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Does ANYBODY know of a good popper ?

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Topic created by Bman
on Tue, 28 Feb 2023 at 09:24

Bman said on Tue, 28 Feb 2023 at 09:24...

Does anybody, anywhere, know of any brand of poppers that are available, that are not terrible ? I have been doing poppers for 33 years and lately I cannot find anything good. Can anybody help me out on this?
I miss US POPSHOPS. Those were good, long lasting and fresh poppers.
Miss them.

Leatherfanatic said on Tue, 28 Feb 2023 at 14:35...

I would give pupjuice.com a try. I tried their products and it was more effective than others, and less side effects. It seems to be a higher end brand


TheMan said on Tue, 28 Feb 2023 at 14:55...

Hi Bman,

These are good sellers recommended recently by Elvis, Toby and Billy

- Many say their Premium Amyl is the best: http://store.goldencockpoppers.com/product/premium-brand-goldencock-leather-cleaner/

Artisanal cleaner: Kaboom
- You can try Kaboom and Flamin: https://www.artisanalcleaners.com/product/kaboom/
- The only problem with Artisanal is that their poppers go rancid very quick after opening.
- Review Artisanal poppers here: https://poppersguide.com/forum/11626

You must not buy isopropyl poppers from any brand it causes more hame than good.

Amyl is promoted and marketing to be the strongest, however The Professor says it's not. For strong poppers, you should buy n-butyl. Golden Cock and Artisanal sell these n-butyl poppers.

Anonymous said on Tue, 28 Feb 2023 at 21:30...

Thank you all very much for that information. I will look into all of it and I hope to find something that is effective and no terrible side effects. Thank you all.🙏

Bman said on Tue, 28 Feb 2023 at 21:36...

That Anonymous should have been from me. Oops. Thank you all for that information. I Really appreciate it and Iím going to look into all of it. Yes the side effects of some of these bad formulas is just awful. I donít need to go into all of it. We all know. Really appreciate the response and information.

Nitritespecialist said on Thu, 2 Mar 2023 at 19:29...

The Professor(Thomas) never has made pure butyl nitrite, smells like a deodorized locker room, because he uses impure alcohols from dubious sources and always mixes a variety of alcohols anyway.

BN like isopropyl nitrite will and CAN cause horrible side effects when it is impure. How do I know...cause I have experienced them over and over again.

Nitritespecialist said on Thu, 2 Mar 2023 at 19:31...

I would take anything and everything the Professor say with a grain of salt. He pretends to be "scientific" but is not. He pretends to be truthful, but is not. I have no idea what his ulterior motives are, but they can't be good.

Nitritespecialist said on Thu, 2 Mar 2023 at 19:34...

Impure alcohols will NOT produce pure poppers. Never assume any maker is using pure enough alcohols each and every brew. Air exposure degrades the alcohols. Impure poppers, especially IPN, BN and IBN, will and can cause much worse side effects. In my decades long experience making and using all the various poppers, only amyl nitrite has NOT made me hit a terrible wall of low blood pressure and sickness, even though none of my brews have been very pure.

Nitritespecialist said on Thu, 2 Mar 2023 at 19:38...

Thomas the quack chemist, maybe as well be Joseph Megele, always says amyl is WEAK, too weak for poppers. This is because he has no idea how pure amyl smells and effects. He has always mixed his impure alcohols and has never focused on isolating just one specific alkyl nitrite. So he absolutely does not know how each one smells and effects.

Amyl nitrite is plenty strong enough...if it's pure enough. N amyl nitrite has a lower odor, as does one pentanol when compared to the other alcohols. AN nitrite is TOO WEAK when it's made improperly and with , degraded impure alcohol.

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Thu, 2 Mar 2023 at 19:47...

The name was Josef Me*n*gele, so both offensive and incorrect....which is good way of describing YOU.

Nitritespecialist said on Thu, 2 Mar 2023 at 21:22...

@Dread...once again...nothing factual and useful have you added. Joseph Mengele pretended to be a true medical scientist for very misguided reasons.....that's the similarity between him and Thomas the pretend "professor".

The Professor said on Thu, 2 Mar 2023 at 21:30...

Try saying something actually helpful instead of attacking me over and over Ken.

We all know your straw man attacks are Born of your resentment, and that's all you've had to say for over a decade

The Professor said on Thu, 2 Mar 2023 at 21:41...

You are stuck on repeat there Ken. I have never claimed that impure alcohols can still be used, I have never claimed that OTC butyl nitrite DOESN'T smell like a deodorised locker room.

All of your claims otherwise are stupid straw man fallacy attacks.

I HAVE made two claims. First, that modern production methods yield alcohols that are several magnitudes more pure than they were in the 19th century. Second, that by removing the decomposition product that is the most significant (and early in the degradation cascade), butyric acid, the yield will decompose much more slowly.

You've taken those two claims that I have made, and hallucinated all the rest of your BS claims about my process and what I do or think.

The Professor said on Thu, 2 Mar 2023 at 21:45...

Anyone onterested in the real science of making poppers is free to join our subreddit Poppermakers at:


The Professor said on Fri, 3 Mar 2023 at 01:07...

Not for nothing Ken, but Joseph Mengele was not as you day 'pretend', he was a medical doctor; how he applied that degree is another issue, but the point is that your can't even argue a not point without being wrong.

Jako said on Fri, 3 Mar 2023 at 12:18...

Be very, very wary of iso propyl nitrite poppers.
It might be ok if it's recently hit the shelves.
BUT if it's months or even years old you're asking for trouble. There's no sell by date?

Guttrunks said on Sat, 4 Mar 2023 at 00:09...

Doctor Josef Mengele was an anthropologist; a disgusting creature who, as I recall, ended his days as an unwanted guest in a Brazilian bungalow. Given the atrocities he committed, any comparison between him and a extant person, might well result in said person delivering a justifiable tritt in den arsch.

Mengele was a man of no qualities whatsoever. He is only known due to his vile atrocities, and the propensity of low-quality American satellite television channels to "examine" his outrages in lurid low-quality documentaries. I must assume this is where the poster heard of him, then changed his name, due to a lack of familiarity with foreign tongues.

Hitler was a sexual pervert, drug addict, maniac, dinner-time bore, and mass-murderer. However, he did have qualities, oration and strategic planning, for example. Goering was a drug addict, thief, and a flatulent glutton. However, he was a brilliant airman. Mengele should be thrown into the pits of Hades, whoever chooses to raise his name as an insult should be admonished.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 19:17...

I have never said that modern methods of purifying alcohols is unsatisfactory. What I have stated is .....if you want the purest popper without distillation....buy the alcohols direct from the factory....factory sealed with lot numbers. TCI and Sigma are two choices. Use the alcohols ASAP as the more air that replaces the contents, the faster they will degrade.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 19:18...

And yes...Thomas never describes how his poppers smell because he doesn't know how each pure popper should smell. He always mixes his impure alcohols and so describing what he's ended up via the odor is useless.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 19:21...

It's odd that Thomas and others infer that there are plenty of good OTC poppers to be had, BUT if so, why can't I buy them at my local adult store as I did when Joe Miller was making and selling? Why can't I buy them at Picturebrite.com? Why can't I buy good ones at the Clubs?

Circa, 2008-10, not once did I have to ask where to buy good poppers....they were everywhere.

The Professor said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 19:49...

It's funny how you try to back-track. Santo level stuff (we all remember Jew-ISH I think.)

good laughs (unless you are the one crawling on the floor gasping for air when your latest ideas didn't pan out .

Why can't you get anything good OTC? because OTC manufacturers are NOT interested in pandering to the demands of ONE individual with a swollen spleen and G6PD deficiency.

It's like letting a person with no legs set the standard for running shoes

The Professor said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 20:05...

and yes, an alcohol can 'smell' like many things as it degrades, but a group of methylene links attached to Nitric Oxide always smells the same.

All of the odors are found in the decomposition products, and the LARGEST decomp product is the parent alcohol itself.

Your OWN words describing on how you acre for reactants belies your inability to store them properly.

A bottle of alcohol half filled with air?
horrible storage protocol

NaNO2 stored with silica gel?
purposefully destroying your own powder

Using preservative (potassium carbonate) to neutralize acid?
bad prep protocol

Neutralizing acids with only water?
useless prep procedure

ONLY activated alumina is needed to ensure quality of the ester after bottling?
AA adsorbs water; one environmental characteristic, that weakly addresses hydrolysis, but ignores pyrolysis, oxidation and decomposition.

This works in the short term over a period of days, perhaps weeks?
prober stabilization and preservation lasts at least 3 months.

IPN works well?
you ended up almost calling 911

All reactants must be pristine quality and will go bad after 2 months?
cheap isopropyl alcohol and impurity laced muriatic acid are fine?


Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 20:21...

It's ridiculous how Thomas always ASS-umes his reagents and everyone else's, plus his product are 99.9% pure. Only an unthinking, very gullible person would believe this.
He doesn't test each batch for purity...nor does he test his reagents, NOR does he ever state all the various side effects from impure poppers. He doesn't even state the good effects, other than it's "bliss". Wow...that's the only effect Mr. psuedo-Scientist can offer???

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 20:23...

And for the record, I would have had to call 911 if I had inhaled Tom's FREE 30 ml turbid sample he sent to me from Nebraska. Worst piece of amy/butyl/isobutyl concoction I ever smelled. It was turbid TOXIC shit...and he's never denied that.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 20:25...

As stated, Thomas has too much to lose since he's been selling his "best practices" for over 10 years now. So he clings to the OLD debunked theories he had.

Anonymous said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 20:27...

Yes...it makes sense that the Professor must deny, distract and ramble in order to save face with the many people who bought his "best practices" over the years.

BrewMeister... said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 20:29...

Oh yes....who doesn't remember how he appeared like a WHITE TORNADO out of the blue on Reddit many moons ago. His latest and greatest pronouncements, his ONE and DONE theories of how best to make poppers has not stood the test of time.

I feel bad for all the suckers who bought his theories.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 20:31...

Thanks goodness that 30 ml turbid sample was FREE. I had to dump it before it got even more TOXIC!!!

Anonymous said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 20:36...

Oh yes....Thomas doesn't recommend factory sealed alcohols from TCI and Sigma.....why? Because they are expensive to receive via second hand dealers who mark everything up and he wouldn't want to discourage anyone from buying his BS that cheaper reagents, especially the critical alcohols, are OK. And what MAKER who wishes to scale up popper making has access to TCI and Sigma???? I am sure red flags would go up right away the second the big chemical makers realize someone is using their pristine alcohols to make a boat load of poppers.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 21:27...

Isn't it strange how Thomas the malevolent quack popper chemist attacked me when I stated that amyl nitrite was "safer" than the other poppers because side effects were slower to set in and that even when it's impure, as mine always were, amyl nitrite didn't cause severe side effects.

In spite of this, all Thomas was willing to say was that amyl was WEAK and therefore he stopped using it at all. Instead, he opted for the stronger butyls, which invariably cause faster side effects, especially when they are impure. His always are impure. N amyl nitrite has the least odor and the slowest side effects and they aren't as severe when they occur. He has never stated this, nor does he care because he can't peddle amyl nitrite in the USA, due to its restriction.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 21:29...

Thomas has every reason to attack me.....I am the only person with enough personal knowledge who is willing to challenge him online.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 21:34...

If cost is not a factor, I would recommend factory sealed 1-pentanol over the other alcohols for the reasons above. I do NOT recommend the butyls because of faster side effects, increased odor and the expense of procuring factory direct alcohols from TCI or Sigma. BN and IBN are almost as quick to cause side effects as isopropyl nitrite and they certainly will cause severe side effects, especially when they contain impurities.

The Professor said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 21:36...

I personally don't have much interest in Amyl Nitrite. The effects for me are too fleeting and mediocre; I'd rather be paying attention to my OARTNER than trying to get anything fun out of Amyl; I don't want to have to take so many hits (almost constant) from a poisonous substance.

I'd rather take fewer hits from a less toxic substance that has more potency.

Ken is stuck on repeat about MANY things, and it's ALWAYS on attack, a boring, repetitive, worthless attack that amounts to (as any readers can see right here and now with this thread) fighting a losing battle until it hits the ground, then starting up again in another topic.

NEVER facing the reality of his lies, just hopping off to the next topic that he infests with more of the same lies.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 21:37...

More and more people are realizing that isoamyl nitrite being sold in Europe is the safer choice. Too bad this doesn't fit Tom's deceptive narrative.

Isoamyl nitrite may be weak and stink, so n-amyl nitrite is the better choice provided it's made with high grade pristine 1-pentanol.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 21:39...

Tom has to pour tiny drops of his toxic butyl concoctions onto a huffing mask, in order to control the severe side effects caused by this 4 carbon group of alcohols. This is his preference....not mine.

The Professor said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 22:05...

and again (and again and again) when choosing between OTC IsoAmyl and OTC Butyls you are dealing with improperly prepared products from the get go. OTC manufaturers continue to value profit over product quality.

They will often skip neutralization, for example, for more profit. With IsoAmyl AND Butyl nitrites this is a problem, and leads to faster degradation AND burned throats.

However, with IsoAmyl being 72% reactive, and Butyl being 86% reactive, the bad effects are felt most often and more depply with Butyl.

You've said NOTHING again. it seems to be all you can do (oh i forgot, you can also very reliably mis-identify chemical properties (like thinking that n-Pentyl is more reactive than IsoPentyl and therefore less stable (one of your more recent and typical fallacies, even after more than 12 years of trying to make something that doesn't put you on the floor gasping for air.)

The Professor said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 22:18...

The 'huffing mask' that you are talking about is NO SUCH THING

it is a device that offers minimum head space during storage (a tall thin vessel with limited exposure, great for storing) to protect unused nitrite from decomposition


a dosing device that offers maximized headspace for vapor during use

The old (and typically hetero) method of hitting from the bottle needlessly exposes ALL of the liquid that you bought to destructive oxygen every time to take a hit. Second, the hit that the old way gives is not very measurable, consistent or comprehensive. Depending very slightly on the width of the bottle's mouth, the inhaler is getting the bottle's headspace worth (a few CCs at most) and the remaining hit, no matter how hard they think they are hitting the bottle, is mostly fresh air entering their nose from around the bottle mouth (poppers vapor isn't very strong, it can't be made as fast as you can suck it out of the bottle.

I don't recommend strapping this device to your head (like a mask) or HUFFING or holding your breath; those are OLD ideas on how to maqximize the hit that are both dangerous and counter-productive.

of course, finding a safer, more regulated way to dose is going to meet resistance, particularly from know-nothjngs like Ken who spend more time attack ingenuity than trying to learn

Guttrunks said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 23:06...

To the person who expressed an interest in Doctor J.R. Mengele, I cannot recall who it was, and I will certainly not re-read this ungentlemanly, and uncivilized, spat to establish which of you it was. However, further research has revealed that the evil degenerate Mengele indeed earned a valid doctorates in both Anthropology and Medicine. Unfortunately, he was indeed an Doctor. Assad of Syria, another filthy example of moral turpitude, is also a Doctor.

The owners of the bungalow were Geza and Gitta Stammer, two suspicious Hungarians. As one might imagine Mengele was an unpleasant lodger, prone to outbursts about bathroom hygiene, arguments about television schedules, Mengele disliked Boceta Televis„o, he also initiated unseemly rows with neighbors, regarding hedge trimming and cats defecating in his rhubarb patch.

The Professor said on Sun, 5 Mar 2023 at 23:24...


Yes, Mengele didn't behave with humanity; Ken's attempt to connect me with him are just another histrionic episode from a willfully ignorant, narcissistic personality. It's all textbook fallacies from him (straw man, appeal to authority and of course ad-hominem being his goto and default way of 'thinking'

The self is the easiest to pursuade; throw in a healthy dose of projection and it's simple; he reveals his OWN agenda (his desire to be the king of poppers like his idol Joseph Miller was). I his mind, that means berating all other ideas that aren't his, rather than focusing on the actual product.

So yeah, it's not you, it's us

sorry for the uncivilized parry-riposte going on, but this little guy's ideas are dangerous; he will get somebody injured if he's not called out on his absurdities (he's already promoted ideas that will cause chemical castration, for exmple, rather than pay attention to the proven science).

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Tue, 7 Mar 2023 at 22:26...

Wow...hahaha...what a thread! Nitritespecialist strikes again lol

poppersx said on Wed, 8 Mar 2023 at 07:11...

www.poppersx.com guaranteed satisfaction!!

Skegness4Ever said on Thu, 9 Mar 2023 at 19:57...

Not unlike The Phantom Raspberry Blower of Old London Town....just when you least expect it!

Wenis said on Wed, 29 Mar 2023 at 04:24...

Dont use pupjuice they r very weak. My 2 1000% trusted go 2 sites are (shuld i b telling u this? Ahh why not ur probely not gonna listen) www.buyrushonline.com (currently having sale) and www.vhcleaner.com both are completly golden nd u get ur amyl from buyrush ur welcome. Hey proffessor !!!!!!! Hi ken !!!!!!!! Glad 2 c u both are at it like useawell usally usawel wtf i 4got how 2 spell whatever must b the poppers lol srry ive been gone 4 a bit life stuff but im back now. Talk soon -Wenis

The Professor said on Fri, 31 Mar 2023 at 16:57...

good to hear from you again! I don't think you missed much; same old.......

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