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Making A Site

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Topic created by Making a site
on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 20:39

Making a site said on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 20:39...

I see a couple are for sale. Do you guys think it's better to make your own or get a site that is very well established?

What things would you wanna see in a site? I have my list but I wanna see how it compares. Just thinking out loud!

Wenis said on Sat, 7 Jan 2023 at 08:44...

I culd talk 4 days about wut ide wanna see in a site.
But ima bout to go 2 sleep

Ill say about. Get an already established site tht has some traffic. BUT if ppl already hav a bad view of it

Getting a new sites harder cuz u gotta make a name 4 urself and establish urself. Work from the ground up. Nd ppl might b weary to trust to buy

I can help u get stock if u want like rush nd jj 10s nds 30s. U wuldnt b able to make to much cuz im not getting it super cheap. But at a fair price nd it wuld give u legit stock custmers liks tht

Nd hey maby i culd work 4 u. I need a job tht pays off the book. Ill do custermer service or whatever. I think working 4 a poppers site wuld be awasome

We culd come up with the most insane things 4 legal purposes

So when cleaning with this bottle NEVER lean ur nose right over the hole AND STRONGLY INHALE if you do you could feel all differnt types of excllent sensations HOWEVER this is NOT the way it shuld be used. This product stains cloths so you MAY WANT TO CLEAN NAKED and CLEANING IS ALWAYS MORE FUN WITH ANOTHER PERSON ppl who use this product report having an easier time getting those tuff to reach surfaces taken care of. Rember always to call a dr and buy more products from us if u start 2 go blind

lol not tht last sentence

WENIS!!!!!!! WENIS!!!!!!!!! WENIS!!!!!!!!

Ur not gonna sell propyl r u? Nd make ppl blind while u get rich?

Or ur attitute is if their dumb enough to buy the posion ill feed it 2 em

W E N I S ! ! !

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