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Topic created by Wenis
on Mon, 3 Apr 2023 at 17:49

Wenis said on Mon, 3 Apr 2023 at 17:49...

So last night i watched a drench ur mask in poppers joi and it was awasome. I only made it 1/4 of the way thru b4 i cum. So i can watch the rest today. It did get me very super high as i emptyed the rest of 2 of my bottles on the mask a amyl 15 ml wide nd a super rush 30 ml isobutyl and so it was really strong. So i consumed alot. After my horriness subsided i realized tht was dangerous as i culd of passed out nd with the mask on died. Wen i was done i opened my window immeditally and then went outside 4 fresh air. Well today im in walgreenz nd i c they have oxygen on like an aerosole looking can so i picked one up for 8 bucks nd i recommend u guys do the same and keep it just for safety incase either alone or with a prostuite u do 2 much and feel sick or ur fingers start turning blue u can simply grab the can of oxygen and inhale the whole thing then ur health is restored to full. Wait 15 mins nd ur back 2 being in the game. Ide consider this a must 4 all popper users. Nd if u never need it great. But atleast u hav it incase u do it culd save ur life and is only $8 so its worth it. Happy popping -Wenis, Cheers !!!!!! anyone wants to talk leave a comment soon ill be coming out with 3 new reviews !!!!!!!! Master reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aurora said on Tue, 4 Apr 2023 at 00:00...

Hey Wenis, good to see you back!. Looking forward to your quality reviews : )

Have you tried PoppersX?. Whatcha going to be reviewing?Ö or is it a secret until the reviews drop.

Iím tempted to get some pentyl soon. All the best , your number one fan XD

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Tue, 4 Apr 2023 at 08:19...

Oh Wenis! The superhero is back! Where y'all been, bro?

Rogee said on Sun, 9 Apr 2023 at 11:31...

The real story here is that Wenis is actually Hunter Biden!!

justchem said on Sun, 9 Apr 2023 at 19:55...

Also take some vitamin-C before and after session 1000mg is OK. 2000mg is for blue lips

Wenis said on Wed, 19 Apr 2023 at 06:12...

Aurora tysm 4 ur comment !!!!!!! Im proud to hav a number 1 fan tht makes me feel special !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes 1 review is poppersx ur right !!!! They sent me some samples tht r in the mail now nd ive acutally been talking to the owner hes mad cool and he says ppl dont understand the struggle hes going thru to sell these poppers and tht ppl r whineing and complaining to him nd also most of the samples he sent to ppl tht said they wuld write a review just burned him as in got the free samples and never wrote a review or responded via email. The hardest thing for poppers dealers is building trust as all popper buyers are skeptial of sites and new sites even more so. But he speaks highly of his homebrew so we will see how it is but i believe him and yea the other 2 sites are a secret. I might do a review just on buyrushonline.com again bc i just order and got my bottles a week ago 15ML EVERST PRENIUM (ISOAMYL) AMYL 15 ML WIDE MOUTH (AMYL) literaly just over 40 for the both including shipping which is a great great great price. 20 each. And they r great bottles like really really good im having alot of fun with them. But to recap what my current reviews are. For my list of sites currently disclosed tht i ordered from wuld be www.vhcleaner.com GEENLIGHT, www.buyrushonilne.com GREENLIGHT, www.powerpoppers.com REDLIGHT/BLACLISTED100% . i cant rember if i ever posted a Master Review on powerpoppers (1 of the sites acutally listed on this website with a 15% discount thts apartantly been in business 20 yrs nd does hav a fair ammount of good reviews, but at some point ppl where saying their quaility has declinded) but making a long story short. I had ordered from them 1 bottle of rush orgional... Which the price wasnt a very good deal to begin with. So i paid them. And then after a month i still diddnt hav it. They apoligized and said they wuld give it 2 me gratis meaning refund my money so ide get it 4 free bc it was so late. They also dont offer a tracking number. Intill 21 days then u can request it. But wen i did they just told me it was on its way in the mail (which turned out to be a lie) and they said they culdnt provide a tracking number the secound time i asked. So my dumb a.... Says to a company tht i hav never even order from b4..... (The real fucking issue was i paid them with money left on a giftcard i got from xmas. So once the money was no longer on the giftcard i threw the giftcard out. Meaning if they refunded my money to a card i didnt hav ide hav no acess to the money so tht wuld be pointless..... So .... Now. Ig i had no choice but to say. Well instead of gratis.... Culd u just send me another bottle of the same value ? And i asked 4 their best seller. Which they said ok. And always very long wait times between emails from them. So they said alr we will semd u a jungle juice plus (pentyl) so im like ok cool bet..... Well it still took literally over 2 months from the time i ordered..... B4 i got my product. But the only product tht arrived was the jj plus. So they lied to me wen they said rush was in the mail.... I mean enless the package was lost.... But what do u think is more common.... ? Mail acutally hardly gets lost. And most of the time its from a porch pirate but the way my house is no ones really gonna b poarch pirateing my mail. Well atleast thts never once happend for the entire 6 yrs i lived thare. So fucking powerpoppers never sent it is wut happen. I did receive the jj plus and was excited to try the pentyl , pentyl which is amyl which is ilegal in usa so i figured nice score ya kno ? I mean i think pentyl is ilegal in usa... Enless its like a loophole. But if isoamyl isnt ilegal... Then ig pentyl wuldnt b either. But its all basically the same chemical. Ahh whatever who cares im not 1 2 follow the laws anyways plus i kno their virtually zero chance of me being caught with amyl (enless a cop stopped me 4 some reason and i happend to hav it on my person. Again very low chances. At which u culd hav 2 options. 1 to say thts just some leather cleaner... As u admit zero ilegal activity. And enless the cop is extremly stupid hes gonna kno ur lying. Become offended cuz cops dont like tht. Nd press u more about what it is nd give u a hard time. Or some how arrest u wen he looks into it 2 find out its ilegal. However if u casually say tht its for sex u bought it from your local sex shop right here in town. Hes probely just gonna say oh ok and let u go. Probely wont even kno what it is. So the 2nd choice is better as ur not lying. And since ur not sniffing it infront of him theirs nothing he can really do so u r safe..... Ide lickly depending on the bottle just act like im embarsshed and tell him its for sex thts its desentizeing cream or gel/liquid for sex bc im a pre mature ejaculator. Ya kno bc im smart enough to come up with something like tht. Tht sounds believable nd hes probely not gonna press me on it. But anyways even if its found in the mail going to ur house like wen ppl buy from popperaroma nd it gets caught at the boarder. They just throw it out they dont go after the consumor. Or even the supplier 4 tht matter which u really think they wuld if a country from france where the amyl runs deep and legally threw waterfalls and lakes just keeps and contuinosly sending amyl to american addressing you think they wuld take it up with the company or fine them. I mean even if some law enforcment with a hard on went to poppersaroma website first off they describe effects of usage on thare all over unlike other sites tht strickly say its not for human consumption or for inhaleing tht its strickly ment for cleaning only. But popperaromas openly saying its for inhaleing. Im not sure but it might make mention tht certain chemicals i.e. amyl is ilegal in certain countrys i.e. america so if shipping to thare it may get confucared so you shuld keep ur order under 7 bottles so it has a better chance of sneaking thru. But just the fact it sells amyl and gives u the option to ship to the usa i wuld think law enforcement wuld shut tht down. As they openly sell it to a country of which its prohibited. And i watch border to catch a smuggler and their are other types of items or khat a type of drug which is legal in some countrys but not others nd ppl will try to ship it to a country where its ilegal thare and they will catch it and they will pursue the person who shipped it but not the person who was gonna recieve it as it never arrived so tycianally he never did anything ilegal but sometimes they set up a sting meaning they pretend or acutally act like it made it past customs and then stake out the guys house nd wen he signs for the package they bust his unsupecting ass and im at home laughing so friggin hard about it lol while i enjoy my freedom. But im glad they dont go after poppersaromas or other sites tht do the same as i need friggin amyl. I just wonder why they dont ? Cuz isnt the laws suppose to be consitant ? I think its bc its not causeing any issue. If we were talking about spice or k2 or flakka or something simular or say a test chemical tht became popular and caused ppl to become enraged and physoctic and run threw the streets naked doing illagel activitys so america made the test chemical ilegal but in other countrys it was still legal then it wuld be a differng story but bc ppl just cop their bottles and hide in their house jacking/jerking their cocks super hard in a trench coat in a dimly lite room they arnt hurting anyone. And i think france gov / law enforcment wuld b the ones to go after them nd they sound like they wuld be chill tbh i mean bc we kno how much work their miltary puts in ide expect their cops r even more lazy tht is if they dont all just quit on their 2nd day on the job lol. I wonder if they crack down on sites selling isobutyl to europe bc acutally i think they do cuz ppl in europe r complaining about finding the isobutyl they crave so hard. But anyways.So really if ur a consumor ur safe. Just dont let a cop catch u with like 10 unopened bottles of amyl on u cuz that looks sus nd hes gonna look into it nd probely pursue charges. Bc he thinks ur selling them. And usa hates anyone to get a

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