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Topic created by Wenis
on Sun, 8 Jan 2023 at 02:23

Wenis said on Sun, 8 Jan 2023 at 02:23...

(if u wanna see pics 1st links all the way at the bottom)

And THUS the AWAITED REVIEW nd 4MENTIONED REVIEW. Ok enough with the caps

TODAY(1 more) We will be reviewing VHC www.vhcleaner.com/ and i will rate them 0-10 in each area. So vhc is a company based out of chicgo and acutally had a pervious name. However both the companys names ring true and highly when it comes to reviews by others. I have read alot of reviews both on here and on reddit. And i will say. Bc ive also read alot of reviews on many differnt companys probely about 20. Most companys seem to have 50 50 reviews. The goods ones are like 70 30. But u can always account 4 competive or competors writing bogus reviews. When you see extreme differances such as. Great products fast shipping i give them 5 stars. Then u see. Scam site stole my money still waiting for product advoid advoid advoid. Instead use www.companyimprotoeing.com which acutally can work. 4 the person 2 get business but in a lying way oviousally. Ill find u can test ppls reviews. Like if soneone claims tht their custermer service is the worst. Im still waiting on a email reply for over a month. So then i go nd email tht company nd say. Hi thinking of buying are u a scam? Nd get a reply 3 hours later explaining they r not a scam nd listing their credintals. So then its like ok tht review was lickly a lie. Always always always contact a company b4 u buy. And ask questions etc. A scam site might not reply to emails so thts what u wuld b stuck with if you ordered nd needed to contact them so its best to know in advance.


So basically looking at all the reviews on here nd on reddit ppl hav said. Its a great product and extremlly strong. The neg reviews alot acutally said it was to strong 4 their likeing. Some ppl who reviwed saying tht might of complained of feeling a head ache or dizy. But other than tht i did not see any reviews complaining of side effects. WARNING: THIS PRODUCT IS 4 THOSE WHO LIKE EXTRENLY STRONG POPPERS ONLY. If u r weak i think i saw a blue boy popper on www.iamweaklightweight.com lmfao ok srry jk jk. But personally i like em strong baby !!!!!!!

SITE , they have a very nice site. Its cool nd promotes the proper cleaning usage of this product. More than other sites. Like if u go to poppers-aroma.eu they clearly describe effects of usage. But this site sticks by the rules. Of with their own way of saying.... What its really used for. Such as.... I 4get(ill include it in the pic) but talking about how its fun to clean with their product nd deep clean. Something like tht. Anyways. The site is a well made one. No dead links. Or crazy adds. It dosent give u the feel of a scam. While being on their site cuz its not.

(Only ships 2 USA, srry to ppl not in us)



PL-100 12ML

PL-200 12ML

now i recived the 100 cuz they were sold out of 200. Ill check nd c if their back in stock as of wen i post this nd put it on the bottom.

So the price is 30USD which is more than fair if u ask me. Also they give u tht extra 2ML which is cool. Now both their products contain ISO-BUTYL nd also SEC-BUTYL. Incase u didnt kno isobutyl is the strongest popper. With amyl being less strong but longer acting. And SEC-BUTYL im not a chemist so i cant tell u about tht. But i can say. THT ITS STRONG AF. And i think the COMBO IS WUT DOES IT. If im correct their is another butyl they put in it but tht might b a secrect. But im strying to get all the dam butyl i can.

They hav some other items on their site like shirts and jock straps. But those r their only 2 poppers. No big deal cuz its great

Like i said i got the PL-100. And let me tell u guys its friggin FIRE. Ill relate it 2 u. By comparsion to RUSH BLACK LABEL 30ML and JUNGLE JUICE BLACK LABEL 10ML. Now personally with both of those containing isobutyl. It will be a good comparison. To compare the jj to rush. Ide say they got a little differance in smell. Nd i feel like the jj might be a little stronger than the rush. Just my interpitation. But ill tell u this. So basically im saying the jj nd rush to me. Atleast those 2. Seem very close in strength. But the VHC PL-100 ide say is easily 40% stronger . than both of those. Not combined. But i am now a life long vhc custmer.


they take cc nd debt. Plus a few other payments. Get this tho. I paid them 4 it with a 50$ VANILLA VISA GIFTCARD nd it worked no prolbem. Talk about the easiest nd fastest nd safest way to buy friggin poppers man come on

I will cover everything in this review. Their custermer service was fananimal they responsed quickly via email EVEN ON NEW YEARS DAY !!!! some stuff i talked to them about was...... I asked them if their package was discreet. They said that it was in a plain box with no refferance to popper. And tht was true. I asked about what pl-100 contained which they confirmed was butyl nd sec butyl plus one other. I also inquired about the 15% off sale which they had just had 4 the hoildays. And they sent me the code to use 4 it even tho it was technally over. Now i count tht as awasome custmer service

Like i said i orderd with standard shipping. I think it was 8 bucks or something. So not alot. I ordered sunday night nd got it with no issues what so ever in my mailbox on thursday afternoon. So pretty fast shipping. I did not hav to sign either

So like i said my exp with use. Is very good. Like i said ide rate it as 40% stronger than jj black or rush black. And man let me tell u. If u wanna fall out lol just try the cig method. I did it with a prostuite the other day. And when i hit the cig man i felt like i was on another planet tht great intox feeling u get from poppers really strong. I felt warm nd melty to. The prostuite said r u alr? As i stood thare nd it felt like i dont wanna say room spinning cuz tht reminds me of being drunk nd wanting to puke. Nd thts not how i felt. But it was more like the room was wobbely like rocking side to side. IT WAS AWASOME. Now i will say i fuked the hooker but i fed her the jj black only cuz i thought the vhc wuld b to strong 4 her nd didnt want her getting mad at me or her to fall out. The jj black opened her pussy right up i was going so deep it was amazeing nd fucking her ass(i mean doggy style in the pussy not her asshole) felt like it her ass was jelly 2 me nd this is me on the vhc at this point. After i was like close to falling out but them exhaled half way then sucked it back in nd fed the jj black to her as she took it nd put her ass up in the air 4 me to fuck. Oh snap how i feel right now is like i just wanna do tht again so bad. But ya kno hookers r expensive nd im not a rich man which is why i might wanna start selling from my local sex shop tht has legit product nd just mark it up an extra 10 or 15 per order. But anyways the vhc pl-100 is a1 stuff. I write this review not cuz im affliated with vhc cuz ppl will always ask tht. But bc i love poppers nd wuld want to share a beyond soild place to do business with nd a beyond great product

Bonus: the bottom which u will see in pics linked at the bottom. Is about probely one of the only bottles (except 4 brown bottle or tiwan blue) tht culd acutally pass as a legit cleaning product nd not poppers. If someone saw it by accident at ur house u culd easily say oh thts for my computer or keyboard or video game system whatever. Nd they wuld lickly believe it enless they r a popper freak 2. But when u hav a small unlabled vial like brown bottles thts pretty sus. Or if it says DUMB BITCH JUICE on it... Thts like um..... Yea. Wtf is tht?!?!?!??? lol

Alr im gonna read this review over nd see what i left out. So far (nd i cant speak of shelf life cuz ive only had it 4 a little but. But reviews ive seen from others say its got a long shelf life)

(Srry guys they r currently out of PL-200 on their site. But u can enter ur email nd u will get one wen they r back kn stock. I did this nd it worked. Wen the PL-200 was back tho if only stayed in stock a week so they go fast 1st come 1st serve. Like im saying on here tho PL-100 is very very very good nd ofc im gonna try 200 wen it comes back)

(Plus when u kno their stock turn ov

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Mon, 9 Jan 2023 at 22:51...

Never saw a review like that before, Wenis. Lots of unexpected details, a nice read.

Nitritespecialist said on Tue, 10 Jan 2023 at 03:50...

PL-200 (likely) is IPN due to the recipe being a good way to get the best anal relax possible. IPN is more difficult to make than IBN or pentyl nitrite which will turn your nails blue and if you go too far damage your vision. I have never had this with IPN, so it goes to show others are in the same basket as me. I would also wager they will start ramping up production once they figure out getting purer SN causes a better yield and a far greater "trance state" that can be gotten with extended sessions.

$30 is a complete RIP OFF when you consider what you can make when you have high quality SN and Isopropanol (sometimes sold as "witch hazel" at the drug store). The biggest trick for SN is getting the good stuff, and if you have access to the lab closet and can get good SN from Sigma, you can make great poppers for a FRACTION of the cost. The IPN I make is so good I can almost get "THERE" without touching myself. The dildo sessions last hours, and I feel full at the end.

Wenis said on Tue, 10 Jan 2023 at 04:47...

The Dreadful Flying Glove thank you so much 4 ur kind reply :-) !!!! Defiently 10 WP (WENIS POINTS) 4 U !!!!! (Also i have a new review comeing out in a day or 2 so stay tuned !!!! :-) Nitritespecialist IPN is pentyl right? And tht wuld be cool if it is. Wuld it be able to be stronger than the ISOBUTYL/SEC-BUTYL tht they have in the PL-100? also in their email 2 me i believe they had said it was a mix of 3 but only told me the 2 ig 4 confidentialty . i assumed the PL-200 wuld just be a stronger version with more sec-butyl or possibly tert-butyl which i feel like they might spike it with a bit of tht cuz its just as easy to make nd stronger. Ya kno add sum kick. I mean 30 bucks to someone who can make their own im sure is a rip off. But i dont think its bad 4 the avg consumer. Only 10 bucks more than most bottles and ur getting a much stronger product plus an addtional 2MLs needs to be considered wen calculating the cost. If u ask me its fair. What is Sigma ? (Thts acutally a hero on overwatch the video game btw nd im really good with him but they nerfed him a bit) and witch hazel ? Thts an indegraint in poppers damnnnn crazy stuff goes into it ig. With poppers all chemicals needed is 100% legal to buy and ubtaine. Nd createing poppers is legal as long as u dont sell it with the intention of being sniffed, correct ?

The Professor said on Tue, 10 Jan 2023 at 17:39...

IPN is the guys personal shorthand for IsoPropyl nitrite; the absolute worst of the community available poppers.
He thinks that by making a solid version, which DOES have less potency than a fully reacted nitrite, that he's saving himself from further injury.

Remember, any advice you get from Ken will always be at best advice from an unworthy vessel, and as usual it will be infarcted with lies.

In typical Dobby fashion, he asters away from ANYTHING I say out of spite, which sounds him to always be looking East for the sunset.


The Professor said on Tue, 10 Jan 2023 at 17:41...

Community should be commonly

Solid version should be diluted version

Asters away is steers away

The Professor said on Tue, 10 Jan 2023 at 17:43...

Sounds him is dooms him

Wenis said on Wed, 11 Jan 2023 at 20:42...

The Professor Yes if IPN means propyl then tht shit is trash. Ive read post after post and article after article online showing the dangers of its usage. (One article was of long time popper users who didnt hav any side effects but then they tryed propyl nd one guy became almost blind another landed in the hospital and a few other had very bad experiences with it as well as more eye damage)As in SEREVE EYE DAMAGE. Which means u cant watch porn no more or drive a car or anythjng. U might as well b dead imo. But ive also seen ppl just report like very bad headaches or dizzyness nose irration , etc. Yea tht stuff shuld be str8 up made ilegal 4 saftey purposes. But let me ask you this. Cuz i never did. Amyl is not linked to cancer or being cargigentic but it had been thru alot of studys since tht was the orgional medication in a popper snapper for ppl with chest pain ania or whatever the fuck. So thts safe. But with isobutyl scientists did do a study. Which so call claimed it was cancergenic BUT i read tht study. Nd while im not a scientist. I just dont agree with it. They did with with a couple thousands rats. And only a small percentage... Like 200 or so. Devopled bumps or POTENTIONAL cancerous legisons or bumps. So it was never even confirmed it was excatly a cancer tumor but just tht it was a thing tht culd potentionally be a sign of cancer. Now they TOOK THESE POOR INNOCENT RATS and attached them to hoses or pumps AND THEY PUMPED IN ISOBUTYL FUMES FOR 6 HOURS STR8 EVERYDAY FOR WEEKS. Like wtf. Even 4 a rat. A rat is smaller. But if a rat where to jerk nd goon to porn like we do while hitting our beloved isobutyl. It wuld be in shorter quainities and also breaks inbetween. If u say tested me. An acutal human. Nd say i bated nd gooned with porn everyday for a week. At an avg of 10 inhales per session. Than im at 70 inhales in a week. Which is MUCH MUCH differnt than me inhaleing it constitly for 6 hours str8. So i dont think their test was really related accuratly to how a human wuld be consumeing it. Also i think some thing elus may happen wen the rat gets no fresh air 4 tht long. Tht culd put stress on the animal nd cause medical prolbems. So i think maby their test showed proof tht with rats under extreme pressure and under extreme ammount of doeses culd devople a thing which can potentionaly become cancer. But their test did not even conclusivly say. Yes with gave a rat a does 999999999thousandx times % stronger than any human wuld ever take. Nd now the rat has brain cancer. It was just tht it devopled a bump tht (culd) become cancerious. But ofc they claimed to confirm it can cause cancer. Am i stupid was their test totally fool proof? Nd i just dont get it? Also how do we kno a rats chances of devopling cancer is the same as a human? And cancer seems to be pretty random. Yea some things culd cause it like smoking but their r plently of humans who smoke their whole life but never get cancer. So theirs an induvidual human factor to it. As 2 weather h get it or not. But do u agree to me. 2 repucate a humans consumptions BY STAPING ON A GAS MASK TO A POOR POOR RAT (IM A GOD DAM HAMSTER OWNER 4 CRIPE SAKE !!!!! AND PUMPING THE POOR LITTLE GUY FULL OF ISOBUTYL FOR 6 HOURS I REPEAT 6 HOURS STR8. God dam no human but the most fierce and vicious popper gooner bater demon out thare wuld even attach a gas mask and inhale for 6 hours str8. THEY DIDNT EVEN GIVE THE RAT A GOD DAM FLESHLIGHT OR ALLOW THEM TO MATE WHILE THEY INHALED........... WTF LOL. so what do u think of the study. Was it accurate? Was it conclusive? In finding it can cause cancer? Or is cancergentic? ... And j believe certain pestcides or food indrigrants in high enough quaities can cause cancer. No one cares about tht. They even sell microwavable white castle burger which on the back has a disclamor tht says this product may cause differnt types of cancer since is contians xyc. Shit even processed foods nd microwave stuff can give u stomach cancer. The microwave its self or x rays from drs. Where my dentist is taking 18 x rays of basically my face. Telling me no im fine its not 2 much radition. Bs lies. They use to x rays ppls feet regularly for shoe size b4 they new the dangers nd had to stop cuz ppl were getting foot cancer. So thts bs dont tell me its fine it wont hurt me. When i kno 4 a fact it can. Ive switched dentists alot nd the bastsrds will always wanna do a full 18 x rays. 4 insurance money on me. Instead of using my old ones. Bs. Anyways , ur thoughts -Wenis

The Professor said on Wed, 11 Jan 2023 at 21:24...

This issue has been volleyed back and forth several times.

A chemical that is truly a threat to life has an LD50 (lethal dose that kills half of the exposed) is only about 50 Parts per million.

Any alkyl nitrite will have an LC50 (lethal concentration (since it's a gas) that barely meets the definition of a toxic compound.

You mentioned the treats, nice and rabbits have to be forced to inhale for hours on end (poor guys), it's very difficult to die by any alkyl nitrite.

In fact, of the common alkyl nitrites, the MOST toxic is Amyl nitrite.

As for carginogenicity, chemically, any alkyl nitrite can produce nitrosamines, which are carcinogens. This is shown to be possible in Petri dishes in lab experiments, but has not occurred in human tissue; this is likely due to other factors, like the ph of living tissue, which likely inhibit nitrosamines.

Countries or states that have cancer warnings often refer to the lab testing results, showing it as a possibility, but I haven't read of any cases involving humans

Urea Master said on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 02:03...

VHC is some interesting stuff. The 100 formula supposedly contains isobutyl, but it does not. I saw someone joking about isopropyl, and that is actually the case.There is a secondary butyl alcohol, and my theory is they had a hard time with the isobutyl so they switched to something more "potent" but left one of the original ingredients in. This is likely the difference between Artis-Anal Cleaners (if they're still around) and these guys. Artis-Anal had what they said went into the bottle, and all their bottles were total weaksauce.

It boils down to none of the vendors knowing what they are doing. I can guarantee you not a single one has had anything run through a column, and they are probably buying dirty NaNO2 from Duda.

I'm still looking for ANY bottle that has the purity of something that we used to be able to buy anywhere with cash back around 2005. No headaches, no purple lips, etc. etc. We were spoiled!

Urea Master said on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 02:28...

By the way, video head cleaners and poppers are entirely different, so the gays making these things likely weren't even alive when the good stuff used to be on the shelves. Video head cleaner is one of those things I never really understood the allure of. Anyway, Freezer, the Koreans, or whoever used to produce the stuff are long gone.

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 08:51...

>>the Koreans

what? Koreans? explain. Poppers are super banned in Korea / just like Japan.

>>video head cleaners

nail polish remover, solvent, circuit board cleaner, liquid incense, room odorizer, all volatile nitrites, some are butyl, some are hexyl. All due to one small clause in US law. Creates a problem for trademark, as they are all different end use. Amyl nitrite is used in snake poison kits, and is even still used in hospitals, so volatile nitrites are multi use, right? :-)

The Professor said on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 16:55...

It's sad to hear that the VHcleaner guys are using isopropyl. I agree that nobody in the OTC arena seems to be doing it right; the prices sure are very proud of the result, but greed seems to have overwhelmed sense.

It IS funny that their eponymous tape HEAD cleaner instructions are to apply the liquid to a section of TAPE, rather than applying to the tape HEAD.

At least they aren't naming their product for it's side effects like blue boy or bolt or quiksilver

The Professor said on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 16:58...

I think I remember 'clock cleaner' a while back; that was cute.

Wenis said on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 18:02...

The Professor i loved ur anwser nd i learned a new word. And yeah ive never heard of reported cancer caused by poppers by a human b4. If it really caused caner u wuld see a trend of all us popper users commenting on post compling of contracting brain or throat or whatever type of cancer

Wenis said on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 18:08...

Urea Master rush has been around 4 a long time. Nd tht popper is isobutyl. Vhc is ISOBUTYL nd also SEC-BUTYL u can confirm with The Professor tht sec- butyl is quaility and strong. I dont understand what the complaint is of. Back in the day. Cuz this is the same chemical. I kno orgional poppers where n-amyl nd rn i hav some n-amyl thts hella good nd makes me cum hard af. So im not sure the issue? If its a complaint of its not as strong as it use to be. Then ok ig tht culd be true. But how strong stuff were u getting back then. Cuz i hit my vhc in a cig method and it was so strong i almost fell out. How much stronger do u want lol? I mean serisaly buy a vhc. Dip in cig. Hit it. Then report back. If ur not blown away ide be surprused. And if its strength. R u saying ur not happy with ANY current poppers. As in they call suck to u. Did the strength back in the day be like 97% pure. Nd now its 67% and 4 me i just dont relize it cuz i didnt do it back in the day.... If anything i wuld believe the purity wuld go up over time as makers inprove the craft. Ur thoughts ?

Wenis said on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 18:11...

The Dreadful Flying Glove oh poppers r ilegal in japen nd korea? But ig not china right? Cuz thts where alot of fake shitty poppers come from

Wenis said on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 18:15...

The Professor i really do not believe vhc is using propyl. On the bottle it says isobutyl nd secbutyl also it compartive to my other isobutyl it hits the same. Same smell just more stronger. I do not believe its propyl bc ive had no side effects from it or vison damage. If it was a whole differnt chemical than isobutyl i wuld notice. As i notice the differnt effect and smell of n-amyl wen i use it. I thimk i culd tell by the effect produced as well. Cuz i can notice the diffenves.

Wenis said on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 18:32...

The Professor i under stand blue boy as being a reffernce to side effects. But how do bolt or quiksilver relate 2 side effects ?

The Professor said on Thu, 12 Jan 2023 at 18:42...

Bolt refers to the sign headache that many users would get; it felt like your head was in a voice and the bolt was tightening.

Quicksilver (One of the best of the original stuff) gave you the shivers, the increased blood flow reduces body temp by evaporative cooling

Urea Master said on Fri, 13 Jan 2023 at 00:06...

> It IS funny that their eponymous tape HEAD cleaner instructions are to apply the liquid to a section of TAPE, rather than applying to the tape HEAD.

Either disassemble and swab the thing down, or pour the fluid into the special cassette.

> Quicksilver (One of the best of the original stuff) gave you the shivers, the increased blood flow reduces body temp by evaporative cooling

Quicksilver was good. What are you saying evaporates?

The Professor said on Fri, 13 Jan 2023 at 03:10...


Yes, quiksilver was very nice.
Radiative cooling (like a triceratops' rille) is when blood vessels close to the skin (neck, chest) lower the body temp. Poppers increase blood flow, and the heat is exchanged with atmosphere resulting in lower lower temp.

I said evaporative cooling; I meant radiative cooling.

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Fri, 13 Jan 2023 at 05:35...

@The Professor....yes, clock cleaner I forgot....with a very nice steam punk theme. I also forgot the big daddy....leather cleaner, and I think it also cleans "intimate metal items" so a toy cleaner like a cock ring? Such versatile stuff...removes nail polish, cleans your cock ring and your cuckoo clock...an essential for any home and as PWD once said a perfect "party favor"

"A party favor is a small gift given to the guests at a party as a gesture of thanks for their attendance, a memento of the occasion, or simply as an aid to frivolity" hehehe.....and Captain Rush, the amazing comic strip super hero of years gone by used to show up at parties with just such a gift! the villain in those comic strips was a dude making poppers in a bathtub, hence the term bathtub poppers, and he had dirty unhygienic plastic balls...phoney pellets.

@Wenis yup, Japan and also Canada. UK nearly banned poppers, then changed their minds after some government boffins said they fell outside of the scope of the proposed law, as poppers had zero psychoactive properties.

Look up the original art for advertising for brands like Quicksilver, Bolt and Iron Horse. Super cool....

The Professor said on Fri, 13 Jan 2023 at 16:20...

Thanks for that; a great reflection down memory lane to start my day ;-)

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Sat, 14 Jan 2023 at 12:33...

yesterday is best! if you look at those cool cartoon strips the "bathtub" villains were actually other manufacturers....I think there was one villain called Purple Haze? a hideous goblin like dude with rotten teeth, whose main aim in life was to screw up celebrations by letting off his pungent aromas, and making the party goers dizzy and nauseous....hahaha...but I think Purple was a brand back then. The original early 70's Captain Rush was just a lewd scribble, he appeared in shower rooms and other places of public undress... later he became more sanctimonious...and seemed to hang out with preppy types, like Tucker Carlson....can't seem to find them anymore. There was also a cartoon strip called "Poppers"....or maybe they are the same thing?

To be clear I am not suggesting that Tucker Carlson partied with our superhero...just illustrating the shift in type of person who attracted the Captain's attention during the later 80's / 90's away from the raw muscle clones of the earlier original era. Personally I wish Ken would create a time machine and transfer us all back to Castro Street circa 1974.

Nitritespecialist said on Sat, 14 Jan 2023 at 17:39...

Wow....nobody knows a reliable source to get consistently good poppers after all these 12 years since Joe Miller died???

And all ya gotta do is get that temp down to -12C and keep that sucker there. Wow...so easy....ONE and DONE!!!

If you believe that, you'll believe anything online!!!!

Nitritespecialist said on Sat, 14 Jan 2023 at 17:49...

All the poppers, even when pure or cut with inert compounds, will cause strong side effects, anemia, low blood pressure, etc....depending on the person, and how long the poppers are inhaled.

To single out one common popper as being, inherently, magnitudes greater in toxic side effects is NOT based on sound information. They are all made more toxic by the presence of impurities, the likes of which has probably never been thoroughly studied...or if it has, it's not readily available online.

For years, based on making IPN at home, I thought IPN could be inherently much more toxic than amyl nitrite, but I always had a doubt since it was the only popper legal in the UK. And now I have even greater doubt that IPN is inherently much more toxic than isobutyl or butyl since I've made consistent IPN brews over several months and experienced all that I first loved about Joe Miller's poppers...circa 2008.

I do believe that IPN, BN, and IBN all will have greatly increased toxic side effects, taking hold without 5 to 10 minutes of steady hits, IF they possess certain impurities. BN is VERY VERY likely to contain toxic enhancing impurities.

Nitritespecialist said on Sat, 14 Jan 2023 at 17:52...

One's best bet is if the popper stinks....isn't aromatic, is bitter, acidic or caustic....toss it away.

A good popper won't stink or be repulsive to take steady hits directly from the bottle.

The Professor said on Sat, 14 Jan 2023 at 18:36...

Continue to the horn that -12C MAKES Up For degraded ingredients. It's a very clear sign that you are engaging in the straw man fallacy, over and over.

And over.

Nitritespecialist said on Sat, 14 Jan 2023 at 19:21...

As stated, I've debunked the -12C theory....repeatedly. At least for IPN, it absolutely DOES NOT work....I got zero yield over and over again, despite super cold temps.

And as stated over and over again, the popper samples you sent to me to try, presumably made at -12C were total toxic, turbid crap....worse than anything I could have imagined to make.....I literally could NOT take more than a single whiff. And Tom, PopChef, Professor got so so mad that I didn't thank him for all his ONE and DONE efforts.

The Professor said on Sat, 14 Jan 2023 at 19:31...

Or at least come up with new lies or straw man attacks.

The '-12C doesn't make up for bad ingredients' fallacy is so old and tired, the first few times, it might have convinced a few people that you had a clue, but after realizing that it was straw man fallacy, not something I was promoting, it became another indication that you don't have a clue.

Praying in that fallacy only encourages the belief that you are insane, repeating the same fallacy over and over, expecting better results.

The Galaxy that 'unknown impurities' increase toxicity is also duplicitous; impurities are well known, and most of them increase already foul smelling aromas. Very few of them increase toxicity.

If toxic side effects take hills in your junk after 10 minutes of inhalation, then you're barking over the wrong tree. A week made, highly pure, well stabilized, product that sinks unwanted decomposition products will remain fresh, smooth, practically odorless.

Again, ALL of your histrionics are explained by the fact that you're body doesn't tolerate alkyl nitrite imagine very well.

Whether it's due to your enlarged spleen, or a likely G6PD deficiency doesn't matter to anyone ELSE.

What matters is that you're egocentric, narcissistic mentally proclaims 'TOXIC' to anything more reactive than 75% or so.

Whether that's fully nitrosated N-Amyl, or partially nitrosated isopropyl, anything above about 75% pure is claimed to have toxic enhancing impurities (which is incorrect from the start)

The Professor said on Sat, 14 Jan 2023 at 19:37...

-12C might give YOU no yield, but two of our makers (young, fit individuals) have been making isopropyl at -12C for years.

A few parents prep at -12C.

The preparation guidance from Harvard says the lowest possible temp and the highest possible pressure are the key to reaction control.

Granted, there's no warning paragraph that says 'caution, prepping at -12C will increase purity beyond the level that an egocentric narcissistic will think is too pure is interested with magical impurities because his body can't tolerate that level of purity'

The Professor said on Sat, 14 Jan 2023 at 19:55...

parents should be patents, and before we head out to prove Ken wrong on the range of lechatelier's principle vs very cold icebath...

I'd like to clarify that my disability has NOTHING to do with inhaling alkyl nitrites; it was a line-of-duty injury sustained to ensure that asshats like Ken remain free to be as willfully ignorant as they desire to be.

Wenis said on Sun, 15 Jan 2023 at 00:05...

The Dreadful Flying Glove is their anyway to find the comic online? I want to see adventures of captain rush !!!!! The Professor G6PD deficiency ?

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Sun, 15 Jan 2023 at 00:26...

I will look again - they are somewhere, Wenis.

@The Professor - thanks for your service. Not only asshats like Kenboy who benefit from other's bravery - plenty of folks worldwide are truly grateful for what you guys did, and continue to do. Truly, thank you.

The Professor said on Sun, 15 Jan 2023 at 00:27...

TDFG is bringing back fond memories. I haven't been able to find much of the artwork (it was typicalyl line drawings), but yeah, they were FILLEd with easter egg references.

The only one I've come across lately is the one with the leather biker at the gas pump.

G6PD deficiency is an inherited condition that reduces the blood's ability to carry oxygen due to a lack of that enzyme.

The Professor said on Sun, 15 Jan 2023 at 01:12...

Thanks for the thanks; they are not expected, but very well received.

The Professor said on Sun, 15 Jan 2023 at 01:28...

Here's one


Wenis said on Sun, 15 Jan 2023 at 19:55...

The Professor oh cool. Even u can order it right from tht page. Wish i was around in the old days. Do they ever have girls? Like 3 super sexy girls in binkis nd they r sitting around a small vial tht reads "DUMB BITCH JUICE" lol wuld b cool

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