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Topic created by Wenis
on Wed, 4 Jan 2023 at 07:02

Wenis said on Wed, 4 Jan 2023 at 07:02...

Im confused about the sock method. U take a sock. What length? Ped? Ankel? Rgular? Shin? Kneehigh? No one says. Nd tht wuld make a differnce. Ok. Then they say dip the end in the popper. Alr 4 how long? Or i hear dip the toe? Alr so the right corner? Or the left conor? Then they say just roll it up. Well who the hell knows how the right way or wut they mean wen thry say roll it up. Alsk ive heard turn it inside out... Both before and after from differnt posts. If we assume the roll it up means it will look like the side of a fruit roll up. And thus the amyl will be in the center..... Well which way i hold it? So the wet spot is closer 2 ur mouth.... Or further away?? Ya kno.nd the cig method im still unsure on... Cuz in one article it said it can b dangerous if u get liquid into ur mouth. So i just dont kno. Does tht appy to the sock method 2 then. Knock on wood jar has to b the safest. So im gonna try that tommrow. My inhalers on the way. Reply back nd get 30 points -Sincerly -Wenis

mabel said on Wed, 4 Jan 2023 at 22:56...

socks are a kinky fetish, my luv....football socks and jockstraps...need i say more. i knew one doll back in the day used to pinch rugby player's balls and do unspeakable things in her bedsit....dirty cow. now she's living in a caravan near Barnsley with a big box of incontinence pads for company...let that be a lesson to you.

Wenis said on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 08:29...

lol nd Cool. ;-) i bet shed take a jock strap soak it in poppers nd wear it over her face as she masterbates. Or take 2 sweaty used cups by the biggest cocks nd most plump nd hairy balls then attactch both cups togeatger with glue drill a hole in it. Soak her tampon with poppers shove it in thare and huff it all while shes getting fisted in both her vagina nd asshole. Yea baby !!!!!!!!! (oh snap dang maby shes incontinit now cuz she blew her vagina out doing stunts like tht with poppers)

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