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Poppers Espana baised in Spain ?

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Topic created by Wenis
on Tue, 20 Dec 2022 at 09:40

Wenis said on Tue, 20 Dec 2022 at 09:40...

Hey guys. This site looks to have everything u culd ever want. Offers ability to pay at delivery. Sounds almost to go 2 b true. I emailed them asking if they ship to USA. So ill see if i hear back. Anyone bought from here b4 in the us. Or can u maby tell by the site if they r legit. They hav small medium and large bottles plus sprays. And so so so many differnt brands. Plus they tell u on each bottle descrption. Which of the 4 nitrates it is. They use i believe. Amyl isobutyl hexnyl pentyl . so thts all very good stuff. Probely the amyl is the best . atleast side effects wise. Any info appricated thx. Link below


Hornywolf said on Wed, 11 Jan 2023 at 14:44...

There are several almost identical sellers that advertise themselves as a Spanish sites, but if you dig a bit deeper you find they're based off a sex shop in Portugal, not like that's a bad thing.
Most of their inventory is the same across their "different" sellers, but sometimes they might have slight differences in stock and sales, so I search for what I can get a better price on what I prefer.

On the "Pay on delivery" is because in Spain used to be a common method on a lot of shipping way before online shopping is a thing, right now I would only recommend it if you really can't pay with card or really need to not give any explanations to anybody, because the method comes with an extra fee, obviously.

I don't know if they ever ship overseas, but I'm sure you're not gotta get it those shipping methods for shipments outside here.

Personally, if you're in Spain is a great site, (or one of their alts if you fancy a different sale) but if you want to ship to US, try looking for a more general, EU retail site

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