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When to shake the bottle?

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Topic created by Wenis
on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 08:14

Wenis said on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 08:14...

When you go to ur stash to get ur bottle. Nd its just been sitting thare 4 however long? Shuld u give it a good shake b4 using it?

Also when ppl say shake. R we talking like its a dang marackka ? Or its an bottled ice coffee u just buy? Or just like a little 1 2 left right left right action but thts it?

When i was hitting my bottle. I felt like it was a little weak. Nd in the popper bate vid the girl told me to shake it. So i did. Then hit it nd it felt alot stronger.

Also is it bad to shake it then open it right after? Or thts better?

Cuz i mean if the vapours have to fourm in the bottle. And you shake it up. Will tht delete the vapour nd then it has it start over ???????

Guys help lol

Bonus points , im thinking of buying a big 2lb bag of like thpusands of .... Lets c if i rember correct. ACTIVATED ALUMNIA DESSENT BEADS. Ok i got it right.... I think

Wuld tht be smart then i can just toss 10 in each bottle ? And it with maximzie shelf life from 1.5 months to 4.5 months

Thanks guys love u all on here

Professor if u c this a guy on reddits looking 4 u hes trying to cook but makin crap batch after crap batch hes pissed cuz hes invested alot of money and says ppl keep giving him shit advice. He fustrated but aknowages hes kno chemist. Hes made product tht hes given away to ppl who like it but 4 him he says its too weak. Hes now trying any nd everything to make it stronger. Well he feels he has nd now hes lost. He also dosent know why his batches all come out diffent. But maby u culd help him

Im gonna start giving away WP (WENIS POINTS) to any who anwser stuff correct as insentive nd give them off my bottles

Sincerly nd Humbuliy,

Nitritespecialist said on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 17:13...

The Professor did a one and done 10 years ago and has stopped learning how to make better and better poppers ever since. I never did that....I kept trying many different things to get better, and better and more consistent poppers. To the Professor, this was insanity, to me, it was exploring all the different possibilities that could lead to better and better poppers. He attacked everything I tried out of sheer spite and dogged insistence that his one and done poppers 10 years ago were always going to be the latest and greatest.

With IPN, I have learned only in the last 3 months, that the amount of water used in the reaction is CRITICAL. Too much water and a very sweet very toxic IPN is produced, which is why I could never recommend IPN. Now, using the proper ratios, I am consistently getting a good smelling, potent IPN that doesn't produce toxic effects.

Ratios: 1 to 1 to 2....muriatic, SN and 70% IPA or 15 mls muriatic, 15 grams SN and 30 mls 70% IPA.

Absolutely ZERO extra water should be added.

Butyl, amyl and isobutyl...these alcohols need to be absolute high purity and then again....the proper amount of water should be added. These alcohols cost a lot of money.....pentanol costs me 60USD delivered...while IPA is 2 bucks at Walmart.

Nitritespecialist said on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 17:19...

Acitivated alumina only works IF the popper is pure enough, acid free and water free enough, when it's bottled. Should be bottled with nitrogen.

Shaking is unnecessary and I would never do it. Gentle swirling is OK, if there are preservatives that are present.

A fresh and pure popper will be very strong the second it's opened without any need to shake. Shaking could make pressure increase too much. There should be gas escaping upon opening....this is a sure sign the popper probably has potency. But it doesn't guarantee a great popper.

The Professor said on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 20:46...


"the professor did a one and done"

translation " The Professor attained reaction control within two months of starting to prep, and therefore DIDN'T have to waste decades trying every nutty idea under the sun in order to get fully nitrosated product.

Attaining reaction control early on meant he was able to fully explore the various nitrites, and zero in on what works best for him (and about a dozen of his 'research team')

The Professor attended to the degradation products, and determined HOW to prevent them from compounding; eventually attaining 3 months shelf stability.

The professor followed proven concepts of chemical reactions, and developed a prep method that the alkyl nitrite prefers.

The professor examined vapor phase preparations, and preps alkyl nitrite that is incredibly pure, longer lasting and whose effects are recoverable within minutes (not hours or days of lethargy/headache etc.)

by contrast, Ken has been flopping on the deck like a fish, failing for decades and blaming ALL of the ingredients for his failures, instead of understanding the process and its needs.

The Professor said on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 20:56...


our reddit forum is called PopperMakers. If your friend would like to join, he should contact the moderator -prof- to ask for an invite.

If he/she wants to go solo, the preparation doc is here:


I've tried to cover just about everything I could think of (and it's been revised several times to include meaningful information, often in response to some lunacy-of-the-month that Ken thought up (thanks Ken; the doc is growing but better thanks to you).

Prior chemistry experience is NOT required, but would be helpful, and membership to PopperMakers is not required, but that's where I support /answer any questions that arise, along with the makers who are members (membership is increasing lately due to Ken's ridiculous alternatives (thanks again Ken)

Wenis said on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 21:58...

Hey The Professor nd hey Nitritespecialist, its sorta like this

"The Professor did a one and done 10 years ago and has stopped learning how to make better and better poppers ever since. I never did that....I kept trying many different things to get better, and better and more consistent poppers. To the Professor, this was insanity, to me, it was exploring all the different possibilities"


"The professor followed proven concepts of chemical reactions, and developed a prep method that the alkyl nitrite prefers.

The professor examined vapor phase preparations, and preps alkyl nitrite that is incredibly pure, longer lasting and whose effects are recoverable within minutes (not hours or days of lethargy/headache etc.)"

The Professor so with Nitritespecialist (Ken) method of working, being trying alot of differnt things (i feel tht culd work if u come across the right fourlma/method) but in reality of going about it that way, what percent chance wuld u give him of discovering a very good way to make poppers ?

Nitritespecialist i understand have made good batches in the past

So wuld u think boys, Jessie Pinkmen, Walter White, wuldnt it be best to combind ur brain power, along with ur research team? U 2 culd be un beatable. Think of me as Mike from breaking bad

U 2 shuld come togeather, each of u state ur willing ness to work with each other from 0 - 10. Ok in the name of POPPERS we share a common BOND is tht BOND a.... Um..... Covalent bond??? Idk but some type of chemisitry bond.... Consider wut good products we culd make even a business it wuld be so fun. R 1st bottle will be "WENIS LICK69" 45ML SQUARE SHAPPED with a pic of a streatched out Weenuss on the back (skin on da back of yo elbow)

When someone says IPN tht means PENTYL right?

Also in usa AMYL NTIRITE is highly ilegal. But PENTYL NITRITE is not..... Nd ive heard... Tht pentyl is the same thing as amyl. So is their really any differnce besides their name? Nd in tht case why not just buy pent cuz its legal

Also i kno theirs a differnce between isoamyl nd amyl but i hav no clue what? I think amyl is better/stronger tho from what i read

The Professor thanks so much 4 the reddit nd wiki page ill let my buddy kno


-Wenis !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Professor said on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 22:46...


It ALL comes down to Ken's WILLFUL IGNORANCE and self-admitted need for attention.

That means he will DENY anything that he hasn't come up with HIMSELF.

Once he was confronted with the actual needs of the PREP (not his own desires) and denounced them because they weren't HIS ideas, he became lost in a floundering 13 yrs of haphazzard failures with no direction.

He let his own pride interfere with the FACTS, and because of that, he's destined to try anything EXCEPT what works.

A friend of mine was there years ago, when a forum that he ran became ridiculous posts alternating between 'OMG......I've found the secret' to 'It ALL fell to SHIT' a few days later.

Luckily, my friend saved the other members (most of whom are now PopperMakers members, and are making on a level that Ken has NEVER experienced), but it began his directionless wanderings, trying to disprove the reality of proven chemistry.

He now spends more time with arbitrary attacks on ME than researching; he'll never get anywhere that way, and the advice he pukes up is ALWAYS lies and failures.

Enough about gasbag.

reactivity by type (from the prep document)


Note that the maximum delivery of nitric oxide (NO, the active ingredient) is 74% reactivity; this falls near the reactivity of tert-Butyl nitrite. It might make more sense to normalize for 100% NO gas (second table).

Notice that n-Propyl and isoPropyl nitrite both exceed the reactivity of the raw gas. This indicates that any additional effects observed when comparing tert-Butyl to isoPropyl are not due to the active ingredient; rather they are side effects of approaching toxicity.

Also, note that isoPropyl nitrite's boiling point is 104F (40C); it's likely that shipping during the summer will boil and degrade this nitrite unless it is shipped under refrigeration .

Various Alkyl Nitrite reactivities
Normalized for 100% NO

n-Amyl Nitrite: 71.9%
isoAmyl Nitrite: 75.2%
n-Butyl nitrite: 81.1%
isoButyl nitrite: 90.9%
tert-Butyl nitrite: 98.6%
100% Nitric Oxide (NO) gas: 100%
n-Propyl nitrite: 103.6%
isoPropyl nitrite: 115.8%
Ethyl nitrite: 162.2%

[104 f (40C) boiling point]

[Original Content ]

Re the naming. Amyl is an older name; it's a bastardization of latin, meaning 'of meal'

back in the day, of meal, meant it was derived from meal. Meal being grain that comes from a Mill.

The more modern name is Pentyl, meaning 5 methyl groups in the molecule.

To make things more confusing, what used to be called Amyl nitrite was actually mixture of ISOMERS of Amyl alcohol. this type of alcohol wasn't able to be synthesized directly yet; it existed a a by-product of the fermentation of grain alcohol (ethanol). thus the name, 'of grain/meal'

the original 'poppers' in a glass vial were a mixture of Amyl isomers.

These days, although n-Amyl alcohol can now be synthesized directly, it is much more expensive than naturally occuring alcohols (similarly, synthetic motor oil is more expesnive than naturally occuring)

most 'Amyl' products are usually IsoAmyl, which is a bit more potent than n-Amyl (synthetic) and much less expensive.

A downside of IsoAmyl is that wwithout paying attention toi the degradation gasses, IsoAmyl's odor becomes more repulsive than N-Amyl.

If you like Amyl's low strength, get it fresh before it becomes obnoxious, or make it yourself and remove the acids that cause the foul aroma buildup in the first place.

a third option would be to spend too much on n-Amyl; it's less expensive to use IsoAmyl and prevent the nasty aroma from creeping in in the first place

Wenis said on Sun, 8 Jan 2023 at 02:59...

The Professor Ok cool. Nd idk if i like isoamyl or amyl yet. I hav some on its way now. But i kno i like isobutyl nd secbutyl alot. I bet ide like ter butyl as well. But never had it. Enless thts the 3rd indgrant in vhc which i think it might be what the guy told me in email. But they r secretive about their excat process. Ethyl nitrite is tht the one tht they try to sell u as a spray. The really dangerous one? Or was tht Ethyl cholride or something. Tht can easily kill u. Someone posted on here about it nd its dangours. Im glad they did cuz i might of tried it . ken shuld just come back to the group. If he went off by himself maby he felt a lack of acceptance. And i get what ur saying he really makes his posts sound sincerly tho ya kno. If hes talking to new comers nd stearing them in the wrong direction tho thts messed up. So u being hav of used poppers in the golden era. AND u hav tried various poppers around now. Is the main thing tht they arnt as strong. Or is it something elus thts wrong with them or causeing issues? Again im currently highly enjoying my vhc so 2 me its like i dont get it (and ill never hav even 0.000000001% of a fume from a propyl touch my nasal passage cuz i dont wanna go blind i watch 4 2 much porn 4 tht or im not trying to hav sex in the dark everytime, ppl destroy their eyes with tht garbage. Shuld b 1000000% ILEGAL, but ig not everyone who uses it goes blind. But why risk it? It must b cuz its percent is so high isoPropyl nitrite: 115.8% Wenis Weeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wenis said on Sun, 8 Jan 2023 at 03:00...

The Professor oh wait, do u agree with ken about dont shake the bottle? Is wut he said accurate ??

The Professor said on Sun, 8 Jan 2023 at 18:19...

It's fine to try to increase the vapor pressure ( like those guys that keep their popper bottle in their jock strap to keep it warm and increase vapor)

The vapor space above the liquid is very small, usually about 5ml with a10ml half full bottle. That isn't enough to get a comprehensive hit no matter how much pressure is inside (and vapor pressure will increase by shaking or heating, but not by much.

Say for example that you can double the pressure (you won't, but) and your deep hit takes in about a liter of air. That's less than 1% the rest just air.

The low vapor pressure of the popper restricts your intake, no matter how wide the mouth of the bottle is.

The Professor said on Sun, 8 Jan 2023 at 18:35...

Typo, my phone said it's fine to try, I meant it's trying to.
I don't do it because it doesn't do much of value.

Personally, I don't store and size from the same bottles. During storage, you want to minimize headspace (a tall, thin bottle) during use, you want to promote vapor (much larger volume)

I pull out the amount in going to use with an eye dropper (usually about 1ml per dropper unless you get a big one), and squirt it into another vessel.

Some use plastic water bottles (I don't advise that; the poppers fluid causes water bottle type plastic (PET) to outgas a very noxious has that cause sure throat at least).

Some use a child sippy cup (usually made from polyethylene, a softer plastic that doesn't outgas)

Some soak a sock and put it in their mouth (I wouldn't suggest that either; the liquid is highly toxic)

Others go for a full face mask (the rubber usually other a very nasty aroma, and staying a mask to prevent you from getting fresh air is dangerous.

A simple way; go to home Depot and buy a foot long section of polyethylene pipe. If you want, you can expand one end of the pipe with a heat gun to connect that end to a nebulizer mask (without the strap). Put two cotton pads from Walmart into the pipe, and poor the poppers into the pipe.

As you inhale (through nose or mouth) sure will be drawn across the soaked cotton, encouraging the liquid to vaporizer more strongly and more consistently than any wide mouth popper bottle.

You also are only exposing the amount you are using to air, bit the whole bottle, so it'll last longer.

Wenis said on Mon, 9 Jan 2023 at 00:04...

The Professor ok ok good advice maby ill get the pipe. Personally i love the cig method really strong. Question the nitrite liquid is then nd im sure it must contain stuff in it or atleast molcules. But if you had like a bottle of lemonade nd in the bottle in the liquid is little very small piceases of shreads of lemon. And if you leave the bottle alone. Those little piceaces will seattle to the bottom. Same with organge juice tht has pulp. So b4 u poor a glass u gotta shake it up. Are poppers like tht at all? Where if it sat their for like a week tht any sort of anything molcule or whatever will seattle to the bottom ?

And i tried the jar method using a foxen park bottle empty ofc. I figured the metal lid was safe (but i read in a post on reddit by someone tht the popper fumes can degrade metal? Is tht true?? He recommended putting a pieace of duct tape over it, but im thinking wuldnt the fumes degrade the duct tape??) And with my foxen park soda bottle their might of been a tiny bit of orange sode left like a drip. But i soaked a cig filter, clean un used cig filter, in jj black nd tossed it in. Waited 3 or 4 mins tried to hit it nd really nothing. So i did my bate sess just sniffing from my bottles. Around 15 mins later i tried the soda bottle again nd it seemed to hav a better hit but still not tht great. Nd most ppl seem to rave about the jar method. So i dont get it what did i do wrong? The pipe from home depto how much does it cost and if its a pipe.... Is one end of it closed?? Cuz if not the liquid will just fall out. I kno. Nd acutally own the 100% best thing 2 use 4 the jar method. However i own it but its at my parents house in their basement so ide hav 2 get it. But an alchoolic thing. Its a good size like glass jug nd its got a stopper on the top made of glass. Its for like storing scotch in nd then idk a tumbler maby? But u pour the liquior inside it into a glass. Thts gotta be hands down best. But ok. I might get the pipe now. But if im trying to jar nd i go with the foxen park bottle or i can get the starbucks frapchino bottle. Also metal lid. I feel it has to be alot better to pour some liquid in rather than a soaked cig filter a wick a cotten ball or the circle shapped make up cotten ball. Cuz those r absorbing the liquid probely making it harder to fume up how it shuld. I wuld guess but maby im wrong. Also i wuld like to get an eye dropper. But wont it just melt the plastic? Or is urs glass? I hav a aroma inhaler glass nd alumnin on its way in the mail with like 60 wicks so i gotta get this down b4 tht thing arrives. Also just a side note about cig method. It works great. But only worked while the liquid was still wet. Once the cig dryed it was trash. In tht sense it wastes alot. But provides a really strong hit. Can we put our brains togeather nd come up with an epic cig method style way? Like maby using a metal pipe very skinny filled with wicks or something idk wuld if u dipped ur popper in like a blunt vill or a cigrello cigar culd tht work better? Do u need the filter for safety..... Maby we can come up with an a1 method. Long skinny glass circle shapped pipe. The one hitter had a little spot where u culd put something. Then u soak 3 or 4 small cotten balls nd shove them in the other end. Personally i thought the cig method wasnt gonna work or it wuld just be ight. But ur really able to legit smoke poppers like tht. Nd u can feel urself inhaleing into ur lungs. Its the best 100% hands free way as i was able to put the cig in my mouth inhaleing as hard as possible while still fucking my prostuite right hand on right ass cheeck nd left hand on left ass cheeck and i like to try to squish her ass cheeks togeater as i fuck and then everything starts to turn into pure jelly baby so good such good feeling cant wait to do it again. (Last thing nd u can anwser in another message or wen u hav time later. Snap may even b a good topic. But building a tolerance. Ive seen guys post saying they taking a tolerance break. Or tht they arnt working 4 them as good as normal nd someone will recomend a tolerance break. Idk the excat amount of times poppers get out ur system but isnt it like only an hour? So if thts the case how is it possible to build a tolerance? With an exception of like gooning nd sniff for 22 hours str8 or something. As long as u wait a day inbetween then i think ur fine cuz ive done them 3 days in a row now nd they hav been hitting me great i dont notice any decrese in effects. Oviosaly if i compare wen i did the cig to just the bottle theirs a difference. But hitting the bottles seem the same awasome everytime ive done them days in a row. I am probely gonna skip tonight but tommrow night im gooning nd popping 4 sure) on 2nd thought shit snap i might just do it again 2nite ;-) h yea !!!!!
And ive been looking online for small bottles i can put poppers in. To find the TDPE or whatever is hard. Nd wen i look 4 glass bottles alot dont say what time of plastic the cap is. So best thing to find. Enless u hav to transport it. But 4 at home. Is a small glass vial with a glass top. Nd u culd probely even hit from tht 2. Like u said. Pour a few mls into it. Nd then the rest of ur bottle is safe from exposure. Increaseing yur shelf life
Thx -Wenis

Anona Mouse said on Mon, 9 Jan 2023 at 01:41...

The aroma inhaler works well.. just be sure not to get the top end of the wick too wet, or you may inhale droplets of fluid. Especially true if you lay the inhaler down and the liquid migrates. Best to dip the wick into the bottle and load the dry side toward the top.
It can get pricey replacing the wicks, (per session cost) and you don't want to re-use them. They get gross.

And you'll want to clean after use. The threads get gummed up and don't want to turn if you leave it. It may be aluminum oxide building up on the threads, I'm not sure. Maybe oil the threads.

Wenis said on Mon, 9 Jan 2023 at 04:03...

Mouse good advice. I acutally was going to flip it nd dip it and drop it in the tube wet end up cuz i figured you wuld get a better hit. Good to kno not to do it tht way. Any other methods of inhales you have done tht u like? (Ive done cig nd i love but it wastes alot. Ide like to perfect tht method with The Professor and do something like a crack pipe with a cig filter in one end nd 4 or 5 cotton balls soaked shoved in the other side. Tht culd work beautys right? -Wenis)

Anona Mouse said on Mon, 9 Jan 2023 at 13:48...

Not sure if the wet end up would give a better hit or not, I just wonder about the fluid being inhaled. But I'm just a casual user over the years, no expert.

The sock or facecloth method (anything to hold the fluid while keeping it from getting in your mouth/nose) woke me up to the dangers of old or unknown quantities when the cloth disintegrated after laundering.
If it will eat cotton, what would it do to lung and nasal tissue?

Wenis said on Mon, 9 Jan 2023 at 23:52...

Probely destroy it

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