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I'm Conflicted - Is this Worth It?

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Topic created by Leopard Mask
on Fri, 17 Feb 2023 at 17:50

Leopard Mask said on Fri, 17 Feb 2023 at 17:50...

Hey yall!

So I discovered poppers a couple of months ago.

I always considered myself to not be particularly inclined to addictive substances - never been a big drinker, into drugs, or even weed, even though I've tried many (I'm a curious dude to a fault).

When it comes to some kind of receptive penetration I am definitely an addict, but I can go for up to a couple of weeks without going cookoo, and it has no real side effects other than frequent trips to the toilet the next day.

Buuut after trying poppers to enhance and make easier the feelings of penetration I am beginning to question just how susceptible to addiction I can be...
I would like a little bit of guidance here - this would not normally be a topic I would open up about...but...this is an alarming part of me I was not aware of.

First off, I am a fit 45 year old with a very healthy lifestyle - in this respect I am a bit of a phenom as I am EXTREMELY young for 45; my younger siblings are out-aging me - perhaps a topic for another discussion some day. We'll say I am physically about 30 in most respects (although a touch of grey is there when unshaved). But age may be a factor in poppers side effects so this is why I mention it.

Okay so I've been into popper-training videos for a while WITHOUT poppers LOL, I just think being guided is hot, I have real sex sparingly lately, maybe once every 6 -9 months for the past five years...it's POSSIBLE I am something of a porn addict in the context of ignoring a lot of relationship or FWB prospects, but the scenario is usually as follows.
I workout at gym, and occasionally talk to and interact with a super-hot guy, but rather than following up, I fantasize and get turned on at home, and the toys get rigged and setup! I am also, admittedly, afraid of rejection and being hurt (although I know there is no rational reason for self-esteem).
But also, I don't feel that I currently have the time, energy, and MONEY to sustain something if the chemistry is good, so I reluctantly avoid this - maybe that dam will break soon.

Okay so here is what has happened. I broke down and ordered some Jungle Juice Max from Bearthug at the end of december, which appears to be Isobutyl Nitrite

Now the problem is that I was recovering from a mild, but really long Covid infection that had slowly been getting better for 6 weeks.
So not as much gym, cardio endurance less than usual blah blah blah.

But I tried this stuff using some of the poppers training videos as a guide and OMG, man I love being guided to give up some control to let pleasure in, and in the case of poppers, that would be some mental control as well!
I do not recall any serious side effects on this other than really low energy and very mild headache after, ofcourse heart racing etc. But I would not go for more than an hour, I would mostly do what the training vids would tell me.
So I would then take a break for a day, and go again, and eventually I found that my long-covid brain fog was returning with a passion, along with frequent mild headaches.
This is a serious problem for me because my job requires a sharp and creative mind.

Started to research like mad the side-effects of poppers etc. The consensus is that they are mostly safe, but I saw that Isobutyl Nitrite often causes poppers 'hangover', and that is what was happening to me, only my poppers hangover would last 2-3 days.
But I read that Amyl Nitrite was better/safer? Only it is not easy to get in the U.S..
I dumped my Jungle Juice max into the sink - I smelled it as it went down the drain and part of me went 'Noooooo'. But I felt better after it was gone.
Took some time to get my health better, and now a couple of weeks ago I arranged to get the Amy Nitrite still available in Europe. Perhaps the problems were just a matter of brand / formula. So what I have now is...
Pig Black - Since 1985 - it's labeled a Propyl/Amyl Nitrite.
Now at this point I'd been feeling physically pretty good, although a mild headache was coming and going.

Did a test inhalation of this stuff when I got it in - it hit me with a BANG, seemed a lot stronger than the Jungle Juice Max, couldn't resist setting up a session after that. This time I hydrated a lot before and throughout. Great session but-but-but at one point during an inhale I think I felt just a little bit of liquid get sucked up into my nostrils (nearly full bottle). Got a high anyway, and fucked myself into a trance eventually while in haling about every min or two.
When I took a break I noticed my heart was racing at a scarey high rate (made me nervouse when I tried cocaine in my 20's, makes me nervouse now).
I also noticed my fingertips were pale blue - stopped, broke everything down.
HUGE headache.
Also lips were blue. Iíd read this happens so I didnít freakout, but I found it slightly alarming.

I drank plenty of water, took some vitamin C, and ate a good meal. Blue fingers stopped, everything back to normal within an hour.
Headache still there.
Through the night I developed a soar throat, runny nose, sneezes and sniffles.
This has been going on for four days with the sniffles slowly getting better.
I really want to go again but set things up so that I do not inhale any liquids and minimize all these stupid side effects. I think also inhaling every minute is too often, perhaps I should take it down to about 2 minutes, but those damn training videos often have you huffing and holding for long periods, sometimes every minute! Sorry Mr dom muscle masters, I cannot obey?
Forced myself, with some difficulty, to do weights and 30 mins of cardio yesterday - got turned on with some persistent glances from someone at the gym, but resisted the urge to poppers bate, still resisting lol.

What can I do here? I feel as if this poppers journey isn't quite over, but I almost feel as if, when I quit the poppers, my current sexual paradigm may also collapse. I'd prefer to be fit, healthy, and sharp, my indulgent urges seem to randomly pop up liek a thief in the night, although I am confident I am not going to huff poppers while feeling like shit.

I really do NOT see how some of you that do them every day can possibly keep at it, at least not without some severe sacrifices if your experience is anything like mine!.
Are you daily huffers actually fit and healthy? Or low-lifes that sit around and watch TV all day (like Iíve been feeling like lately).

Leopard Mask said on Fri, 17 Feb 2023 at 22:39...

I think I am going to try an oral inhalation method next time. I believe I have a sensitive sinus so I might try sock method or a variant.

PJ said on Fri, 17 Feb 2023 at 23:18...

The sinus can be a source of horrible pain and misery, Leopard Mask. Make sure you flush with a saline spray. The sinus is very sensitive; I would avoid poppers if you have any problems with sensitivity.

Leopard Mask said on Sat, 18 Feb 2023 at 14:02...

Update -
Gave in last night (even though I felt like I still had a mild cold or possibly allergies).
Changed my method - I emptied out one of my glass spice bottles, packed it with paper towels, droped idk about 10 drops of poppers liquid in there and recapped it.
Would huff through the mouth from this bottle, and recap when not huffing to preserve fumes at about 2 min intervals.
Works really well and through the whole session still plenty of good hits in there, and the hits were more intense.
Def better than last session - paced myself a little more, and did not suck up any liquid mist through the nose!
I went for about 45 mins, could have gone longer but decided to stop for science and save some energy.
I drank a LOT of water, and had a big but healthy meal after the session. I felt like I needed salt so ...yah I put a lot of salt on the food.

Okay its the next morning, I did not sleep perfectly (lots of dry boogers in my por lil nose and got up frequently for water).
I still feel like I have my mild cold....buut it is not worse!
I can work this morning. I don't feel too 'hungover', its just a typical morning but with a cold still, only the cold is getting a litttle better.

I swing back and forth still about this stuff, I find poppers to be one of the most amazing experiences and I 'could' even go again today. This is what gives me pause more than anything, that I am willing to just 'be hooked' to this as long as it doesn't tear me down. However better get some work done, would rather go tomorrow maybe....we'll see how I feel.

Nitritespecialist said on Sat, 18 Feb 2023 at 15:57...

@Leopard....If you are at all concerned about your health, as you seem to be, I would stay away from poppers. They are totally unregulated and you literally have no idea what's in them. There are a lot of impurities possible that can make side effects worse. I know there can be nasty impurities because I've made tons of poppers at home and many have given very bad and unusual side effects....like right away....not hours later. They give off nitrogen dioxide as they degrade...it's basically toxic smog. In 2008 when I was buying them a lot...the quality was consistently good. I never got any noticeable side effects. Joe Miller of Indianapolis died in 2010 and virtually no one who focuses on a quality product has replaced him.

Jako said on Sat, 18 Feb 2023 at 18:20...

First thing, we all think we are never going to age and believe we'll never get old. It's personally normal to think like that. But, the worst thing you can get into is huffing poppers in middle age. It will take a terrible toil on your body, you'll be gasping for air the next day and then you'll experience blurred vision. And that's only the start.....

Leopard Mask said on Sat, 18 Feb 2023 at 21:39...

@Nitritespecialist - wow , what was this legend of poppers Joe Miller making specifically, like was it amyl or something else?

It also makes me wonder how the bigger name brands operate, how they test them, etc.

I suppose in modern times its not unlike the prohibition era, people be making products at home, in the woods, or their bath tub lol.

You'd think after, what , like 50 years now, there would be an industry that has its shit together like alcohol or now the weed industry.

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Sat, 18 Feb 2023 at 23:44...

@LP beware of the resident myth peddler known as Nitritespecialist et al. His opinions on JF Miller, and many other popper related subjects, are eccentric and often mistaken. Do not listen to him if he encourages you to try propyl, his latest golden child, it sucks. Ask Jako about IPN....I recall he is not a fan :-)

@Jako yeah, but there are many mature dudes who enjoy poppers, can say the same thing about alcohol and cholesterol, right?

Jako said on Sun, 19 Feb 2023 at 10:15...

I agree, do not listen to him if he encourages you to huff iso propyl.
Sure there are mature dudes who enjoy poppers, but they should be doing something more sensible in their later years.

Leopard Mask said on Sun, 19 Feb 2023 at 14:27...

This cold/sinus issue, possibly allergies has persisted. I've read that pig black sometimes causes cold-like side effects for 1-2 days, but if that was the cause the oral huff method seemed to make little difference.

Gonna lay off the poppers indefinitely until maybe when I am back in good health, and by then if it has been more than a month I will try a different brand; throw this stuff out.
Read good things about double scorpio having no side effects, and sexline blue is said to cause no headaches.

Double scorpio Gold is expensive though, but would be worth it if minimal bullshit side effects! But not until this respiratory problem has cleared up.

Either way, it may be a while.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 19 Feb 2023 at 16:46...

To any of the Professor's(Tom in Nebraska) disciples....I never encouraged anyone to sniff IPN or even make it. All I ever state are my experiences and apparently, since the web is filled with toxic anonymity, it's become the norm to attack anyone else's experiences.

Anyone can google Joseph F. Miller...to find out he was in fact the world's number one supplier of poppers up to his death in 2010. And it's MY EXPERIENCE that all the poppers I bought in those last two years of his reign(the only period I did poppers while he was alive) were all consistently good. If your experience is different...nobody is saying you are wrong...about how you perceived your experience with whatever poppers you were sniffing.

My experience tells me that impurities cause a wide range of undesirable effects in poppers...and since poppers are totally unregulated, no one has to conform to any set safety standards. Of course the toxic disciples will punch holes in that "fact".

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 19 Feb 2023 at 16:50...

@Mask....NOBODY making poppers uses QC to test batches for purity and the presence of any undesirable impurities. Why? Because they don't have to....no poppers are permitted to be made for human consumption.

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