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Pup juice recommendations

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Topic created by Yuri239
on Thu, 23 Mar 2023 at 03:17

Yuri239 said on Thu, 23 Mar 2023 at 03:17...

Anyone ordered recently from the pup juice brand? Lemme know which rating I should buy? Any difference

Brexit Sucks said on Thu, 23 Mar 2023 at 09:02...

No, I haven't ordered. Never heard of it, sounds like a Johnny 'cum lately. Any difference, probably not...it will be some newbie formula with a gimmick label.

Yuri239 said on Thu, 23 Mar 2023 at 12:29...

Ok! I will try the 3 then lol
It looks fancier than the other to me, they worked hard on their marketing

I wanted something different this time, been using rush forever

Brexit Sucks said on Thu, 23 Mar 2023 at 17:59...

Do as you wish, dear. I don't know about their marketing, but if you think they deserve a medal for that...maybe you can attach it to the collar?

mickeyblueeyes said on Fri, 7 Apr 2023 at 19:59...

pup juice review. I ordered from pup juice and came pretty quickly and well packaged. very expensive though.
first feeling when opening a bottle was this seems legit. but that initial hit was as good as it got. definetly no better than double Scorpio.
I had really bad side effects after also. face feels like it was burning afterwords after a heavy session. like the fumes were effecting whole face. next day heavy heavy mucus. and another day later real chesty cough. pup juice seems no better than the poor standard that is everywhere just now.

in one word , disapointing

Adonis78 said on Thu, 13 Apr 2023 at 00:41...

I love PUP JUICE. I ordered a big quantity because I was hosting a party and they gave me a discount.
Firstly, the packaging is very elegant and the website is very creative. The customer service is very quick and efficient.

What my crowd liked about it is that the effect was strong, yet no burn feeling or headaches.
I am going to order more of their product in the future for sure!

Fetchspike94 said on Mon, 17 Apr 2023 at 14:31...

Love this product. I am a part time PUP, and this is a great presentation of my community.
It does hit hard, but it feels AMAZING! and highly recommended

Wenis said on Wed, 19 Apr 2023 at 04:50...

Notice how their are 2 reviews right next to each other tht are 100% completly oppisite ? Yes ofc pup juice company focuses so much on marketing thts why they r hear writing bogus reviews trying to get ppl 2 buy. U think all of a sudden 5 random differnt ppl just decided to come across pup juice buy it and come here to post about it. After hardly ever seeing it mentioned. Its an ovious scam. Same with double scorpio. Pup juice and double scorpio in the past yr i hardly ever see ppl post or comment about on here or on reddit. And wen i have its over whelming been negative with the main complait being its to weak. Double scorpio i see tht its 2 weak and to expensive and theirs no differnce with the so called stronger bottles. Now i see here tht pup juice is expensive to. No surprise. And im apt to believe the side effects list. Now like i said with pup juice and double scorpian. Both r known to be the tacky and flashey scam brands tht dont delieve but dupe ppl into buying tht dont do the reasearch. And wen i see. Tht first off they r hardly talked about. But wen they r 90% are neg (weak, expensive, side effects, never buying again) 8% are ovious fake postive reviews by the company anyone with half a brain can tell they r by the way they r wriiten like just 100% postive from shipping to quaility to strength to custermer service to price. Like the person writing it just took 1000 prozacs or is on excasty/molly. Wen u c a normal review its reasoable. It usally dosent cover every aspect either. But will lickly hav a dislike such as shipping speed or payment method. But we all kno claims tht pup juice or double scorpio is the strongest popper u ever did in ur life is cap. Cuz either thts the only popper uve ever done or ur lying. It just dosent add up. And then 2% of reviews are acutal real postive reviews from ppl who like weak poppers cuz they hav a low tolerance. Which they usally mention. Such as saying "rush is to strong for me so it was hard to find a brand tht fits my needs and i culd use comftably without passing out or getting blue fingers so pup juice is great for tht but if ur looking 4 something strong i wuldnt recomend it " so yea. Its my job to spot the cap. Double scorpio and pup juice hav been around for awhile and if it was fire like some of these fake reviews claim. Then ppl wuld b talking about it all over. And they r not. So dont fall 4 this ppl. I just took some of my time to type this so someone dosent get scammed out of money. And if u dont believe me... Just go to reddit or on here. Go to google type in popperguide pup juice and tell me wut comes up ? And tell me it isnt just 90% of ppl saying its weak or its trash. Same 4 double scorpio. And like i said the fake reviews u can spot bc they r way to postive. Bc first off a naturally written review is not going to cover every single aspect like i said b4. Normally they dont. (Except my master reviews ;-) but thts why i write them like tht bc normally ppl dont cover everything in their review) but a regular review sounds like this. Bought from xxxx site it arrived yesterday and i popped open my bottle last night it was a 30ml blue boy good quaility nice smell ide give it a 8/10 , wasnt to expensive but shipping took longer than expected, ide recommend them. NOT. "MY SOCKS WERE COMPLETLY BLOWN OFF MY FEET INTO THE WATER. XXX SITE SOLD ME THE BEST POPPER I EVER GOT IN MY LIFE. HAD ME FEELING LIKE I WAS BACK IN THE OLD DAYS BUT DONT WORRY THE PRICE WAS EXTREMLY CHEAP BUT THTS NOT TO SAY IT ISNT A QUAILITY PRODUCT BC WITH XXX YOUR GETTING QUAILITY PRODUCT AT A DISCOUNT PRICE THEY HAV A HUGE STOCK SO THEY CAN DO THT PLUS THEIR OVER TURN RATE IS SUPER FAST EVERY BOTTLE IS FRESH AS FUCK SHIPPING IS CHEAP TO AND THEY ACCEPT MUTIPLE PAYMENT METHODS SO DONT WORRY THEY GOT YOU MY BOTTLE GOT HERE IN 2 DAYS. IT MAY BE A HOME BREW BUT THTS WHY IT OUT PERFORMS ALL THE BIG COMPANYS LIKE RUSH AND JUNGLE JUICE AND IDE RATE THEM 10/10 HANDS DOWN WISH I HAD FOUND THEM SOONER PLUS THEIR CUSTERMER SERVICE REPLYED TO MY QUESTION IN SECOUNDS AND ANWSERED EVERYTHING I ASKED SO WHAT R U WAITING 4 BUY NOW !!!!!!!!!" thts a bit of an exergation but u shuld get my catch my drift about telling the differnce from a fake review and a real review basically real reviews are more objective. And often dont even put the acutal link. Where as fake reviews dick ride and suck the dick of the company so fucking hard its ovious. Cuz u hav to ask urself. If one person states tht it sucks its weak nd 2 expensive and lots of side effects. But the other says its great its strong its cheap and no side effects. They both cant be telling the truth. And i kno sometimes ppl respond to the same popper differntly. But wen 90% of ppl(4 pup nd scorpio) say tht its way to weak and to expensive and talk about side effects which ive head about side effects for DS 2. Im just saying then u shuld go with the numbers. Bc acutal good companys like buyrush or popper-aromas hav like 50 50 or 70 30 good to bad reviews. And again thts normal cuz competors will write bad ones. Or some ppl wont get their package or not like the product they chose etc. So then thts why its like tht. But u cant trust a company thts 90% bad. And also surprisly bc ive reasearched tons of popper companys vhcleaner and buyfromben both hav constantly 80% postive reviews so tht really shows their value and worth as a company (i will say if ur thinking of buyfromben understand it will come with sketchy stickers all over it tht saying like CLASS 3 CHEMICAL. HIGHLY FLAMMABLE) bc techancally thts how its suppose 2 b shipped. Which i looked online nd thts true but no other popper company does tht. However buy from ben has great stock and great prices always a daily sale item 2. I was gonna buy from them but i cant get a sketchy package like tht. But read their reviews u will see over 80% are postive. Oh and 4 anyone who thinks im trying to plug my popper store. Ur wrong bc first off im not affilated with any popper company and secound i named 4 differnt stores so tht wuldnt make sense ? U think i work or hav stake in all 4 ? lol no im just a popper consumor. But im trying to help ppl not buy poppers they regreat cuz not everyone will do tht much or any reasearch b4 they buy. Thts how pup and DS stay alive plus wen ppl come across their polished site where they make claims of how good they r they fall 4 it. But u can notice the companys or ppl working for them endorseing a site cuz it will be like . comment 1 "i bought from company A they hav a great product with fast shipping ide recomend them" comment 2 "dont buy from company A i bought from them nd still havent recieved the popper they r a scam. Instead i buy all my poppers from company B (the one i endorse) they hav never failed me yet plus they r having a sale rn heres the link. Thts what the scam reviews look like try to redirect someone nd make another company look bad. And honestly they do it so much bc it can get them sales. It culd change someones mind at the last min nd then they go with company B. And they love this site bc u can chose any name u want each time. They will literally write a whole thread. Make it for their company. Like is this company good ? Then they just write comments under it acting like they are 5 or 6 differnt ppl talking about how the companys great and trusted and they all ordered from them and its a great deal and u shuld buy now. To decieve u.Well they use differnt names. But its just 1 person. And sometimes tho u can see every comment is written just a few mins apart which no way is this site tht popular tht ppl respond tht fast lol. Also u will see names tht u never saw on here b4. So yea.... Anyways thts my pieace, Cheers -Wenis

Anonymous said on Tue, 25 Apr 2023 at 16:52...

This weirdo Wenis is planting posts on zombie threads for another seller...beware of his BULLSHIT....he asks for free stuff and is threatening

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