great solvents and service you've come to expect from BRO -- but with an added focus on whipped cream chargers.

If you've never tried our products, I urge you to place an order today and see why we have been so successful -- especially if you like authentic European and Artisanal solvents!

BuyRushOnline WILL return later this month in a new and improved format, so stay tuned for news about our grand reopening, as well.

Until then, check us out today at BuyNitrousOnline.com and use Coupon Code WELCOME to Save a BIG 20% now through June 30, 2023. I guarantee your satisfaction!

Best regards,

Red Loughner
BuyRushOnline (BuyNitrousOnline)

Gentleman with a Question said on Sat, 17 Jun 2023 at 23:09...

So if you're advertising here, what's the difference between the two sites? And why nitrous? Whips are easy to get.

Why would anyone trust your brand?

Have you had your products purity assayed?

May we see photos and video of your production processes?

If not, this should be considered another fly by night site that sells things designed to turn you blind and blue!

Elvis said on Mon, 19 Jun 2023 at 13:53...

I think Red is using an alternative site to sell poppers because his main one was shut down. And I don't think he actually makes any of the product that he sells. He mainly imports European products into the US and resells them to US customers. I've never purchased from him but I believe that to be correct.

RedLoughnerBRO said on Mon, 26 Jun 2023 at 20:21...

You are correct, Elvis!

While we do make and produce a line of artisanal solvents, our commercial items are purchased wholesale from verified suppliers. Our Artisanal line is made with Reagent quality ingredients, and I will gladly send pictures of what we use upon request at Sales@BuyNitrousOnline.com.

All items are tested in house for quality and safety. Also, as a general guideline, we refrain from carrying items with propyl nitrite due to health concerns.

Our original website, BuyRushOnline.com, was recently shut down after about 3 years up, on June 1, 2023. SolventsByMail.com was also kicked off the internet on that date, as well. (We have no affiliation with them, so it does strike me as odd that two unrelated solvent websites went down on the same day -- which was also the first day of Pride.)

Now, we should be back as BuyRushOnline.net later in July. When that goes live, I will make sure to let you all know!

In the meanwhile, we are using BuyNitrousOnline.com to keep in touch with the community and continue providing the same reliable, world class solvents to our customers everywhere. Although it was originally geared more towards whipped cream chargers, BuyNitrousOnline.com is keeping the mission and goals of BuyRushOnline alive until it can find another home.

I have received a lot of positive feedback from my customers over the past three years, and BuyRushOnline is something that I intend to do for the foreseeable future. I would not consider that to be a "fly by night" operation.

But if you doubt our commitments to quality and service, our parent company (CJV Enterprises) is accredited by and in good standing with the Better Business Bureau -- I urge you to look us up there, place an order, and tell me what you think then. I know you'll love what you receive and if you don't, I WILL make it right!

That's just how good business works!

It's been a blast bringing solvents to you all over the past 3 years. I look forward to providing you with the same great quality and service for years to come.

As a reminder, the coupon code WELCOME is still valid through the end of June 2023. Feel free to head on over to BuyNitrousOnline.com and place an order today... I guarantee your satisfaction!

Look forward to seeing you all soon!

Best regards,

Red Loughner

Sniff sniff said on Tue, 11 Jul 2023 at 21:11...

I have bought from him before, decent product for sure.

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