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Pentyl vs Pentyl + 1- Penatol Formulas

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Topic created by Peter
on Wed, 14 Jun 2023 at 19:05

Peter said on Wed, 14 Jun 2023 at 19:05...

There are currently two Pentyl Nitrite formulas for sale from vendors in Europe.

1. Pentyl Nitrite [ CAS 463-04-7 with CAS 123-51-3 ]

2. Pentyl Nitrite + 1-Penatol [ CAS 463-04-7 with CAS 71-41-0 ]

I have purchased and sampled both types and found that the basic Pentyl Nitrite formula does not provide me any favorable pro-sexual effects, but the Pentyl +1-Penatol formula appears to be definately more potent and provides me some strong and enjoyable pro-sexual effects.

However, after using the Pentyl +1-Penatol formula infrequently over a period of 90 minutes, I subsequently feel very weak and tried for 24 to 30 hours until this adverse side effect wears off.

My concern is whether the 1-Penatol chemical is too potent and toxic to my body to continue to use as a regular popper product / formula.

I would be very grateful if a qualified user / chemist on this Forum could please address my concern.

I would not want to continue using the Pentyl + 1-Penatol formula if it is going to be too toxic and endanger my health over the long term.

The Professor said on Wed, 14 Jun 2023 at 20:46...

463-04-7 is n-pentyl nitrite
123-51-3 is Isoamyl alcohol

all poppers degrade from the nitrite to the parent alcohol as they age.

This vendor seems to want to declare both the nitrite and the parent alcohol, but n-Pentyl nitrite is made with n-Pentanol, NOT ISOaMYL ALCOHOL.

iF THE parent alcohol is isoAmyl alcohol, then the popper is isoamyl nitrite

If the parent alcohol is n-Pentanol, the popper is n-Pentyl nitrite

The label is lying to you, or you accidentally reported then crosswise.

It seems that you may be asking the difference between n-Pentyl nitrite and isoAmyol nitrite?

1st, Amyl and Pentyl are synonyms. Second, isoAmyl is an isomer of n-Amyl. the same atoms arrange with a different geometry. Because of this geometry change, there is a slight difference in vapor pressure, and therefore strength of effects at room temperature.

n-Amyl (aka n-Pentyl) nitrite has a reactivity of 72%, and isoamyl (aka isoPentyl) nitrite has a reactivity of 75%.

Functionally, there's very little difference (3%), but isopentyl develops a different odor when it degrades.

With newer stock, I bet there'd be no noticeable difference, but with old stock the iso may smell worse.

It sounds like you got ahold of some heavily degraded old stock

Peter said on Thu, 15 Jun 2023 at 02:38...

@The Professor: Thank you very, very much for taking the time and consideration to provide me your detailed response for my information and further education regarding popper product formulations.

> Note: I mis-spelled Pentanol in my memo above.

It was not my intention to ask the difference between N-Pentyl and Iso-Amyl. My concern is the toxicity level of the 1-Pentanol. Based upon your response, it appears to be relatively safe in comparison to other OTC popper formulations.

The popper product in question is KING GOLD and the CAS numbers I identified are correct and are printed on the bottle: CAS 463-04-7 and CAS 71-41-0.

Since the vendor sold this product at a discounted price, it is very possible that it was sold to me as Degraded Old Stock, as you mentioned in your response.

Out of curiosity - and for comparison - I examined the label of contents printed on the box of LRM (Canada) Jungle Juice BLACK LABEL, and it identifies the following formulation: Reaction Mass of 1-Pentanol, 2-Methyl -1 Butanol, 2 Methyl Butyl Nitrite, Pentyl Nitrite.

> Is this JJ BLACK LABEL formulation essentially the same as the KING GOLD, or is it less or more potent?

Thanks again for your time and technical assistance!!

The Professor said on Thu, 15 Jun 2023 at 17:57...

2-Methyl -1 Butanol is an isomer of Amyl(Pentyl) alcohol.
2 Methyl Butyl Nitrite is isoAmyl(isoPentyl) nitrite.

This appears to be a mixture of Pentyl nitrite and isopentyl nitrite (which will contain the parent alcohols as it degrades.

The difference should be slight, if any, and will mostly be determined by the makers skills.

I hope that helped?

Peter said on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 04:00...

@ The Professor: Thanks very much for responding to my question regarding the formulation of the LRM JJ BLACK LABEL product.

Yes, your detailed response provided me the clarification I needed and is sincerely appreciated.

Thanks again, Professor, for being very generous with your time, experience, and technical knowledge!!

Nitritespecialist said on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 14:35...

I've talked to the manager of Locker Room and he wouldn't tell me what was in their poppers. So...the label may be inaccurate, incomplete or both.

The JJ GOLD(Locker Room) definitely smells different from what I bought 2 years ago. It's much better overall....lasts for weeks once opened. I have yet to experience and side effects. I strongly suspect they are using an oil based preservative. I don't know if they were before. I can't tell if it's an amyl isomer or not except to say that it doesn't smell like any amyl I've made. However, effects are similar. For instance, with repeated hits, the heart rate noticeably increases and can be sensed inside the ear, BUT it's subtle....it's not alarmingly loud and pronounced as it is when there are impurities.

The Professor said on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 19:09...

No problem Peter, I'm glad the info was helpful

Peter said on Sun, 18 Jun 2023 at 05:43...

@Nitritespecialist: Thanks for your response and comments regarding the current LRM (Canada) JJ GOLD LABEL formula.

Your experience with the current JJ GOLD LABEL formula's pro-sexual effects generally correlates with mine. I have previously stated on this Forum that - in my opinion - LRM modified their GOLD LABEL formula about 2 years ago.

However, in my experience, the current formula is not as potent and strong as the formula I purchased and used 4 to 6 years ago.

I'm wondering if the current formula is HEXYL and no longer PENTYL.

I currently do not have a bottle of JJ GOLD LABEL on hand to check the chemical formula / contents printed on the yellow plastic.

Nitritespecialist said on Wed, 28 Jun 2023 at 16:07...

Hexyl has a very distinct sweet freshly mown grass odor. It can be potent, but you may need a bigger dose, more vaporized dose.

Kelvinator said on Fri, 30 Jun 2023 at 16:30...

I just came across this thread. How interesting and informative. Recently, I've been asking a similar question online (FYI - the n-pentyl had a noticeably strong odor. I wonder if it was degraded). Here's a copy of my post: "I'd be interested to hear about pentyl nitrite popper experiences and any associated mind altering experiences. I've tried a combination of n-pental nitrite & n-pentanol on two different occasions and had some interesting and puzzling effects. As expected and hoped for, my heart rate increased after a huff. After a bit, I had some bright "floaters" in my central vision area in both eyes. After a two hour session, with just a couple of huffs from pentyl, the rest of the huffs being from amyl and butyl, it felt like I was tripping, forgetting the most basic things, mind wandering, but really enjoying the porn video I was watching. This has only happened in the two sessions where I used pentyl. I saw some posts on poppers guide mentioning some sort of psychedelic effect. I wonder if that's what was happening? " K

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