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Offer of isobutyl services 2 all

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Topic created by Wenis
on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 22:10

Wenis said on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 22:10...

So guys whats up?....... I just found out i am blessed. Ive ordered online. But i discovered my local sex shop is selling legit products. All with correct markings on them. So i can offer u guys on here the following. RUSH, REGULAR, SUPER, BLACK. JUNGLE JUICE. PLUS. PLATINUM. BLACK AND GOLD. AMSTERDAM. ENGLISH ND ENGLISH WHITE LABEL. BLUE BOY. (nd 2 or 3 others i cant rember) they r all avaible in 10ml nd 30ml. The cost for me is 20.20 a 10ml. And 36 and change a 30ml. So the best i can do 4 u guys is charge u 25 for a 10ml and 40 for a 30ml. Still a very good price. Along with shipping which ide have to calculate but wuldnt charge u any extra on it. Bottles r legit. I can provide pics. Rush is exatctly how it should be. Sealed with an hiss wen opened. Ive confirmed so far tht all the rush products are isobutyl as they shuld be. Nd its on the bottle. The jj black nd plus i confirmed are isobutyl. And the other bottles i believe r 2. So this is 4 ppl looking 4 isobutyl. Which can b good if u live in europe. And personally i like isobutyl alot. (If anyones looking for pentyl or amyl i can give u a site link) so anyways. 4 my time im only asking 5 dollors profit for me per bottle. I think thts fair. And im trying to help out ppl who need nd deserve these awasome poppers. I just had an epic bate sess with a 30ml bottle of rush black label. So im a very happy custermer. I also buy products online. But figured at my expense nd time ide help out. Help the fight of getting quaility poppers. We can even do it like. If u want a blue boy nd super rush. Tell me. Ill buy the bottles nd then take a pic of em while holding todays newspaper. So u can confirm im not a scammer. But i love poppers. U can also reach me on reddit on popperpigs where my posts r pending intill i get more karma. But u can add my name Wenis4Amyl69 . im extremlly happy with my new bottle of 30ml black label rush. It smells so good nd i came so hard. Gonna be useing my jj black 10ml wen i fuk a hooker later this week shuld b like heaven. If anyone needs an high quaility aluminan and glass popper inhaler i can give u a link where u can pick one up for legit 5 bucks includeing shipping. Also im looking to place an order soon with popper aroma eu so if anyone elus is and they wanna order togeather nd split the shipping cost lmk. Im gussing ill be able to take money thru via cash app. But i already have zelle rn. We can come up with something. If anyone is intrested comment here. I may be able to get a pic of all the bottles in the shop but just didnt kno if the guy working thare wuld b cool with me snapping pics. Anyways CHEERS POP ON !!!!! SINCERLY -WENIS ;-) (PS-IF ANYONE WANTS TO KNOW 2 GOOD ONLINE POPPER STORES. THAT I HAVE CONFIRMED. AS IN ALREADY PAID FOR SUSSCUFULLY SITES. TAKING. VANILLA VISA GIFTCARDS. AS PAYMENT LMK. U HAVE 2 FOLD PLUS WEN U BUY WITH A GIFTCARD. UR ABLE TO CONTROL HOW MUCH IS ON THE CARD. SO IF UR WORRIED PAYMENT OR THE STORE MIGHT CHARGE U WITH SOMETHING EXTRA THEY WONT BE ABLE TO. CUZ ONCE U KNO UR ORDER TOTAL. U CAN USE UP THE REST OF THE MONEY BEFORE U BUY. ALSO IT PUTS DISTANCE BETWEEN U ND THE PAYMENT IN CASES OF AMYL BUYING. anyways just thought thts good to kno.... As u always wanna shop in the safest way. Nd i see ppl post upset they cant us debt of credit 2 buy. So this sloves tht prolbem. Or looking spefically 4 a site tht takes it. Just friggin pay em with the vanilla visa giftcard. Prolbem solved. Plus they have great products. Ok thx guys cheers !!! -Wenis !!!!!!!

Wenis said on Mon, 9 Jan 2023 at 04:20...

Wow how happy ppl are to get offered a product which has diffculty of getting. Or suggestions of online reltors. Feeling the love guys. Yall probely think im a scammer. Thts fine cuz i wuld assume someone elus saying the same was a scammer or i wuldnt risk it. Really is not the case with me tho
-Angry and Hurt Wenis

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