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Amyl - Where to buy for US?

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Topic created by Chuck
on Thu, 30 Mar 2023 at 05:14

Chuck said on Thu, 30 Mar 2023 at 05:14...

Hey guysÖ Iím tired of the isobutyl formula. I remember the real stuff. I want to find it again. Where can I buy the legit formula that isnít watered down? Also, does anyone have directions for how to make your own?

PJ said on Thu, 30 Mar 2023 at 09:11...

Join The Professor's group regarding your 2nd question

The Professor said on Thu, 30 Mar 2023 at 16:28...

joining the private group

here is a copy of our maker's guide; [PopperMakers guide](https://nublu.maitriworks.org/files/Alky%20Nitrite%20Preparation%20wiki.pdf)

If you are a chemist, the guide will probably be sufficient. If you are a non-chemist, but it looks like something you could handle with a bit of guidance, Go to u/--prof-- and send a message asking to join the private PopperMakers group

When the moderator sees your request, he'll add you to the group, and Reddit will send you a message

The Professor said on Thu, 30 Mar 2023 at 16:29...

We are full right now, hopefully the guide will be enough

Peter said on Fri, 31 Mar 2023 at 22:28...

@Chuck: I suggest you purchase a few of the small 5 ml size bottles of Amyl Nitrite from the relatively new website PoppersX.
I purchased their product / formula two weeks ago and it is the best Amyl Nitrite product I have used in the past ten years.
I found it to be very, very smooth and pure, and strong.
I cannot say that my experience and results with this formula would be the same for other users; but I can say it definately impressed me as being a top-quality Amyl Nitrite product / formula.
BTW, like yourself, I can no longer use / inhale Butyl or Iso-Butyl Nitrite products / formulas because: (1) I do not like the odor, and (2) they lower my blood pressure too far.
I hope my above comments may be of some help to you.

PWDavie said on Fri, 31 Mar 2023 at 23:18...

You could always use BuyRushOnline. They sell Amyl with very quick shipping times to the USA. I've ordered from them numerous times and never had a problem.

Falafel said on Sat, 1 Apr 2023 at 08:08...

Most likely it is ISO-AMYL, and anywayz PENTYL NITRITE is better, same thing as amyl nitrite, and widely available. Watch out for brands that have AMYL in big letters on the label, that's iso-amyl and it attracts the beady swivel eyes of bureaucracy, 'cus amyl nitrite is classified as a med.

just saying, my popper lurrrrving amigos....

Stone said on Sun, 2 Apr 2023 at 12:16...

After checking out the European websites, there are many options for amyl/isoamyl.
Does anyone have any feedback on the following:
AMYL Titanium
Everest Premium
Fist - Hard
Iron Fist
Iíve not tried any of these.

Peter said on Wed, 5 Apr 2023 at 04:45...

@Stone: If you visit the Poppers-Aromas EU website, you will see that management has now identified the CAS numbers under Product Details for each product - and I commend them for providing this very useful information for the benefit of their customers.
For all of the "Amyl / Iso-Amyl, Amyl Isomer Mixture" products you will see the same following two CAS numbers:110-46-3 and 123-51-3.
You will also see a different Strength Rating for these same products. Some are rated Level 4, and others are rated Level 5.
So, is there really any difference in all of these "amyl nitrite" products, so far as the pro-sexual effects they provide for the user?
Over the past three years, I have purchased most of these "amyl nitrite" formulas / products and have not noticed any significant difference in the pro-sexual effects they provide nor in the strength of the formula - and I have found almost all of them to be a major disappointment, in that they did not provide for me the best combination of pro-sexual effects.
Other users on this forum may have had a more positive experience with these particular products.
When I first started using the IRON FIST product about three years ago, it seemed to be a better formula than the current formula. But even back then, I would not have rated this product a top-quality nitrite inhalant, because it did not provide me a good, strong combination of the pro-sexual effects I am seeking. To me, the current formula has an offensive odor and provides little in the way of pro-sexual effects.
My suggestion to you is to purchase one bottle of each of the "amyl" products on your above list and conduct your own comparison. Only you can determine if these particular products / formulas will provide the pro-sexual effects you are seeking.
As I mentioned above, to me, they are all mostly a major disappointment, even though they are described as "amyl nitrite".

Stone said on Wed, 5 Apr 2023 at 13:27...

Thank you for the detailed follow-up / insights, really appreciate it!
Iíve tried pentyl nitrite recently and have found it quite nice, seems to work well for me. Isobutyl is just too strong, the rush is too intense. Iím just curious about amyl now.

Peter said on Thu, 6 Apr 2023 at 06:27...

@Stone: Thanks for your response and comments.
I have also determined that the better Pentyl Nitrite products from Europe are working better for me than most of the current Amyl Nitrite products being sold in Europe.
However, the new PoppersX amyl nitrite is the best amyl product I have purchased in many years.

Nitritespecialist said on Thu, 6 Apr 2023 at 17:30...

@Peter....I have been preaching for at least 5 years that amyl nitrite is less toxic than the other poppers...butyl group and IPN....but the Professor always attacked me for saying this. He would always say "amyl" is too weak to bother with and so he stopped adding it to his poppers altogether. He never ever would say that the butyl group(which he prefers) is more toxic than amyl. For me personally, IPN, IBN and BN are far more toxic than amyl nitrite is. And their odors are much more pronounced and often times unpleasant.

I just made 4 brews of pentyl nitrite...using dry calcium chloride for the first time and all brews are similar and have gone from a bit weak to seemingly too strong....all while drying on calcium chloride, which absorbs both water and alcohol, two impurities that wreck poppers.

The Professor said on Thu, 6 Apr 2023 at 19:00...

I always correct you because you are always wrong.

1. A typical sample of Alkyl nitrite has about 50% un-reacted alcohol.

2. Of the parents alcohols, Pentanol is the most toxic (none of the alcohols are extremely toxic (as in an immediate that to life), but Pentanol is the MOST toxic (references already posted the first time Ken tried to blow this up our assess).

3. 'nuff said

Pentel nitrite IS the weakest of the common poppers (Hexyl is weakest, but only Ken had ever had a positive review of Hexyl).

A young person in good health will NOT be able to take in enough vapor to get to a desired state; it's like trying to fill a bathtub with the drain open.

Good, healthy metabolisms remove poppers from the bloodstream quicker than they can 'build' , and the ONLY way to get building effects of to have a metabolism that is faulty enough to not be able to metabolize poppers correctly.

That's the crux of Ken's bullshit; his metabolism is incompatible with poppers, due to age, a swollen spleen and a likely G6PD deficiency.

This, his experiences don't apply to regular folk, particularly young and healthy regular folk.

Of course he denies this, but the proof is in his own words describing his experiences.

He most enjoys a nitrite that falls into the range of n-pentyl nitrite (72% strength). If he's making partially complete eaters, like his isopropyl disasters, the math still returns a likely 72% strength, but isopropyl poppers should be 118% or so; partially reacted poppers fall apart more quickly than fully reacted ones.

Anything stronger than that and Ken's body siezes up and claims toxicity.

The Professor said on Thu, 6 Apr 2023 at 19:16...

And the calcium chloride lie you keep telling, even though it's a pricey, really shows your agenda here; which is simply to try to discredit the truth, to con others into thinking you aren't trying to poison them.

Once again,
Calcium chloride does NOT another alcohol. Additionally, calcium chloride and ethanol are used to chemically sterilize male cattle. It's not a useful alcohol diet and is very dangerous in the wrong hands.

Ken's hands are such; he's already tried, foolishly, to make Ethyl Nitrite. He is very lucky that his new stupid idea of using calcium chloride to dry alcohols didn't coincide with his stupid Ethyl Nitrite attempt; he'd be without balls!

And he wants you to think he knows what he's doing? Laughable

The Professor said on Thu, 6 Apr 2023 at 19:19...

You should read calcium chloride does NOT adsorb alcohol

Anonymous said on Fri, 7 Apr 2023 at 12:11...

Once again...Thomas Pet....from Nebraska, the embittered disabled old Vet is replaying his Troll side.

Pentanol(the alcohol) is NOT the same as n-pentyl nitrite. So it's a distraction to say the base alcohol is super toxic when the compound in question is n-pentyl nitrite. And yet, Thomas ignores what others have been confirming....that the butyl group and IPN are causing them to suffer from bouts of low blood pressure and other ills. Just anecdotally, this indicates greater toxicity, not of the alcohols, but of the nitrites themselves.

The new pentyl nitrite I've been making with dry calcium chloride is AMAZING......it won't die, smells good and the anal pleasure is absolutely beyond belief and NOT one bit of a side effect that I can notice and I hit them every day, straight from a 10 ml bottle. Nah....I don't have to take a tiny drop of butyl/isobutyl, mask up and cautiously drop that tiny drop of toxic poison onto a cotton ball.

Nitritespecialist said on Fri, 7 Apr 2023 at 12:14...

The problem with Thomas Pet....the Professor from Nebraska is that he has absolutely ZERO integrity. He's your run of the mill Troll...whose only objective is to incite anger.

BrewMeister... said on Fri, 7 Apr 2023 at 12:44...

Notice how this professionally published formula for amyl nitrite says to use FUSED CALCIUM CHLORIDE to dry. Thomas Pet....is a bold faced lying TROLL, possessing ZERO integrity.

A text book of practical organic chemistry, by A. I. Vogel, 306, 1974

By another method to the round bottom flask cooled with ice-water 50 g of amyl alcohol and 300 g of cold 20% sulfuric acid are placed. From the funnel, 60 g of sodium nitrite in small portions with constant stirring are added. During the formation of amyl nitrite, addition each fresh portion of sodium nitrite must be stopped until the reaction from the previous addition is ended and the yellowish-red vapors have disappeared from the flask. About 30 minutes is required for this operation, meanwhile, the reaction is complete after waiting an hour longer. The amyl nitrite is separated in a separatory funnel, washed twice with water without shaking and dried by standing overnight with lumps of fused calcium chloride. Amyl nitrite is very gently distilled yielding 60 grams of final product with boiling point 97į C.

The Professor said on Fri, 7 Apr 2023 at 16:52...

Pentanol is not Pentel nitrite, BUT (as originally mentioned above), a bottle of the nitrite typically contains 50% base alcohol.

When you inhale Pentyl nitrite, the Pentanol molecules don't magically refuse to be inhaled; they are inhaled right along with the popper.

Thus, all of your blather, personal attacks and lies stern from your inability to understand what's happening to you.

I'm being that readers here understand completely; it's simple.

If you want to be able to take continuous hits of a product that ALSO contains a more toxic alcohol, you are exposing yourself, needlessly, to more toxic ity.

Go ahead and continue to debate that fact; it just shows you are either a dim-wit or a liar

Truly a piece of shit either way

The Professor said on Fri, 7 Apr 2023 at 16:58...

Speaking of repeating the same thing over and over, the pros that you continue to post as proofs are for making nitrites in situ for non human use. In that case, who cares if you are making something toxic to humans; it was published as such, and you continue to try to bend it to your will, rather than understanding what is going on.

Repeating the same thing, over and over, expecting different results.

That's insanity

The Professor said on Fri, 7 Apr 2023 at 17:05...

And to follow your lead,triple posting, you have filled this forum up with 'but this time it's different' bullshit like the above.

There simply hasn't been enough time for you to clean superiority to your method, even if it were safe to consume.

You only sound desperate and annoying when you state 'oh my God, it's so amazingly better than anything else I've done; it's too good' followed days later by 'I would have called 911 I felt so bad, but I couldn't reach the phone'

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 9 Apr 2023 at 13:52...

N-amyl nitrite PLUS calcium chloride PLUS anal testosterone(20to40mg) = OUT OF THIS FUCKING WORLD


I just went on a ride that was out of this world. It's like sprinting a million miles an hour, ass on fire, panting furiously, heart beat maxing out, and the whole entire time you're thinking "This is the fucking time of my life!!" And when you come off the ride, you FEEL totally OK, and normal...just dazed and amazed.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 9 Apr 2023 at 13:54...

Hand up to Professor....ignore.

I'm on the right pathway finally....no thanks to him.

Dry calcium chloride is an ABSOLUTE game changer.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 9 Apr 2023 at 14:39...

Why did I switch from IPN to NAN? I've always said that IPN and the butyl group are MORE toxic than NAN......I'm always a little afraid of IPN, BN and IBN.

And NAN is just so much more fun as you can literally do it endlessly.

The Professor said on Sun, 9 Apr 2023 at 19:14...

The same things you seem to enjoy by being limited to N-Amyl are true of the higher activity nitrites if they are made properly, except for the feeling that the heart is maxed out; poppers should only increase heart-rate o accommodate for vasodilation, morning more, which is dangerous.

An out of this world experience AND complete recovery in minutes is what a Popper SHOULD be like. our makers have been getting that experience for YEARS; whenimention that they are experiencing poppers say a level that you never have, I wasn't kidding.

That's why your click bait always is underwhelming to anybody who has tried your methods; they are expecting something real, not something that a person with popper incompatible physiology TJINKS is fantastic because his body can't tolerate anything that works be interesting to THEM

Your report

Wenis said on Tue, 18 Apr 2023 at 03:21...

Www.buyrushonline.com/ best site ever i use it all the time. Great price and product. I get EVERST PRENIUM 15ML WIDE BOTTLE (ISOAMYL) and AMYL 15ML WIDE BOTTLE (AMYL) thts my best advice....

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