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U wont regret reading this (also

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Topic created by Wenis
on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 07:13

Wenis said on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 07:13...

MaSsIVe REVIEW yall with be JELLY but INFO thts gonna help YALL, click here... The POPPER GODS HAVE BLESSED ME

(highlights below literally 2 differnt repubtile shops tht u can literally buy poppers online with a friggin visa giftcard IN THIS DAY N AGE WHO WULD OF THOUGHT !!!!!)
ok so i decided to put everything into one massive review. All links will be provided at end. Email contacts will be explained but screenshots will not be shown. I feel like thts a violation of a companys privacy. But i will summarize what was said. And if you want message me i can show you some parts of the emails. However the link i show of imgur at the ends. Shows all the products i will recieve.

Ok 1st. Vhcleaners.com . ive seen great great reviews. So i want to try. I go on their site. Easy to use. Only 2 house products. 1s out of stock. No prolbem. Like i said i heard they are super strong. They hav a isobutyl and sec-butyl nd some other one mix. Thts suppose to be really good. So i ordered a bottle of 12ml PL-100. It was 30 dollors. But i bet its worth it. U can see in the pics. With shipping it was 38. I got 2 day shipping. Ok. Also most importantlly. THEY TAKE CREDIT/DEBT CARD. How rare 2 find. Nd to top tht.... I PAID WITH A VISA GIFTCARD 50 DOLLOR 1 I GOT 4 XMAS. So im literally buying poppers with a dang gift card. Ima g. About the easiest possible payment method on earth. Cuz a . 2 b excat. Vanilla visa gc . very easy to get.

Oh yes excllent custermer service. Fast response time even on a hoilday. Anwsered all my questions nd were friendly. They use a plain discreet box. Etc. And literally 12 hours after i placed my order. I was emailed the tracking code nd they had fufilled it by giving the package to usps piroity mail.

So far they got an A+

Ok next..... Drum roll pls.....

Next is BUYRUSHONLINE.COM yay!!!!!!! Ok so not gonna lie was a bit sus of these guys. I saw a bad review or 2 of them. But what i really didnt like was a review i saw claiming they sold all fakes from china. Reguardless i firgured ide reach out nd c what they say. With their page all having pictures of legits af bottles. I mean ofc u culd still get something elus. But the custermer service was great. Anwsered all my questions. They dont take debt card but take about 4 or 5 payments. I did zelle . nd it worked fine. I have my order number. He confirmed with me he got the payment nd hes putting my bottles out to me asap nd ill hav the tracking number tommrow. They hav a decent selection. Also wen talking he sent me another 2 varfication pics upon my request. Só i have faith in these guys to be honest. Cuz i hav seen them recommend alot. I landed on a sweet sweet 30ML SUPER RUSH. Nd also a SWEET SWEET bottle of 10ML AMYL (ISOAMYL) so im going to enjoy tht alot. Prices arnt bad. Rember when on their site. Search amy instead of amyl bc of legal reasons they have 2. But hey culd be a good source of amyl for in usa orders. Anyways my total for both with extra fast shipping was only 42$ i did use a coupon code to save 15%. Tht was about 6 dollors.but i hav in my email a free 20% off nd rn they r doing 20% off orders over 75. So if u got the money to spend it culd be worth it.

Ive got VERY HIGH HOPES for buyrushonline

Ofc ill be updateing this as each package comes in

Now i will explain.... Before xmas i placed an order with

Powerpoppers.com very great site. Selection is limited. But sites been going for over 15 yrs. Great great great custermer service. They got u covered thare. Cuz im lucky in this case 1ST OFF THEY ACCEPT DEBT/CREDIT CARD no issue with process either. Again i paid with a dang vanilla visa gc and it worked just fine. They anwsered all the questions i had b4 i order. Discreet package nd legit products. Again another good soruce of amyl.... So. I ofc order a bottle of RUSH 10ML it was 18 bucks with shipping. Not bad. 4 1 bottle order. Well unfortantly bc of the hoilday and covid and another issue , they emailed me saying it was going to be late. But they wuld give me it GRATIS. For free. They wuld refund my money. I said. Snap. I dont want the money. Culd u just send me out a jungle juice plus , they said sure no prolbem. B4 anyone says anything.... I have read enough good reviews of them not to be worried. But scammers usally dont apoligize and give u gratis. Also u can get a 15% off code by going to poppersguide a grreat fourm about poppers exist thare. Nd the 15% code never expires. My 18 dollors 4 a rush bottle.... Was without tht code.... So thts quite some bottles i got coming

Imagine if they all get here on the same day??? Plus tommrow im gonna go to my local sex shop nd c wut they got... I will b weary about tht tho. Maby not even buy thare. Probely knock off isoyopyl.

So now i add in . the popper inhaler i also ordered. From Aliexpress 5 bucks.... Tht will take a little bit 2 get here but worth it 2 take strong hits on the go. Might wanna buy some extra wicks too cuz the inhaler only comes with 10.

So i stand to recieve. Nd i will update the review. Everytime a package arrives. In real time btw

First ill list the links






Ill be getting lickly all within this week !!!






PJ said on Tue, 3 Jan 2023 at 16:45...

"sold all fakes from china"

this is sometimes confusing, as one persons says this and it turns out that the product is actually made in the USA by another manufacturer, in fact if you look carefully at one website then they even mention the competitor by name - they are a big well known and long existing factory, and they are not in China.

Chinese products are bad news, and unreliable copies, but there is an obvious attempt to create sensation and bad-will. It can be confusing :-)

Wenis said on Mon, 9 Jan 2023 at 17:49...

I agree it can be hard to find legit product but im really glad all mine r legit. Confirmed by store owner and also the www.neverfakeit.com/ website :-)

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