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Twisted Beast

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Topic created by Billy
on Sat, 24 Dec 2022 at 16:10

Billy said on Sat, 24 Dec 2022 at 16:10...

Anyone in the Uk try them recently?

Looks like they are selling amyl, isoamyl and pentyl, though not butyl.

Wenis said on Sun, 25 Dec 2022 at 04:39...

Yes im on their site now looks legit. Its 21 euros shipping for under 49.99 purshage to usa but thts for 2-4 day shipping. Try searching these fourms i think i heard about them on here b4. Dosent raise any red flags 2 me nd u can pay via cc or dc so yea ide try them. Matter fact. U place an order now (im still waiting on my order from powerpoppers.com its takibg longer cuz xmas oviosaly but i got a sweet sweet bottle of good ol orgional RUSH baby a classic with SWEET SWEET SWEET ISOBUTYL yes ill possibly get cancer BUT ITS STILL THE STRONGEST.) However my next order was gonna be a bottle of AMYL as thts the best and safest kind 2 use. Might not be as strong a hit. But its still pretty strong plus its duration is consibdribtilly longer so yea. Was gonna get some from popper amorma. Ive heard really good things about them. Yea some negative but u gotta rember their r ppl trying to promote their own sites. So if i post. Just got my order from powerpoppers.com nd its total FIRE. Someone might comment. Powerpoppers is trash they sell fake product if u want true real product and fantastic custermer service then go to thesiteimpromoteing.com lol lmao wow. Just scammers. Usally they r the scammers trying to redirect popper traffic so they can make money. Truly. So any company good or bad is gonna hav good and bad reviews. U gotta look at whos sayibg it. And does it sound like a genuine anwser. Also wen comment threads go back nd fourtg with 2 ppl "talkibg" 2 each other nd the times they r both posting r very close togeather. Its usally the same person faking the conversation. Anyways. 2 provide u with more help. Never get PROPYL bc thts the one linked with eye damage. U CAN try PENTYL bc its the same... Well very simlar. But slightly differnt. I think. From wut i read its basically interchangable. ISOPENTYL being AMYL soooo maby look more into tht. Ofc ppl say amyl is better. Which i agred but PENTYL bottles r a safe bet. I hav 2 do more reasearch on CYL and HEXYL ide acutally be intrested 2 try. But only if i kno enohgh. I wuldnt rule them out. Proceed with cation tho. Nd they r probely less studyed than the others. AKYL NITRITE is a good 2 go bottle 2. (Theirs etheil choloride ppl huff it will a rag, nd its SUPER SUPER SUPER DANGEROUS often sold on popper sites. NEVER BUY IT) hit me with any questions ofc. Ok so place ur order with twisted. Then wen u get ur product tell me. Nd tell me how it is. Then and i PROMISE next time ur weary about a site ill b the one to bite the bullet. We go back n fourth till we fjnd the very best. Cuz if u say twisted worked great. Then. Im gonna order. What u do is rn find their contact. Shoot an email sayibg u gof a boat load of xmas money nd was intrested in some products such as super large dildos and poppers (just sayibg poppers 2 sus) no jk im just messing with u. But say u just wanted to reach out b4 u placed ur order. C if they respond. The legit ones will. Like next day reply. So yea. 2 reditorate well. AMYL safest. Not strongest hit. But still strong and long duration. Isobutyl strongest hit 4sure medium length. but its carigenic and can cause cancer (personallg the way theg did the test i dont agree with. I mean rats breathing in isobutyl for 6 hours everyday. Like no break or nothing. No one uses poppers like tht. Plus i read the whole study. And only 20 out of over 1000 got a cancer lump... So ya kno percentagd wise) thts why im ok with doing it atleast intill i get some amyl but even then im still gonna hit it every once nd awhile 4 tht big rush baby u kno. PROPYL like i said. Thts the one where ppl hav reported permate eye slight loss. So ill never touch it cuz i need 2 c. Akyl nitrite tht ones good. Dude im honest just do wut im doing. Gonna be main lineing amyl nd every so often fuk wit da butyl . which is ilegal in uk haha lol. Check out double scorpion. I 4get the types they hav.but cool site nd bottoles. No amyl tho. Also look into buyfromben.com buypoppers.net popper aroma poppersexpress neverfakeit.com buyrushonline.com . idk i got about 25 saved in my book marks. We will get this done man. We will get u poppers. Ill let u kno wen mh rush from powerpoppers gets here. Cuz its taking so long im acutally getting it for FREE so thts cool. Might just tell him send me a bottle of jungle juice plus nd call it even tho. Oh if u click buy poppers on this site. They gof u with coupons 15% 10% nd 30% 35% of larger orders. 4 buypoppers.net and powerpoppers.com so just always use ur head man. 2 sniff poppers nd 2 buy poppers. If its a new site... Reasearch it heavy. Also . check like sites designed to test its trust lvl. But rember it will be lower cuz they count traffic 2 the site. Biggest indicatiof of fraud seems to be sites tht just pop up outta no where nd hav been in business a week. NEVER BUY FROM BROWNBOTTLE.ORG bc tht site is verifted scammers. But yea. Ya kno ppl hav said the golden era of poppers is over. Nd yes thts true. They hav cracked down nx made amyl ilgeal. Therfore harder 2 get. BUT THEIR R STILL SITES OUT THARE WITH GOOD POPPERS. THEY CAN BE GOT. MIGHT BE A LITTLD MORE TRICKH AT TIMES. But im just grwatful its still possible 2 buy good poppers nd enjoy them, Merry Xmas Eve Brother !!!

Wenis said on Sun, 25 Dec 2022 at 06:19...

Chicago Solvents


Review of twisted


Im trying my best 2 help you @Billy. On xmas 2 at tht

Wenis said on Tue, 27 Dec 2022 at 20:42...


Nitritespecialist said on Fri, 30 Dec 2022 at 18:37...

In the past, I used to praise amyl nitrite as being the most user friendly and least likely to cause toxic effects. This is still true......BUT the other nitrites, isopropyl, isobutyl, and butyl can still be effective and useful provided they are pure enough, possessing no toxic enhancing impurities, which they tend to do when made poorly. They should all be aromatic and smell agreeable when fresh and pure. None should make the blood pressure plunge and stay down after 5 minutes. None should make the neck muscles feel fatigue after 5 minutes. None should cause a black out trance or yellow spots.

IPN has one major disadvantage, besides its aptness to possess toxic impurities when made poorly, IT evaporates quickly, almost as fast as acetone.

Nitritespecialist said on Fri, 30 Dec 2022 at 18:42...

In the past, I speculated that sodium nitrite degrades so quickly upon exposure to air that it caused a poor popper product. Today, I now believe, the alcohols are primary culprits. They must be obtained pure and kept pure. Mixing strategies and ratios are still important, BUT without good, highly pure alcohol, success will be impossible without distillation. The alcohols are expensive. I have paid 60 bucks per 500 mls for pentanol. IPA is a couple bucks and readily available everywhere. If it's bad, pitch it and go buy more.

Nitritespecialist said on Fri, 30 Dec 2022 at 18:48...

I am finding that a good IPN can be made using the following approx. ratios....

7 to 8 grams SN
70% IPA 12 to 13 mls
5 to 6 mls muriatic 31% HCl.

I did use 10-10-20 formula, BUT that was simply an easy way to remember it. It might need a little tweaking to optimize quality of product.

But, do NOT add any water other than what's in the IPA and acid. You should see visible salt in the reaction vessel.

Less acid must be used when water is reduced. Use an ice bath to keep reaction cool. 50F is maximum temp that is allowed.

Wenis said on Wed, 11 Jan 2023 at 23:49...

Nitritespecialist i dont understand you seem to be putting down IPN but then you say IPN is good. So i dont get ur stance on it? If its made purely with no toxins or additives in it. Then is it good? Cuz IPN is acutally very strong right? Like stronger then sec-butyl isobutyl and amyl...... But with IPN what about all the terrible side effects? Eye problems, going blind, seeing spots, loss of certain vison, inability to focus ur eyes, headaches, hangovers, blue fingers, nose irritation.... Etc... The list goes on. Can u advoid those side effects if u make it right ???

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