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Eye sight issues - story and follow up after 8 months

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Topic created by Pvcmike
on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 12:00

Pvcmike said on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 12:00...

When this first happened I scoured online looking for info on people's journeys and found a lot of topics that did not have a follow up. This is our story over the past 8 months.

Back in March 22 my boyfriend and I were using poppers. He was 42. After a friday night of heavy use, we woke up the next morning to find he had significant eye sight loss in one eye. We believed this was caused by the poppers use and would go away with limited options over the weekend for medical help anyway. After a day or so still no change.

My boyfriend's uncle had an eye issue earlier in the year and went to a chemist who referred him to a eye consultant who could provide advice over the phone and then refer you to an emergency optician as needed. We called the consultant who booked us in with an optician and we were seen the next morning by a consultant. They told him he had suffered a bleed on the eye.

We were then referred to the eye hospital for scans and checks. What we didn't know at the time was that he had high blood pressure and the use of poppers had caused the vessels in the eye to expand and contact with each huff and the change in the blood had led to the bleed. There may also be a connection with the COVID vaccine though that is yet to be proven. This may also have happened without the poppers but the poppers were definitely a trigger. In later consults the poppers became less of a factor and we found lots of people both male and female had similar issues.

He was also told to check with his GP for his blood pressure and is now on daily pills.

He was given eye drops and sent away for 2 weeks to see if it would clear after they had confirmed the eye had stopped bleeding.

On review they found the bleed had stopped but there was still blood residue which had yet to disperse naturally causing some of the sight issues. At the same time they also suspected the main path that dispersed the blood had become blocked. To check he had a dye test which pumps chemicals around the body whilst it's photographed to show any vessel damage. This did reveal the path to be blocked.

Following this he was prescribed more drops. One for throughout the day and one at night.

To help clear the path and improve the balance in the eye he was prescribed with injections. One a month for 3 months.

Following this he was told that there may be some permanent loss of vision in the eye as blood circulation had stopped to that portion. We then had another dye test to confirm. Following this we are now looking at more injections but the possibility that the vision will be affected longer term.

As the blood dispersed from the eye, more vision returned.

All this happened over a period of 8 months.

When the bleed first happened, he couldn't even tell which can of soda he would be picking up from the fridge. He couldn't read his phone, couldn't drive, couldn't see subtitles on the TV and couldn't make out faces. This is because the section of the eye which processes detail had been affected. Whilst he could see a person, their clothes, their hair, he couldn't see the specifics of the fabric, the hair style or the facial details.

Over the time this has returned though not completely. He still has to read his phone close to his face, he can now see faces along as the light behind the person is not too bright. He can now drive but only in day as the lights of oncoming cars dazzle him.

I hope this post helps people on what they may be expecting if they have this issue and the medical journey they may go on. I will update in future.

PJ said on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 16:38...

Hi Pvcmike,

Thanks for your informative post!

"for his blood pressure"

what meds were prescribed? your boyfriend was previously unaware of his blood pressure being too high, has it now stabilized?

Billy said on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 16:52...

Sorry to hear that this happened to your boyfriend, it sounds very unpleasant! Were the poppers isopropyl or isobutyl that he used? (Could also have been amyl or pentyl but that doesn't seem so common.)

You've likely already seen them, but in case it's of use to anyone, there are some threads about other experiences in the archives here:


PJ said on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 19:52...

I am guessing isopropyl?

It seems to have been a journey of discovery and the conclusion " In later consults the poppers became less of a factor", that there was already blood pressure problems, but obviously not helped by poppers.

Jako said on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 20:02...

I'm guessing Iso Propyl Nitrite too.

Hello1234 said on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 23:50...

Iím glad your boyfriend is improving, sounds like a very scary ordeal. Iíve not seen any reports of poppers causing bleeds in the eyeÖ. Did you mention the poppers use to the eye doctor? The more common eye condition that poppers causes is poppers maculopathy, and it often affects both eyes - Iíve not read any published reports nor anything on forums of it affecting one eye.

That being said, you do describe some symptoms of poppers maculopathy - the light sensitivity for instance.

What was the diagnosis that the eye doctor gave? Was it vitreous haemorrhage? Iím no eye doctor, but I am a doctorÖ I think as you say the jump of blood pressure from high, to low (when inhaling the poppers) and back to high again (as the poppers wear off) probably caused the blood vessel to burst. It definitely makes sense.

Thanks for posting your account, I think itís important people know the risks - often poppers are thought of as something benign and harmless.

Pvcmike said on Fri, 6 Jan 2023 at 21:28...

Hi all

He was unaware of his high blood pressure for which he is now receiving treatment. Turns out it's common in the family and most of them are on some kind of blood pressure meds. Im not entirely sure what he is on for it but it's helping keep it under control.

The poppers were sold by a UK sex shop. Supposed to be the very best and not like the cheap ones in corner shops!. I didn't like them and thought they were isopropyl in disguise. I warned against them and continued to use my amyl imports but at the time we were completely unaware of any possible side effects at all as we hadn't discovered people's accounts.

We did mention the poppers use to the eye doctor. They believed the high pressure with the mix of poppers caused the back of the eye to bleed but it was not diagnosed as poppers Mac - though the doctor was aware of it. Instead he believed the sight loss to be caused by spotting of blood which had not cleared. As that did clear the vision returned more but now they suspect blood flow to that part of the eye has been compromised and may not recover (pending results of the latest dye test to confirm circulation)

I believe it may have been called a vitreous haemorrhage but I can't be certain.

Our account is more of a documentation of what happened for anyone who may be looking for something. If I had found this account at the time it would have helped give us an idea of the journey we were looking at. After our first consult we just thought the blood residue would clear within a few weeks and we would be back to normal with no understanding of the timescales involved for recovery.

Wenis said on Mon, 9 Jan 2023 at 00:18...

And so this eye damge happend from propyl popper use ?

Pvcmike said on Wed, 11 Jan 2023 at 08:44...

No, it was poppers combined with high blood pressure. So all I am saying is if you use them and are perhaps older (boyfriend is 42) get your blood pressure checked to avoid any issues.

Wenis said on Wed, 11 Jan 2023 at 23:44...

Ok so high blood pressure is bad? I thought tht wuld be fine cuz poppers lowers blood pressure. So wuldnt tht acutally be good?

Subodh said on Mon, 27 Feb 2023 at 15:11...

Hi pvcmike, ( plz ignore my english) i am from india, i have same issue but 10-20 times more then you, so it's start in 2019 when after heavy session, ( using Amsterdam popper ) my eyes are blurred, and in left eye blurness is double, then i stopped doing huff, and eyes are going blurr but very slow, but in 2021 in second wave of covid i suffered from delta variant and recover after 20 days, but my eyes start going more blurr day by day, now my left eye is completely blurred 95% and other eye have very less vision, i am using mobile from nose distance, so now a days i just hear songs and news from mobile, and only 10% use visually, its hard to type in mobile, many eye doctors in my city doesnt find the problem, i told them about popper maculopathy but they don't have cure so they refer me to hospitals in Delhi ( India's Capital ), but as i told you from last 1 year and more i am almost blind and due to covid economic situations i am living on my savings with my wife no kids yet.. this year i sold my car too,
now i am trying to earn money for operation or whatever surgery, doing some freelancing work from home as a IT person, but its hard to do work on pc more then 20-30 mins.. before 6 months i have committed suci#d 😞
but bad luck or may be good.. now i am working 1-2 hours daily on pc and very little but income is start, my fear is that i have no time to wait but i have to bcoz of money.. i have 100 times more things to say but my eyes and my english doesn't help me to convey my pain..
i just want to say some real truth of poppers and i am not hesitate to say, that I really like poppers in sex, in future i dont even touch this, but if things going all ok, and my doc allows me to do lite huff occassionally then i really want to.. i know people here cuss me for that, but i really like huff with my wife before i cum. she also into that but its my badluck or low immunity whatever, i suffer this. fyi i am not into heavy sniffing ever only 2-3 small sniff in 1 session in weeks.. but on that day only i take 8-10 heavy huffs.. i tried Vit B12 therapy, Omega 3 capsules, healthy veg diets, may be it helps me to slow my degradation but after covid its worsten in just 3-4 months.. Pray for me, to i get best treatment and docs soon.. Thanks

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