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looking for hobbiest chemist in canada

Posted on Poppers Guide's Forum

Topic created by canuck sb
on Sun, 4 Jun 2023 at 06:04

canuck sb said on Sun, 4 Jun 2023 at 06:04...

Hi everyone,
so im in need of a hobbiest chemist to start my own diy,tired of the otc
garbage so where would one find a hobbiest?i need to get alcohols however i could source isoamyl from hydrolysis of isoamyl acetate if im not mistaken?

Francisco ScaraMAGA said on Sun, 4 Jun 2023 at 13:11...

Poppers are illegal in Canada, canfuck. so that's a NO. i would think that brewing up poppers at your crib is bad idea. yeah and you don't know what u are doing..so you can blow up your place and endanger wildlife, start a forest fire, cremate your neighbors, yadadamean? NO, BRO....it's a NO GO.

Francisco ScaraMAGA said on Mon, 5 Jun 2023 at 01:24...

oh and by the way im a retard who doesnt mind my bizz i love getting involved with other peoples lives because mine sucks sorry for thinking i have some authority and the right to speak to others......

im just a fucking loser my baddddd

Nitritespecialist said on Thu, 8 Jun 2023 at 16:52...

I have ten years experience making poppers...I strongly advise against it....because it's very expensive and very difficult to get extremely pure alcohols that have not been subject to any degradation prior to them arriving at your door......and then YOU have to make sure they don't degrade further once you receive them.

Distillation is an advanced chemistry process and if someone can pull that off...then MAYBE making home brew would be worth it. The vast majority of home brew should be "distilled" before it's used.

I've been using LockerRoom's poppers for several months now...again, after a two year abstinence from their product.....I'm liking it a lot....no side effects and it seems to last weeks after being opened. So they are doing something right, right there in Canada.

canuck sb said on Fri, 9 Jun 2023 at 06:33...

I agree so where do you buy from in europe nitrospec...?

sora said on Thu, 15 Jun 2023 at 18:04...

Nitritespecialist, where are you getting the LockerRoom poppers?

Nitritespecialist said on Fri, 16 Jun 2023 at 14:43...

I got mine from some German online vendor.

Ro said on Sun, 9 Jul 2023 at 19:46...

As far as I understand poppers are still being made in Canada, just illegal for sale. So are made here only for export. Correct me if I'm wrong but hasn't Canada always been a leading manufacturer of poppers?

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