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How long for poppers blood pressure lowering effects to last?

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Topic created by wildo73
on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 09:49

wildo73 said on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 09:49...

Hi folks can anyone tell me how long the blood lowering pressure of poppers lasts?As I have some readings to take for blood pressure soon and sniffed poppers last night Isopropyl Nitrite and wonder how long I should leave it until I take a blood pressure reading to get a natural reading and not one lowered by poppers.Also how long do these substances take to leave the body?

Jako said on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 12:39...

Approximately 3 days for iso propyl to leave the system completely.
If you see a central dot appear in your vision stop immediately, it's damaging the macular part of the eyes.
If you're gasping for air after a session you're too old to be doing it.

Wildo73 said on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 15:28...

Thanks @jako I also had poppers called Pig sweat and on the label it says Pentyl Nitrite,2-methylbutyl Nitrite would that take 3 days too do you think and do you think the pig sweat is safer to use than the iso propyl.

Billy said on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 17:12...

That Pig Sweat sounds like the poppers I bought recently in Soho, American Lockeroom bottles of pentyl. Itís definitely more of a rush than isopropyl but itís still dangerous because youíll hit it harder. For me side effects were burned lungs, breathlessness, increased anxiety/OCD type behaviours (eg spending all day on phone), and also vulnerability to colds due to depleted immune system. I caught a cold for the first time in several years in the week following a big bad popper session.

I would definitely recommend if you must use poppers donít combine them with alcohol, donít get drunk! Try to cum in a reasonable amount of time, no longer than it would take if you were having sex with a partner. Steer clear of very long sloppy drunken sessions that will really weaken you.

Jako said on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 17:15...

Avoid iso propy at all costs, it's the worst popper formula. Generally it does take 3 days for nitrites to leave the system, a bit like alcohol, it lingers.

wildo73 said on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 19:48...

Thanks guys,yes that Lockeroom Pentyl is easy to get carried away with as you can keep on sniffing it on a roll if you know what I mean,I know what you mean about the anxiety etc Billy
I'm a non drinker these days and agree about avoiding long sessions

Billy said on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 20:07...

Definitely better if you are not drinking with it, because beyond a couple of glasses I find drinking inhibits ejaculation.

I had a really messy session where I drank a bottle of red wine and was taking big horrible hits from a large bottle (300ml) with cotton wool at the bottom and maybe 3ml poured in there, so it has room to fill the air.

Iím not saying Iíll never do poppers again but I really should get back to using them with another human being (Ö even if thatís an escort/ domme) which will make it more real, and less hits needed. Though a lot
more expensive, so a very occasional treat.

Anyway, are you in the UK too? Have you tried Double Scorpio, which is butyl?

wildo73 said on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 20:46...

Hi Billy no I haven't tried Double Scorpio,who has that in the uk?Is it available online? yes I love finding somebody that wants to play with poppers that's better than spending hours alone doing it,i'm supposed to be recording my blood pressure next week but I have the chance to meet an old guy that I used to play with and he wants to meet on Sunday night but that will be a problem with my bp readings

Billy said on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 23:48...

Double Scorpio is now very openly on sale in Soho, check out this shop front!:


The bottle I tried - Black - made me look like Iíd been chewing wasps, but Iíd done pentyl in the same session so I canít pinpoint which had the effect.

Though I think itís butyl that most crashes your blood oxygenation (Ö I had readings in the low 80s on it) so it doesnít sound like you should be trying it for now.

Harry said on Thu, 16 Feb 2023 at 04:30...

@wildo: You mentioned that you use the LRM (Canada) Pentyl Nitrite product / formula.
I have been periodically purchasing (from France) and using the LRM (Canada) Black Label and Gold Label products over the past six years, and as far as I can tell, LRM (Canada) changed their formula about two years ago. The current formula has been weakened and provides almost no pro-sexual effects - at least in my experience. That is the reason that you have to continue to inhale the product over and over to obtain some level of pro-sexual effect.
In my opinion, the better popper products that were sold back in the 1970's and 1980's were far better than most of the products / formulas being sold today, and you only had to take a few inhalations to obtain very strong and enjoyable pro-sexual effects and reach an orgasm.
I have occasionally purchased some iso-butyl products (i.e. ArtisAnal, etc) but have found that I do not like the odor, and the butyl formulas definately lower my blood pressure too far.
I have been mostly purchasing the "iso-amyl mixture" [CAS 110-46-3] and pentyl nitrite [CAS 463-04-7] products (from France) over the past eight years, but have recently experienced odd and frustrating results with the "iso-amyl mixture" products / formulas. The first few hits from this formula sometimes provide some mild and enjoyable pro-sexual effects, but then the formula goes flat very quickly (within 12 minutes) and also develops a harsh odor, which is unacceptable.
I recently purchased a pentyl nitrite product called HYPNO MAX from Twisted Beast (in the UK) and it seemed to be very clean and pure, and provided some mild pro-sexual effects, and no post headache. You might want to give this product a try and see if it works for you.
One last point: When using nitrite inhalants, I recommend having a window open in the room to get some amount of fresh air into the room.

wildo73 said on Thu, 16 Feb 2023 at 10:24...

Thanks @Billy I'm unable to visit London to purchase those sadly.

Thanks @Harry yes that could explain why you have to continually sniff those poducts.And regarding products that say iso-amyl mixture I tried those from the French site and thought the same,they are useless in fact the worst that I've ever encountered.I shall have a look for that Hypno Max...cheers

TreXXX said on Thu, 16 Feb 2023 at 21:20...

Agree with previous posters: avoid isopropyl at all costs. Not worth it.

Another thing you can do to help w/ blood pressure and poppers after-effect is to drink lots of water. Being dehydrated can lower your blood pressure Ė and also make it hard to expel chems. If you're like me and usually popperbate before bed, then drink tons before going to sleep. It's anecdotal but I've found that the obvious signs of lower BP and oxygen depletion fades more quickly.

Harry said on Thu, 16 Feb 2023 at 23:19...

@wildo73: Thanks for your response, and for your comments regarding your negative experience with the "iso-amyl mixture" popper products you have used.

Try the HYPNO MAX pentyl product and see if that formula works for you.

@TreXXX: Thanks for your response and for your recommendation to drink lots of water after a popper session. Drinking water adds oxygen to the body, so your recommendation is excellent!

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 19 Feb 2023 at 17:01...

I would say...AVOID poppers that have toxic enhancing impurities....AT all costs.

Problem is...nobody is testing poppers for their precise chemical compositions.

Is it IPN causing the rare reported eye problems...OR is it some unidentified impurity?

I reported early on, from my popper making adventures, that home brew can contain toxic enhancing impurities, some of which seem to make the popper experience totally unbearable. In contrast, the Professor has never stated such findings. Instead, he has always put forth his false narrative that he's the popper God, makes 99.9% pure alkyl nitrite each and every time and that his popper knowledge is so profound that he has annointed himself "Professor".

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 19 Feb 2023 at 17:11...

The average person does not think critically or scientifically. They don't know the difference between a causal link or a correlation link. They don't know how to interpret the news. When we hear reports about fentanyl causing a lot of deaths among drug addicts, we assume that it's fentanyl that's actually causing the death and not the other components in the pill. We assume that fentanyl was found in the pill. We assume that fentanyl was found in the blood of the victims. We assume that fentanyl is as deadly and potent as they say. We assume a lot without actually knowing. If IPN is so toxic it's causing blindness, why aren't the authorities banning it, especially in the UK? Was a causal link found in the rare eye problems or was it mere correlation? Were the bottles of IPN in question tested for chemical compositions? So many questions....so few answers and so many assumptions and conclusions. Does pure IPN cause eye problems? Do any of the other pure nitrites cause eye problems? I don't know and I haven't read anything that says they do. Amyl nitrite was deemed safe for many years and was only put back on the restricted drug list AFTER so many people started using it for fun, not because it suddenly was found to be unsafe.

Jako said on Sun, 19 Feb 2023 at 21:03...

The reason they're not banning IPN in the UK is because of The EU.
It was The EU's idea to ban iso butyl in 2007 and replace it with iso propyl.
The EU could possibly be wrong could they?

Harry said on Thu, 2 Mar 2023 at 01:13...

@Jako: In regard to the EU Medical Board banning iso-butyl nitrite inhalant products in 2007, does anyone know what the Testing Protocol was that the EU used to arrive at its findings and conclusion that an iso-propyl nitrite inhalant is safer than an iso-butyl nitrite inhalant?

I find it interesting that France allows amyl-nitrite inhalant products to be sold without a medical prescription, yet the EU and the UK still ban the sale of amyl-nitrite inhalant products.

In the U.S. amyl nitrite capsules used to counter angina attacks (mostly in older people) were originally sold Over The Counter in drug stores - no medical prescription was required.

When it became apparent that too many people were purchasing amyl for use as a pro-sexual drug, the manufacturer (Burroughs Welcome) petitioned the FDA to change amyl nitrite to a prescription drug - which it subsequently did.

In the US, adults can purchase cigarette and cigar products, alcohol drinks, and marijuana products over the counter, but amyl nitrite still requires a doctor's prescription. Don't expect this situation to change any time within the near future.

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