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Topic created by Wenis
on Sat, 15 Apr 2023 at 14:24

Wenis said on Sat, 15 Apr 2023 at 14:24...

Hey Professor and anyone elus reading. Im gonna keep this short. But im scared and alarmed. So ive used poppers now regularly for almost a yr. And i love them and i get no side effects. Except sometimes needed to blow my nose a couple extra time. So no big deal right? And i had looked into poppers and the safety of the heavily b4 i started use. And came to the conclusion they are a ok. Further with the fact i hav no negative reactions. Well yesterday i had searched something and came across 2 website claiming poppers cause neurotoxicty, ill put the links at the bottom 4 u 2 read. Claiming to hav tested alkyl nitrite, butyl nitrite, isobutyl nititre. So ofc already retarted 4 them to test "alkyl nitrite" bc as we all kno thts just like the name for this family of nitrites, so wut excatly did they test with tht? Its like me saying ok im going to conduct an expermant on fruit and im gonna test 3 differnt fruits, ill test, banna, apple , and fruit. Lmfao. Stupid idoit. So the test is claimng tht friggin poppers cause ur brain damage. Is neurotoxic to ur brain. It also says tht it damages every organ of ur body. Which i kno is a lie bc you skin is ur biggest organ nd poppers dont damage ur skin enless u pour it on it. But basically im scared now, am i really damageing my brain and decreasing my learning ability and memory and shit? Fucking myself up? Cuz like i said ive been using regularly 4 a yr and feel totally fine wuldnt i notice if my IQ was dropping (i mean maby not since its so much higher than avg to begin with) and what about all my other organs??? Are those being damaged? Again i feel 100% totally fine. Like wtf. And they said they injeected friggin rats with poppers nd they culdnt or had hard time getting thru a maze? Like wtf u inject me with poppers im gonna hav a hard time getting thru a maze 2 lmfao wtf poppers arnt ment to b shot up ? Ovious so tht probely made the rats dizy af. And rats are not fucking humans. Fuk tho man i just wanna enjoy my poppers in peace and now im honestly afriad to use them cuz this article and study is saying im damageing my brain and everyone of my other organs to. Like 2 things nd then ill pec out 4 now. 1. A yr ago wen i looked into poppers side effects, all i found was a small list of mild things and i think then later i found the study done on rats with isobutyl "proving " its carnceringic however i dont trust it. Cuz even if rats brains are simular they aint the fucking same. And their bodies DEFIENTLY aint the fucking same. Plus humans dont fucking put a gas mask of poppers on for 6 hours constiantly everyday. Well most of us dont ;-) lol. But only 3% of the rats got bumps tht "may" lead to cancer. So none of them even technaically got it. So i think these rat tests are flaued. Alr so yea Proffessor i kno u will no this anwser. Is this site just trying to scare me str8? Also ive talked to plently of plently of ppl on here and on reddit who hav used poppers 10 20 40 fucking yrs and they r all completly fine. So either the claims on these sites just arent trure (the 2 links im just about 2 drop) or everyone i talk to is lying. Or it does cause brain and orgasm damage but just at a rate of 0.001% every year or something.or some ppl get it nd some dont and the others r so popper brain dead zombies tht i havent talked to them cuz they r 2 stupid now to use technolgily. And if poppers where neurotoxic causeing ppl brain damage im sure their wuld b atleast 1 guy out thares who gone brain dead nd their wuld be reports on it or news storys. As they do wen something like tht happens. I mean wen every dumb ass in europe was going blind by propyl they did a news story on tht. So if ppl were going brain dead i think tht wuld b a hot juciey story 2 they want to cover. I mean i saw 1 about a popular drug excasty of a girl who tried it 1 time and is now mentally retarted in a wheel chair. Hows tht 4 scared str8. But really their wuld be news segments tht wanted to cover it. Cuz they culd call it a drug uve never heard of. And they culd scream and wine about how its legal and ask it be made ilegal. Show just how easy it is to order online and show case this ilegal fourm right here where us brain dead drug addicts meet to talk about our addiction. Lmfao. Im just not willing to trust something tht dosent make sense 2 me. Ive never heard b4. And comes from a .gov website. I mean hav u seen their list of marijuana side effects, well its totally insane 4 example it lists diffculty walking or walking str8 as a side effect of weed. Yea right. Enless u friggin sit down and rip like 1000000x wax extracts or something and stand up real quick. But it had other shit 2 tht just was not true. So pls we all need ur expert opinon. I really feel it has to be misleading or str8 up inaccurate. I want it 2 b. Cuz i love poppers but friggin if its damageing my brain then i cant keep doing it. Its trying to say the opening of blood vessels is what causes it.... Like tht makes no sense 2 me how is tht bad? Also says it will basically destroy my lungs. Wtf. Here are the links ty The Professor, anyone elus feel free 2 leave ur 2 cents bc this is an important issue



These r the 2 site sources in questions (only 2 ive seen claiming this)

Ty -Wenis

Worried Friend said on Sat, 15 Apr 2023 at 15:42...

Dude, judging from the clarity of your writing and your grammar, I'd say go easy on the poppers...

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Sat, 15 Apr 2023 at 18:17...

This is Wenis' style, he is the Rimbaud / James Joyce of the poppers community. No need to worry, open your mind to the surging sea of ideas crashing on the shore, Worried.

The Professor said on Sat, 15 Apr 2023 at 18:38...


As far as I know, Alkyl nitrites DON'T pass the blood-brain barrier; also they don't 'build up' in the bloodstream like other drugs do so there's no tolerance build up.

There are several categories of 'Hurt' and Poppers have been through the mill on various fronts.

They've been attacked based on Toxicity. yet of the usual substances, they are the safest. (mostly because a human would pass out or be in such discomfort that it's very difficult to take a fatal dose).

They've been attacked based on carcinogenicity (based on the fact that alkyl nitrites CAN create carcinogenic nitrosamines in test tube experiments. (this is the basis for Butyl being outlawed, even though IN VITRO experiments have shown NO development of nitrosamines (it's currently though that some mechanism (like pH) of living tissue discourages nitrosamine development from poppers).

You'll also find attacks based on Neurotoxicity. Of the publications I've read about this, it seems that sites that don't provide any references often say they ARE neurotoxic. while sites with references say they MIGHT be neurotoxic.

AFAIK, they can't ass the blood brain barrier, so they can't kill any part of the brain directly, let alone neurons. They CAN, however, alter blood flow to the brain and cause confusion. Living creatures tend to pass out before they harm themselves to such a degree.

Worried Friend said on Sat, 15 Apr 2023 at 19:32...

Professor, thank you for such a clear answer! Would you care to elaborate on the cases of maculopathy related to Propyl/Isopropyl use? Is it only associated with this particular alcohol? I've had an occasion when my eyes got so red I thought they would start gushing blood, nothing happened to my vision though, and the redness went away in a few days. I can't tell if it was propyl or not that I had been using. It is a shame though because those marked Propyl are my favorites...

The Professor said on Sat, 15 Apr 2023 at 23:44...

here's the best description I've seen so far about he mechanism of poppers maculopathy:


In the text, they illustrate how an excess of Nitric Oxide (the active ingredient in all types of popper) mimics exposure to high intensity light (like looking directly into the sun during a total eclipse).

Fig 1 describes this mechanism. The increased current differential across the cilium ends up burning it (an eye doctor will be able to see white or yellow' spots in this area.

The entire mechanism is very similar to an electrical circuit with a small section of decreased surface area.

Increased current flow through this small area, from either exposure to high intensity light or high NO levels in the bloodstream, will eventually burn this area just like a fuse.

Leopard Mask said on Sat, 15 Apr 2023 at 23:45...

I think that also we should always consider the source. The first link you gave was a Treatment Center, not a science journal or anything.
So of course they will want you as a customer for a service that is undoubtedly...a fortune.

Second, their link is only one study of rats, ONE - where is the rest of them? It is very easy to cherry pick a study to support your agenda.

Third, from their about us page...
Religion (if available in the community, facilities will accommodate)
Church – every Sunday
Non-Christian clients – also accommodated if services are available in the

This is most likely a more religious-based program. Unfortunately such programs have a statistically poor recovery rate.
So yah...I'd like to see more evidence that poppers cause brain damage anymore than weed or alcohol.

anon said on Mon, 17 Apr 2023 at 14:46...

I think in low dosages they are relatively safe. The amount of alcohol that you take is is very small incomparison to when you drink alcohol. They aren't the same but it isn't much. Nitrosamines might be an issue. I think the biggest effects might be the fact that they deplete B12 which causes nerve delamination which might be a bigger issue than reduced oxygen due to nitrite binding to red blood cells. I don't think they are bad if you supplement with B12 and are not pumping them so hard that your finger tips turn blue.

Wenis said on Tue, 18 Apr 2023 at 02:22...


Wenis said on Tue, 18 Apr 2023 at 02:24...

The Dreadful Flying Glove, ur comment makes absoulty no fucking sense, and dont talk about me. Keep ur dam mouth shut. You wanna talk to someone whos insulting me like ur their friend. Fuck u by assioation idoit !!!!!!!!!!

Wenis said on Tue, 18 Apr 2023 at 02:57...

The Professor, tysm 4 ur intelligent anwser. I knew the articles i was reading was complete bs but just really wanted to make sure. Now i can breath easy relax and chill and enjoy my poppers which i currently use like either every other day or daily or ill skip like 2 days inbetween and yeah ive never noticed a "tolerance" build up. Ive noticed if ive been inhaleing them alot then it might take a few more sniffs or ill úse a cig method. But thts only during the session. And even just the next day wen i take my first hit it will hit me. Now u methion nitric oxide right? Which looks simular to nitrous oxide but i kno its differnt. However i take lithuim and well i can go into a whole story of how i got a 4 hour erection and was 5 mins away from getting my dick stabbed with a needle. But luckly it went soft cuz they gave me ice packs at the hospital to put on it nd tht finally worked. It turned out to be my trazdone i take so i stopped taking tht. But wen i was looking online it said tht lithuim has been known to cause ED and its bc it effects the nitric oxide in ur dick ? So i was like wtf? I hav nitric oxide in my dick? So like wut is nitric oxide ? Is it just in our dick or is it in our blood or whole body or what? And if poppers effect it does it mean its activateing ur nitrix oxide in ur dick in a postive way tht makes jerking feel better ? Bc i thought it worked by going to our brain and then idk doing something. Do we have a popper recptor like we hav a weed and opiate receptor in our brains ? Or what receptor is poppers working on. Yeah and i knew cuz i did drugs poly drug usage 4 12 yrs ive done every drug u can name (besides like all the riduclious test chemicals or extremly obsure pills, and like smoking concreat and huffing spray paint or inhale wasp spray or huffing AC fluid or gas, like the total idoit shit but i did huff dust off and trip off nutmeg and smoke salvia etc) anyways ide always see sites making crazy claims of side effects for drugs tht i knew wernt true or way exgrated. Like their articles saying opioid usage causes brain damage bc they r counting ppl who od on it nd lose oxygen. But its like no with normal usage tht dosent happen. Having dam soccer moms tht take 5mg of vicodin a day 4 knee pain afraid tht they r getting brain damage. So ide usally go to erowid.org to get non biasis info. Also i think i looked on thare for poppers but they only had reports but still worth takkng a look. Again thx professior bc poppers really improve my life no cap not kidding. They give something fun to do and look forward to and a great release nd it keeps my life content. But since km a previous drug addict which ill be 11 months sober in 2 days. Not counting poppers ofc. But i really think bc of poppers its helping me to not get a desire for other drugs like cocaine or angel dust cuz my issues was i wuld get bored in life again bc i am so smart so i wuld do drugs. Anx theur are studys which link and clearly show THE SMARTER YOU ARE THE MORE LICKLY OF YOU TO USE DRUGS and ive never met a person tht has done more drugs than me enless they were like an older hippy. But in my prime ide be addicted so heavily. Ide smoke weed all day long. While addicted to xanax koldipin ambian suboxone. Everyday in high ammount 20 to 25 pills a mouthful. Buying and selling pills. Alsk use cocaine adderal vyvanse angel dust. Literally just as much drugs as i can get everyday i wuld do and it wuld be alot cuz i doctor shopped bought pills off ppl. Sold pills and weed. Etc. So just a very heavy drug user which again shows how high my IQ is. And its not just drugs tht makes me think im smart its always plenty of other factors. I also kno just cuz u hav high IQ dosent mean ur gonna do well in life. But i kno i will. And with honestly taking a reputable IQ test i scored a 163 which is literally like albert enstins IQ. My mom scored 101 and ny dad 98. But i hav plently of family members of mine who are crazy smart. Accepted into ivy league colleges with full sclorships and ya kno reading like 5 books a day or something cdazy. My aunt literally reads a book every 2 pages in legit like 2 secounds. So im set im a genius. I just hav a long road ahead of me. Anyone wondering where to buy or some of what i currently pop is from www.buyrushonline.com they always got sales nd good prices i just copped the AMYL 15 ml wide mouth bottle and the EVERST PRENUIM 15ML WIDE MOUTH also amyl i forget wut the label says nd im 2 lazy to check but its from france or italy nd acutaly i believe its isoamyl but both are complete fire and im gonna cop from my local sex shop a fresh 30ml AMSTERDAM in a day or 2 nd i still got bottles of loke VHCLEANCER P100 JUNGLE JUICE BLACK RUSH BLACK LABEL RUSH ORGIONAL JUNGLE JUICE PLUS (PENTYL) and another 1 or 2 but most of those r honestly on their way out the door but they still give effect. Pro. Tip. I find it best 4 older bottles to just soak a cig with it nd tht it will hit. Still hit good just might be a bit delayed of a feeling or u culd pour a drop or 2 on a mask wrap it tightly around ur face so u cant get it off. lol jk. And just huff like tht. Anyways im out 4 now ill b back on later. Thanks again Professor. And no one better b talking shit about me on here im not playing u think ur gonna hide behind ur computers ? Shut ur fucking mouths pussys ur talking to a God Dam real fucking man. Dont fuck with me . -Wenis

Wenis said on Tue, 18 Apr 2023 at 03:09...

The Professor, oh nd The Professor, since u guys r talking about it. Tht reminds me. Nd i think we talked about this b4 but i cant rember what the final word on it was. So we all kno if u use propyl ur stupid as hell and probely gonna go blind or hav permant vison spots. Nd i believe u had said tht bc its more violtile with a higher ph and boiling point. But now tht i kno my brain and other organs are fine. And like u said tht site didnt hav any referances. But ig the only other thing i wuld hav 2 worry about is my eye sight. So is propyl the only one tht damages ur eyes? Bc i never used tht 1 and never will im sticking strickly to amyl isoamyl isobutyl secbutyl and tertbutyl and i wont do akyl nitrite bc i kno tht can contain propyl in it. Also im leaning on amyl as the one i use the most. Even tho i like isobutyl alot 2. So if i only stick to the ones i mentioned then am i safe wen it comes to my eyes? I thought u might of said they all hav potential to damage ur eyes bc they can effect ur optictic neve and cause it to become tired. If thts the case , then, is it always doing tht wen i use them ? And also at wut rate? If say i use daily then in a yr will it decrease my vison by like 1% ? 5% ? 20% ? Or is it possible it dosent effect my vision at all ? Or is it differnt for every persons bc all our bodys are some wut differnt ? Cuz i cant go blind man then i culd never watch porn again or live my life and i really dont want to be blind or hav blind sex with someone wen ur blind every date is a blind date. Thank you, -Wenis

Wenis said on Tue, 18 Apr 2023 at 03:16...

Yeah shuld i be taking b12 vitimans ? Bc i take a multi vitiman but it dosent hav any Bs in it? And is it just b12 or b6 as well? Im probely depleted at this point ig i 4got about tht.... Snap. Ill get some tommrow. But yea tht rehab shit is a scam 4 sure. Ive heard 2 stats idk how true they are. But 1 is tht rehab only works for ppl 1 out of 14 times or for 1 out of 14 ppl. Ive also heard about recovery tht only 1 out of 39 ppl go on to life long soberity. Which i tend to believe these numbers. If anything they sound 2 low. And with na and aa which ive done in the past but dont do now however if i did and i said i used poppers they wuldnt consider me sober. As they also dont count ppl on suboxone as being sober. I mean some ppl do but the majority of them dont -Wenis

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Tue, 18 Apr 2023 at 09:14...

The Dreadful Flying Glove, ur comment makes absoulty no fucking sense,

Rimbaud and James Joyce makes no sense? @Wenis: it was meant as a compliment.

"People trample over flowers, yet only to embrace a cactus"

Wenis said on Tue, 18 Apr 2023 at 15:12...

Oh i thought u were just making up nonsense names. Thanks

The Professor said on Tue, 18 Apr 2023 at 17:22...


Unfortunately, the eye damage thing can happen with ANY type of popper; it's much more likely when the base alcohol raises the vapor pressure to an extremely high dose, like the propyl alcohols or a very decomposed butyl or amyl.

One of the ways that a popper falls apart results in the nitRITte turning to nitRATe. nitRATes have a much higher body load than nitRITes.

IN short, the active ingredient in Poppers (Nitric Oxide, NO) is the same chemical that the eye uses to see.

If you push too much of it into your bloodstream. your eyes will start to respond with ghost images (like when you squeeze your eyes shut tightly. It starts with a illuminated (typically blue/green) ring of light in the center of your vision. The real danger happens when your blood's NO is so high for so long that the extra current passing through that narrow gap in the pdf I posted. Increased current through increased resistance eventualkly burns out that area like a fuse.

At that point you will have very fuzzy central vision; everything in the middle will look way out of focus; if the damage is severe, the center will also be darker, and if you completely blow the fuse, you'll be blind.

Most of the cases I've read about resolve in about 4 months or so. I've had the fuzzy vision for a few days after taking some heavily degraded
English' brand a couple of years ago; it sucked, even though it only lasted a few days, it's not fun.

Nitritespecialist said on Mon, 24 Apr 2023 at 16:47...

All the popper types can deliver unintended toxic effects. It would require rigorous research and effective QC protocols to determine how best to make the safest and least toxic popper.....over and over again. No good chemist or drug maker would simply "assume" anything.

Anon said on Mon, 24 Apr 2023 at 20:03...

Is there a point to what you just said? I'm trying to follow the topic, but this last post isn't like the others

Wenis said on Sat, 13 May 2023 at 16:24...

The Professor, alr so then 2 questions. Or maby 3. 1 , how long is 2 long to use a popper? I had a bottle for about 2 months tht i was using. Is 2 monthsc2 long to keep 1 popper bottle? Bc it still was giving effects. What wuld be a safe cut off. Like at 45 days of having the popper, stop using it?
2. So eye damage can/is always happening. But its... So if im happily using my poppers like i hav been. And my vision is totally fine no damage. R u saying after a long enough time, then one day after 1 of my session im gonna hav blurry vision, but if i stop using poppers at the first sight of blurry vision or eye prolbems. Then it will just last a few days or a week nd then my vision will go back to normal ? So if i just use poppers, intill i get eye vision issues, whenever tht is, and then quit. Then my vision shuld return to normal. And ill be good. But ig im still confused about it. Is it, it damages ur eyes with every use ? Or is it like rolling the dice. Example for every use. Your eye sight is 100. Popper session 1. 99 pop sess 2. 98 pop sess 3. 97, and so on? And if so.... Will you notice a decrease in vision each time ? Or wuld u only notice once it say drops below 40 or something ? Like at the point wen u do get blurry vision.... Thts bc a good ammount of damage already occured. Or it just went under the threshold? Or idk. lol wtf. Im getting confused. (Also i read something about lithuim effecting the nitric oxide in your dick tht can cause ED ?) Did i read tht right? Or was it a simular sounding chemical ? Wuts nitric oxide do in your body ? ... Alr. So..... Ig im saying..... Is a good plan on my end, to keep using poppers intill the first sight of eye sight prolbems/issues/blurry vision (bc i love pop so much) nd then at the first sight of eye issue i just quit poppers, then in a few days my eye sight is back to being perfect vision. And im all set good 2 go nd i can see fine ? Or am i still gambling with the more i use poppers the more i risk one day just randamlly lossing like 80% of my vision possibly 4 good ????? And what do you mean when u say "Increased current flow through this small area, from either exposure to high intensity light or high NO levels in the bloodstream, will eventually burn this area just like a fuse." Is using poppers mean u r increaseing the current flow ?????? And is it the same or safer, if i say. Took 10 hits of poppers, with 1 min in between , or 10 mins in between ? Or does it not matter ?? Thanks Professor, hope ur havimg a great day man, im acutally just completeing a popper order rn lol.... Ttyl -Wenis

Wenis’ Mom said on Wed, 17 May 2023 at 01:51...

Wenis honey,

Are you manic? Have you been taking your lithium? I am worried about you.

Eyerolling said on Tue, 11 Jul 2023 at 23:32...

Wenis has "GENIUS IQ" but can't google who rimbaud or joyce are. Sure, jan, another trump-genious with bigly hands

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