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Review - JJ Max, Pig Black, Double Scorpio (gold), and Iron Horse

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Topic created by Leopard Mask
on Thu, 4 May 2023 at 19:20

Leopard Mask said on Thu, 4 May 2023 at 19:20...

Ok so...yeh Poppers, really like them.

Been trying them now for 4-5 months, I am kind of a sub (USUALLY) and I find that its really not the poppers by themselves, it is the giving up control for like a minute or two or 5, and hypnotized by what I am into audio/visually.
Had a huff or two and wandered in public, felt quite uninhibited as if the social barrier is melted away - NO I did not get grabby or approach anyone, although I am kind of curious what its like to be on this in idk a club setting or somewhere with a lot of hot people around, just what I would get up to lol.

HOWEVER....I cannot do this shit every day, other day, and maybe not even more than once every two weeks I think.
Although I workout 4-5 times a week, flat stomach all that - I am just over 40 soooo I MIGHT be a bit unable to bounce back from popper use in the same way younger people seem to be able to.

Jungle Juice Max-
My first poppers, from what I remember (oddly my memory on this one is really fuzzy) the hit came on gradually but nice and I was very easily hypnotized by sexual visuals and sounds.
Although it did not make me feel like total shit, it did give me a slightly toxic feeling, and hangover for up to 2 days, so researched that Amyl Nitrite is better so...

Pig Black-
Poppers Aromas eu had this up as a promo and advertised as a strong amyl nitrite, I ordered it. Only problem is I believe this was post-Covid (about 3 weeks after I had been sick), and this stuff hit my like a brick wall. OOF went kinda waco.
I might have inhaled some 'too hard' through the nostrils, but finger tips and lips got very blue, bad headache.
Kinda sorta sick with something like a bad cold and post nasal drip for two fucking weeks, perhaps it was the post covid, perhaps some droplets got into my sinuses either way, not touching that shit again even if its supposed to be Amyl.
And soo...

Double Scorpio Gold - a bit pricey but also kind of local for me, and most reports indicate little to no side effects.
It seemed to do the job fairly great on the first hit (this is the one I huffed then went grocery shopping LOL).
Hits after not as strong. Smells good. No blue lips or fingers. And yeh, I mean it seems to work, but for me it really seems to kind of fade off for a while.
No headaches, little to no congestion, I am quite functional the next day, but drained, sleep is a little unrestful.

Iron Horse (PWD) - THIS seems to be my favorite so far. First hit is very strong, and although subsequent hits and highs do not last as long they are still pretty strong, seems to relax me fairly well by about 20 mins into the session I can be a sock puppet.
Side effects are mild, not as mild as Double Scorpio, I get a minor headache and sometimes minor sniffles that go away by mid-day next day, but again not restful sleep for 2 days, feel drained and slightly poisoned.

In fact this seems to be the pattern for ALL of them - it is like my REM sleep pattern is kind of off, and I do feel slightly intoxed for up to 2 days, even with NAC, b12, ample gatorade etc, I feel blocked and with less energy or concentration - ANNOYING.

Thasall' I got so far, recommendations and thoughts welcome. And please Nitritespecialist don't inundate replies with technical jargon LOL.

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Thu, 4 May 2023 at 20:28...

Nice reading! My initial takeaway is...you have a sensitive sinus, prone to inflammation? Head pressure, drained, dizzy, the sinus will do all all sorts of unhappy stuff if it gets agitated. Flush with a saline wash and there is an oral herbal preparation that works well in draining the sinus. Maybe I am wrong, but I see sinus as the sub-text, as well as you maybe experienced some of the dreaded HEXYL in one of of your experiences.

No, retard said on Fri, 5 May 2023 at 02:09...

>> you have a sensitive sinus, prone to inflammation? Head pressure, drained, dizzy, the sinus will do all all sorts of unhappy stuff if it gets agitated. Flush with a saline wash and there is an oral herbal preparation that works well in draining the sinus.

Idiot. Pure poppers will not have any effect on any of this. You MIGHT get a little depletion of vitamin B.

>> Maybe I am wrong

Yeah, you are. Throw anything on the market these day through a gas chromotagraph (including the professor's), and look at the huge proportion on degradation products and reaction byproducts. If you follow the professor's instructions, get a crude product, analyze it, and distill it accordingly, you will get the stuff we used to sniff. Heart rate goes up, you feel like a 15 year old diva, and heart rate goes down. DONE.

Leopard Mask said on Fri, 5 May 2023 at 13:17...


OK but getting pure amyl is not really an option unless you are here attempting to sell your own product that you have made, and if that is indeed the case (which I suspect is)...would your first instinct be to trust someoen who's first impulse is to insult someone else who is tying to help?

Anyway, so it seems your recommendation is to get something pure, and where would I find that??
OR pack-up on some vitamin B correct? I've not actually taken vitamin B in preparation for this...yah I am STILL in troubleshooting mode lol.

Greek Chorus said on Sat, 6 May 2023 at 01:44...

@no R*tard

If you have such little control over your emotions that you can just drop slurs and man splain your medical opinion with no sources to back up your immature temper tantrum. Then the last thing you should be doing is any substance. I wouldn't even put my dick in your foul mouth to shut you up. Get some therapy and stop doing drugs, you aren't as functional as you think.

Kip said on Sat, 6 May 2023 at 17:30...

No, retard:

I think your perspective is correct. I will no longer purchase any formulation which has not been distilled; these are hazardous and largely ineffective.

Mickey blue eyes said on Sat, 6 May 2023 at 19:46...

Thanks for the review. leopard. I tend to agree best of a very average bunch is probably double Scorpio, I will be ordering again from them in next two weeks somwill add another review.

interesting about distillation, seems an obvious and relatively easy thing for a competent chemist to do. I would hope they distill, but doesn't seem they do.

No, retard said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 03:34...

Kip: It doesn't have to be distilled if it was made "correctly". But real world, with somewhat degraded NaNO2 and running a batch process, yea, you are going to be better off distilling your 50% crude product and bringing it into the 90s.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 11:57...

I have proven without a doubt that the purity is the problem. I just made n-amyl nitrite, using a technique I never tried before and one that was never suggested to me. After 10 years of investing a lot of time and money to make this amazing discovery, I just don't feel like revealing what exactly I did, BUT it does have to do with what I stated before....Frank Taylor who wrote "Tests, Purity and Amyl Nitrite" stated the truth. If you have a pure enough alcohol, you'll get a pure enough amyl nitrite.

The amyl I just made has all the prosexual effects others have mentioned and no side effects. It has a pleasant odor, with hints of menthol, but mild. It doesn't sting when you touch the fluid to the nostril. I took a huge huge whiff just moments ago and got woozy drunk, but not in any unpleasant way....It turned me into uninhibited sex crazed animal. And of course, the ass relax and effects were stunning.

So.....get the proper purity and you've unleashed the beast.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 11:59...

And a little hint: I did nothing to my sodium nitrite. It's fine.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 12:53...

Joe Miller knew exactly how to make a great popper.....His were the best.
Pure alcohol AND/OR distillation AND n amyl nitrite.

You unleash the beast....only then.

Brexit Sucks! said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 15:22...

@No, Retard: go away, stop trashing up valid threads with your mumbo jumbo self-congratulatory waffling about your latest "theory" you have been proven wrong 100s of times.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 15:41...

Actually, the proof is that all the impure poppers being sold OTC suck big time can be viewed and heard all over the internet.

If you think purity is not important, you are VERY VERY mistaken.

Leopard Mask said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 15:51...

So...just a bodily intuition I'd like to share as I am just done with a workout, and its an intuition I have had before.

Its been just over a week since I have had a poppers sesh and I have felt no poppers in my system for at least 4 days - I can feel the trace.

But I still have a bit of an energy drain, an imbalance.

Note that I did get covid about 5 months ago, and believe I may have had some kind of long covid.

The intuition is a vision of two or three violet-black energy vortexes that are attached to my body's energy field on the left, and aided by a physical sensation of tension and aching that prevails from the left sinuses, left side of head, behind left eye, and down to the neck, even the back of the neck on the left.
Its just an energy drain that causes brain fog and lack of concentration.

My theory, it is not so much the poppers, but the fact that I am already dealing with this makes it harder for me to bounce back.
Scientific explainations are lacking here, even for long Covid, but it may be some kind of chemical or hormonal imbalance idk...

HOWEVER I feel very much more clear on days following a rigorous workout, and sleep better as well.

My body believes, in spite of my lazy-ass ego/mind, that rigorous cardio several days a week will dislodge these dark energy vortexes, although it MAY be painful and grueling :-) And I am not sure how long it will take.
Just as removing sticker burrs is often painful.

So let's see what an increase in cardio endurance will do for me lol

Brexit Sucks! said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 16:32...

heard all over the internet.

True, until you get yourself banned...which I understand is quite a frequent occurrence over the years?

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 17:03...

@Mask...I am a health fitness very in shape, very athletic, very lean guy. And I've made poppers for at least 10 years. I don't need a gas analyzer to tell me that many of the impure poppers I made possessed toxic impurities that made me feel unwell....not the next day or the day after.....but within minutes to hours. I never had such unwell or unpleasant effects the entire time I bought OTC poppers while Joe Miller was at the helm. That's just factual. I don't do any other type of chemicals...never have never will...because I am VERY VERY discriminating about what drugs I will or won't ingest/consume.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 17:04...

That said, If I had not caught the tail end of Joe's reign, the best poppers around world wide, I never would have become "addicted" to them because any bad side effects whatsoever, and I will totally DUMP them.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 17:06...

And as virtually every single reviewers has stated...the various OTC poppers available since 2010 are more MISS than HIT....and that's also been my view...nothing near as good as Joe's. Nothing addictive in my view. And I'm sure this makes the pertinent authorities quite pleased.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 17:07...

And contrary to what Thomas the troll in Nebraska says, his product is garbage. He sent me two samples and they were wretched. He "banned" me because of my opinion of them.

Brexit Sucks! said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 17:25...

I heard that you were banned from various forums, no? Poppersplace? Reddit? etc etc. I think this was said before? Personally I find you a boring, repetitive twit. I am tired of you trashing up other people's thread proselytizing about "Joe Miller", your 1980s anus, and associated scientific claptrap that you copy-and paste for reasons of self aggrandizement. Why don't you stick your whining up your own threads, of which there have been many. You always say the same thing, and according to others... some of your scientific ramblings are hazardous to those who don't realize you are a quack.

Kip said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 17:31...

Indeed. Nitritespecialist contributes nothing to this forum.

The Professor said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 19:40...

kip and mickey,

distillation is NOT a trivial matter with a solvent that is flammable and needs to be heated up to its boiling point; the entire thing is an explosion hazard if not done carefully.

I don't think that ANY OTC makers are distilling their product. Double Scorpio had a video a few years back demonstrating their fractional distillation rig, but IIRC they decided it wasn't worth the extra effort.

The Professor said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 19:42...

Distillation is discrimination by boiling point; you can also discriminate by melting point, and you can do it much more safely.

Leopard Mask said on Sun, 7 May 2023 at 22:10...

Any idea of the PWD products (like Iron Horse) are using distillation?

Does that purify the product or something?

The Professor said on Mon, 8 May 2023 at 00:53...

Normally, Distillation discriminates by boiling point; the yield is heated to the boiling point of the desired Nitrite. The vapor that passes over the distillation arm contains only Alkyl Nitrite; the remaining competitors will have different boiling points, so they will remain in the original flask, while the desired boiling point vapor travels to the other side of the arm and condenses into a new flask.

I don't know of any OTC product that employs distillation.

The Professor said on Mon, 8 May 2023 at 00:53...

Competitors should be contaminants

Kip said on Mon, 8 May 2023 at 02:13...

The Pretentious Professor:

Distillation presents manageable risks. If a supplier will not manage those risks that supplier will lose my business.

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Mon, 8 May 2023 at 14:28...

""from the left sinuses""

Yes...the left side... it brings on misery and malaise. Best to go cold turkey on everything you like :-) and bomb your body with vitamins and kale shakes, garlic, ginger, turmeric, and all that this beneficial. Like a scatter gun approach...given time one of them will hit home and hopefully it will lift. I understand what you are saying about COVID, I thought so too, maybe it is in your case. Be well.

The Professor said on Mon, 8 May 2023 at 17:02...

Distillation of a flammable compound is very possible given it's being done by somebody with knowledge. I didn't mean to imply that it was an intractable problem, just that it is an explosion hazard to anyone that is unprepared, and a waste of profit for the types of people that seem to be selling these days.

E. G. A huge outfit like lockeroom probably has chemists involved, whereas a DIY group (artisanal cleaners for example) might not have the experience required to do it safely, AND the loss of crude yield that the process entails would look to them as a waste of profit. I know they, at first, weren't properly neutralizing their yield (proper neutralizing loses some yield (and therefore $) during the process.

So greed and the unstable nature of the product itself conspire to ensure a horrible product.

Making your own product is much better than relying on commercial production; fresher product made correctly is a win-win for the consumer.

Nitritespecialist said on Tue, 9 May 2023 at 16:33...

Making your own poppers will be a frustrating waste of time and money if you can't procure very very pure alcohols OR know how to rectify an alcohol that has turned bad.

Based on the 30 bottles of Locker Room(made in Canada) I tested, I would guess they are indeed n-amyl nitrite based. They generally had strong ass relax, but lacked any sense of euphoria or prosexual effects. And the odors were not "pure" and "pleasant" smelling....perhaps due to degradation on the shelf. Perhaps there was an accompanying loss of prosexual effects along with this degradation. They certainly age to a point where they lack almost all effect....the last 5 bottles were old and ineffective.

A Better Professor said on Tue, 9 May 2023 at 18:11...

Professor is dumb. Did he ever take organic? You don't distill such a solvent by heating it. That causes it to decompose. You cool it down to around its boiling point in a reasonably HARD vacuum and have the receiving vessel colder than the boiling vessel. If you have it sealed up well, your vacuum pump is going to be fine, and you did distillation WELL below room temp.

A Better Professor said on Tue, 9 May 2023 at 18:13...

@Leopard Mask

Give it about *two* weeks with hard exercise every other day. It's going to take longer than you think to flush it all out of your system.

The Professor said on Tue, 9 May 2023 at 19:57...

Better professor,

first, I'm having trouble understanding how, if room temp is about 70F, and the boiling point of, for example, 1-Pentanol, is 280F, how can one COOL a room temperature flask of 1-Pentanol to its boiling point?

The safe way to do it DOES involve a partial vacuum (it doesn't have to be hard vacuum; in fact a triple point graph of the solvent in question would inform you on the vacuum required).

Fractional distillation under partial vacuum is the way to go.

With so many readers offering their own opinions, it's hard to keep up. One guy will ask a question about 'wtf is distillation anyway?' and when I try to answer that, the next reader will call me pretentious for saying things that are common sense to him; the following reader will misunderstand what I said to the second reader about what I'd said to the first reader, and call me dumb.

It doesn't matter who is pretentious and who is dumb.

What matters is that, although fractional distillation under partial pressure WILL yield a highly pure product, looking at the degradation cascade and GC analysis of degraded poppers, one can see that, at an average decomposition rate of 10% is reached after only 4 DAYS!!.

So, to bump the purity up from 95% (possible without distillation) to 99% or better (via distillation) requires the rate you value your time at, plus the lost potential profit from volume loss during distillation (holdup) which can be up to 20%.

That's a substantial loss just to have the product be perfect for 4 days

I believe that is the reason that NOBODY distills their poppers (unless they are in the 1900's, when poppers were typically at 60% purity before distillation (95% is achievable now).

Kip said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 02:03...

The Professor:

Your arrogance is off-putting.

The reaction byproducts differ from the decomposition products.

Intelligent Human Being said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 03:21...

Professor: Why are you suggesting to distill off 1-Pentanol instead of the poppers?

The Professor said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 16:38...

I'm not at all understanding why it's off-putting to you;

reaction by-products

NO2: results in wasted reactants
parent alcohol: wasted heartbeat s
N2O3: transient esterification
Butyric acid: various odors

Decomposition by-products:
All of the above, plus
Aldehydes of the parent alcohol
Formic acid
Acetic acid
Acetates of parent alcohol
A few more in smaller concentrations

I have posted these before, and probably have forgotten a few. There's a PDF out there also if you are interested (I'm not at my computer or I'd post a link).

The end result, if you have an 90% pure popper right off the bat (10% reaction by-products), and you distill it to perfection, in 4 days it will be back to 90% pure (10% decomposition products)

So, I'm not understanding, at all, how information is off-putting?



This topic has mention of distillation, how easy it is and asks why manufacturers don't do it.

I tried to answer that question (quick re-hash: it's not easy for someone without experience, and those with experience realize it's not worthwhile. A few of the smaller sellers (likely little experience (all they might know is that distillation means boiling)) might give it a try, and they'd probably injure themselves.

There was name calling and push-back, so I tried to explain that, personally it isn't an impossible issue (fractional distillation under partial pressure will succeed with LESS of an explosion hazard), and I got called more names (maybe, although I did say the problem wasn't intractable, the posters thought I was saying that It was impossible, idk)

1-pentanol was just an example of a volatile, flammable reactant whose boiling point I remembered.

The b.p. of the Nitrite from the alcohol will be in the same general area; my point being that even fractional distillation under partial pressure requires heating a flammable compound (less so than at 1 atmosphere of pressure, but still).

Kip said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 17:04...

The Professor:

You are being called names because you are a pretentious and arrogant dick. I would not go so far as to call you dumb but your credibility is waning.

Post a chromatogram.

The Professor said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 17:23...

I have a medical appointment today, I will venture downstairs and post the reference I was referring to.

I still don't understand how posting information is arrogant, pretentious or dickish, and have asked a couple of times now for specific phrases that raise your ire, but so far it seems that you take exception to information?

The Professor said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 17:57...

I found this chart describing the degradation cascade in our forum's imgur account while trying to answer another question.


Evolution of Nitric oxide gas is the beginning of degradation, and various ions recombine to produce the later compounds.

I'm out to my appt now, but will post the source pdf and chromatographs when I return (which will probably be about 5PM, it's 1pm now here).

Kip said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 18:07...

The Professor:

Perhaps you are dumb. Information is not being insulted; you are. Even if you are “right” you are still a dick.

I will pick apart your paper but it will likely only show a clean reaction under optimized conditions. Do you really think the product generated by someone who cannot spell amyl would benefit from purification?

I understand that some of your disciples have gone into business. They are not doing particularly well. I would be interested to see an analysis of your product. Maybe that would finally silence Nitritespecialist.

Kip said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 18:18...

The Professor:

The degradation compounds have always been present. The cascade sequence is only marginally relevant.

Btw, a chromatograph is an instrument. Its output is a chromatogram.

Also, auto-oxidation is not the same as auto-ignition.

The Professor said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 18:30...

I don't know what information you are interested in. Here is the pdf describing the degradation components. fig 2 is analysis of a 'street' sample of aged isobutyl nitrite. When I previously mention aldehyde of the parent alcohol (an this parent alcohol is isobutanol) that will be shown here as isobutyraldehyde, for example (also butyric, isobutyric, propanoic by parent alcohol)


Here is a pdf describing the degradation cascade (several useful plots showing what happens to poppers when exposed to heat, light oxygen.


did i cover what you are asking about?

Kip said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 18:36...

The Professor:

“reaction by-products

NO2: results in wasted reactants
parent alcohol: wasted heartbeat s
N2O3: transient esterification
Butyric acid: various odors“

I want to see a chromatogram with only three peaks.

Kip said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 19:23...

The Professor:

Figure 3 does show a fairly clean reaction. About 1 mL product was produced in an academic setting.

Kip said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 21:02...

The Professor:

Reasons you are pretentious, arrogant, and a dick:

1. Call yourself “The Professor”
2. Think you know everything
3. Present opinion as fact
4. Intrude frequently
5. Listen poorly
6. Need to get the last word
7. Say things like “logical fallacy”
8. Repeat yourself almost as much as Nitritespecialist

Kip said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 21:05...

9. Fail to proofread

The Professor said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 21:15...


sorry for the delay.....

I also stated that that I was going by memory, and that i'd forgotten a few contaminants along the way (like methylpropyl ester)

identifying reaction by-products from decomposition products would require knowing the preparation temperature.

For example, Formic acid; it's heat of formation is about 400kJ/mol. Running an alkyl nitrite prep at -12C there isn't enough free energy to form the molecule.

So, if you prep at room temperature, Formic acid will be a by-product and a decomposition product. If you prep colder, Formic acid will not form.

Likewise with the others I mentioned as preparation by-products; I included the base alcohol, nitrogen dioxide (which can be seen escaping during prep, but wouldn't show in a chromatograph because it escapes into atmosphere (you might be able to capture the NO2 evolution during a stopped-flow analysis, but not in a chromatograph), and butyric acid (which is still present at -12C, but can easily be filtered out.

So, how did I arrive at the three by-products I posted? They are from my prep, which is below the melting point of butyric acid (-12C at the ice bath, which ends up about -6C at the reaction site).

That's why I include butyric; It's still there in the pot, and filtering it out drastically slows the decomposition.

look at the degradation cascade, identify the ORDER (starting with the active ingredient itself) of the contaminants and address the five most important. You'll notice that many of the most offensive ions that develop toward the bottom of the chart derive from butyric acid toward the front. The rest of them can be addressed by adsorption or neutralization.

There's nothing I can do that can't be done, i'm not TRYING to be pretentious or dumb, I'm trying to convey data. Information is processed data, and I tried to provide the data, as well as some insight into how I process it.

so, I failed to provide am all encompassing preparation by-product list, and it is accurate at -12C, but so0me of the decomposition products may also be present if the whole thing happens at higher temperatures, because there will be excess free energy to allow those components to develop. Given the wide possible variances, I think covered the MOST aggravating by-products fairly well.

If you're looking for the 'unspecified toxic impurities' that nitritespecialist keeps talking about, they don't exist. His body perceives anything stronger than about 70% or so (his precious n-amyl) as toxic, but the culprit is NOT his imagined impurities (most of which just change the aroma) it is his body's reaction to nitric oxide itself that lowers his blood pressure so dangerously.

I can't think of anything else that might be pretentious, but I'd welcome your input

The Professor said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 21:50...

The Professor:

Reasons you are pretentious, arrogant, and a dick:

1. Call yourself “The Professor”
- i guess i'm not as imaginative as some

2. Think you know everything
- there's nothing I can do that can't be done; I've never claimed to know everything, but as a retired chemist I am prepared in the discipline, and can offer guidance. I don't think it's fair to blame me for knowing things that you don't, I'm a very curious person, and i like knowing things.

I bet you know things in disciplines that I don't know

3. Present opinion as fact
- I try to reference anything that is a personal assertion so that others can do their own analysis, that's the way I was taught. i understand that analysis CAN be interpreted as opinion, but i try to post the DATA that I ANALYZE to reach INFORMATION (in accordance with the DIKW (data>knowledge>information>wisdom) principle. e.g. there's no DATA INFORMATION or KNOWLEDGE that tells me to worry about butyric acid causing problems, but in combination with the data chart revealing the cascade, along with the data that once the cascade starts, it follows a certain order of developed radicals, when ANALYZED, reveals (to me) that by stopping the cascade in its tracks at the beginning of the chain, the likelihood of impurities further down the chain is lessened.

TL;DR I try to always have a viable reason for an opinion, and I try to relay realities rather than fantasies

4. Intrude frequently
-THis will likely sound like an excuse, but in my mind i do two things here. first, I correct the dangerous outputs of one particular individual who is a danger to others. Second, I try to be otherwise useful to other posters with question I can answer.

Together, this means that I try NOT to intrude on the main reason people are here (to talk about various brands), but I understand that most topics end up in a tit for tat, parry riposte between myself and ken; i've responded to this feedback before, in that it's my epistemic responsibility to correct him lest he endanger others (he could and would sue me for not posting how dangerous his ideas really are otherwise)

5. Listen poorly
- I don't understand this one, i'd need a particular instance

6. Need to get the last word
- i think this follows as part of my responsibility to correct ken; if i have bothered anyone ELSE (you included) i'd like a particular case as an example?

7. Say things like “logical fallacy”

There are a few dozen fallacies of logic, and ken relies on them for what he understands as debate. Ad hominem, straw man, moving the goal post, appeal to authority are his favorites. I was taught to call out fallacies rather than address them; they are used by an opponent as a lazy way to argue, and are a waste of time (yes, even reduction to the absurd). Are you annoyed that I call out ken's fallacies instead of wasting my time with a logical error?

8. Repeat yourself almost as much as Nitritespecialist
- i probably do, with him, repeat myself; he repeats lies and i correct them. There's a LOT of turnover at this site; would you rather have him admonish others for not believing his lies, or have me warn others repeatedly that he's a repeat offender?

9. Fail to proofread
-The part of my brain that coord8inates movement on my left side is no longer there; it takes 4-5 times longer than it should for my to type, and my typographic errors are horrible; even worse when I'm on my phone (the small text window is filled quickly, and i don't see most of my errors until I POST). There's no 'edit' functionality here, so I have to post again with typo corrections.

I will try to do better in ALL of these categories Kip, thanks for the list

Nitritespecialist said on Wed, 10 May 2023 at 23:04...

I followed THE PROFESSOR'S instructions last night only to have the most horrendous byproducts even with pure SN and AA.

I am (was!) a regular user of poppers, maybe a few times a week or way more but after not a particularly heavy session with the "professor's" recipe I have major problems with my vision

Straight after I could tell, I couldn't read the text on my phone properly. My central vision is very blurry, and like a lot of guys on here I struggle to read, can't see people's faces in the street and can't read road signs.

I'm completely freaking out and have taken the past few days off work I'm so anxious. Today I'm going to my ophthalmologist to get checked out.

I'm so scared that my vision won't return to normal and that ill be stuck half-blind for life. I really can't even handle the thought of that right now, it's making me feel suicidal. I literally can't believe this has happened to me.

I took one single whiff out of the reaction vessel and it was like my eyes were in the middle of a welding flame. There is no other way to describe it.

I've started taking Lutein and will definitely never touch poppers again.

Leopard Mask said on Wed, 17 May 2023 at 13:25...


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