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What are the best poppers to get?

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Topic created by Deuce the goose
on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 03:51

Deuce the goose said on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 03:51...

My wife wants to use poppers but the first time she tried them they gave her some bad effects like blue nails, eye problems, made her sick, etc. We got them at a local smoke shop so I think we just bad ones.

Wenis said on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 07:53...

Yes u wuld probely of got isopopyl. Luckily u didnt go blind. The best i can recomend right now. From a completly legitimate source. (Im gonna do a review of them with pics soon) vhcleaner.com their product is exclletent strong nd high quailty its a blend of ISOBUTYL and SEC-BUTYL . vary very high quailty product. I had it a great time with a prostuite the other night. Ide say dont do the cig method with it enless ur looking to fall out lol. So yea any questions message me back. 30 bucks a 12ml bottles shipping wasnt much nd got here in 3 business days. Orderd sunday night. Was here thursday afternoon. Shipped from chicgo. If u look around u will see alot of good reviews of them. I got PL-100 cuz they were out of PL-200. I can only imagine the strength of a 200. Im now a life long custmer 2 them 4 sure. Personally i had no side effects. But i normally dont get any side effects enless i do a real lot then ill start 2 get a head ache. Nd i only fuk with isobutyl nd well sec-butyl now. And also i got some amyl on the way. Ide do pentyl 2 since its basically amyl. But idk i gotta c how i like the amyl. Amyls harder to get in the usa cuz its ilegal but u can order it onlibe. The place it seems to be 2 go is poppers-aroma.eu theirs others as well. Ide recommend it from buyrushonline.com however im still waiting on my shipmsnt. Sex shops r known 4 knock offs. If u wanna desrcibe ur bottle or look ur bottole up onlibe ur prob con see differnt varitions of it. Some r fake. If u wanna kno about rush go to neverfakeit.com nd compare 2 ur sex shop. Chances r its fake cuz most ppl dont kno or check. Im guessing urs didnt say the chem in it? Usally done when its propyl cuz they kno its less diserable or they might say ALKYL which just means the family of Nitrites which are poppers nd tht it culd be any. I wont do hexyl or cyblor whatever. Ive heard 2 much bad about hexyl like just gives side effects nd no feeling seems to be the consensis. Im blessed to live near a sex shop whos got the real shit nd buys it whole from the legit pwd nd locker room companys. So thts cool. And i may start trying to help those in need of real bottles nd shareing the joy nd get them the bottles nd shio it took them just charge em a little more few bottles few bucks or just like 15 or something 4 my time doing it. Maby even just 10. But im trying to get enough karma to post on popperpigs on reddit im wenis4amyl69 im pretty sure thts my username so u can hit me on thare if u want. I love poppers their so fun. Last night i had an epic fuck sess with a hot prostuite who used the poppers with me. I had her sniff while i was fucking her and literally felt as her pussy opened all the way up my dick was making it like into her insides i was fuking her doggy so it felt like i was slamming my hips into her ass i was going so deep felt soooooooooo good total epic as fuk will rember 4ever my duck felt like it was entering another planet nd i culdnt help but think of rick and morty nd how rick fuked a planet lol but this is the type of shyte i live 4 man. I kno its out dated but yolo is still true. I just had a good bate sess to popper porn to tonight nd know im getting rdy to go 2 bed but im still kn awe of how deep in tht pussy i got last night. Deepest ive ever been in a pussy. Nd any chemical tht can do tht deserves a goddam adward !!!!!!!!!! It aint just 4 assholes.... Altho thts gotta be awasome 2 but just never got a chance to try it. Ive only had anal in my life twice. Alot of girls arnt down to do it it seems nd prostuites usally arnt either altho some i bet wuld do it 4 enough extra money. But i havent tried. I think poppers must really be awasome 4 the asshole since they work so well on the pussy which isnt all musucle like the asshole the pussy mostly sex organ ya kno. But. Im sure ill be on cloud 9 wen i get to do it. Maby the popper girl i saw last night wuld be down. She might just gauge me. Like if its gonna be 3x etra or something. Then what wuld u rather. Fuk pussy 4 times. Or fuk asshole once. Thts a hard trade off. I think ide go with the 4 pussys. But if it was 3 pussy 2 1 A then ide be in tht A all D . H YEA !!!!!!!!!Nd this is a chemical i will literally make love with 4 the rest of my life. The true male enhancement products. Basically the closet to heaven on earth ur ever probely gonna get not counting all types of crazy drugs like pyote and angle dust cuz things like tht hav serious side effects like death or prison time or whatever elus. Only way ur gonna die from poppers is if u guzzel it or pop a bunch of virga nd huff the shit out of it. Anyways going to bed now.... Talk 2 u soon


(Ps:another bonus about vhc is the bottle can acutal pass 4 some type of electronic cleaner. Ya kno. When u get a bottle called MAN SENT, DUMB BITCH JUICE, or just a courlur bottole of brigh red or yellow nd says RUSH or ones like JUNGLE JUICE etc. Are oviousaly much harder if someone sees it as passing it off as something normal nd not wut many consider a perverted sex act)


Elvis said on Fri, 5 May 2023 at 17:04...

You sure have a way with words Wenis

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