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You know what's funny...

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Topic created by anon
on Fri, 9 Dec 2022 at 23:10

anon said on Fri, 9 Dec 2022 at 23:10...

...is these two old men who hate each other who argue about making poppers in every thread

GrimeFighter said on Sat, 10 Dec 2022 at 11:17...


The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Sat, 10 Dec 2022 at 17:47...

Not true. There is one dude who says outrageous things, is prone to volcanic hyperbole, changes his mind constantly, and champions arcane long-forgotten chemistry texts and wacky conspiracy theories. He frequently responds using unsavory nom-de-plumes (not to be confused with Norman de Plumes, the 14th Century poet) Those names often involve the anus.

There is another guy who corrects him.

>who hate each other

I think the enmity is from one-side, certainly the swearing and bar-room style aggression is from this Ken dude, Bathtub Betty, or whatnot.

Bathtub Brewmeister said on Sun, 11 Dec 2022 at 18:53...

How DARE you.

Anonymous said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 17:33...

Wow....the tone and words of the Flying Dreaded Jerk sound just like the self-appointed professor's.

Actually, I don't hate anyone. I feel sorry for all of mankind. But I won't stand back and be attacked either. And I do want all popper consumers to be able to make informed decisions, which unfortunately is impossible in the current state of affairs.

Anonymous said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 17:39...

I have found no place to buy consistently good poppers since Joe Miller died in 2010. I confess, I haven't tried that hard. But every time I have, I've been very very disappointed.

To those who claim they are able to still buy good poppers, I would ask...from where and who's making them. But, I fear I'll just end up buying more crap from the same dealers.

A major USA player in PA, admits, he's been in the business for 30 years and doesn't do poppers, never has. How can he possibly know what a good popper is when he hasn't even tried them???? The LVT products that I first tried after Joe Miller died were acidic weak crap, each and every time....don't know if they were old, or just not very pure when fresh.

The Professor said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 21:13...

Take the time, and you'd realize that TDFG is a regular poster here. He's not me, and he's not a 'newbie' that you can impress with words that you don't understand.

Also, by the posts in this thread, it seems like he's got your number, as a lying charlatan.

Also, you've made the demand that TDFG is me (based on his disagreement with your methods) months ago, and are now either forgotten what you thought last month, or are lying to try to impress.

TIP: if you want to influence people, don't insult them to their face.

Also, have something to say (you've said nothing for so many years, that you seem to think proclaiming something makes it so.

Last week, Everett Farr was a godsend, now he's a scam? same thing with jungle juice eh? Ridiculous accusations from a guy that doesn't understand (seemingly) anything, yet has a strong opinion on seemingly) everything.

If you wanted people to be able to make informed decisions (a hoot coming from a purveyor of conspiracies) then you wouldn't lie to them repeatedly just to support your own wrong ideas. You have done that repeatedly throughout the years, with no comprehension of the real science (and a large dollop of reality denial)

Anonymous said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 23:39...

Is that the Thomas the Professor who claims to make liquid gold at minus 12 C but then sends out turbid milky smelly garbage and gets mad when people who have received his shit samples fail to place droplets in a gas mask they have donned.

Nitritespecialist said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 23:41...

Oh that's right...the Professor claims minus 12 C yields 99.9% pure popper gold.....and yet he sends out turbid smelly garbage unfit for the human nose.

Popperasswipe said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 23:46...

There are many methods that work to make highly pure poppers right out of the pot....BUT none of them WORK if the reagents aren't pure enough. Nothing the Professor ever has said counters that statement. Except to say he wrongly...so falsely pretends that his -12 C way is the latest and greatest way and always produces stellar 99.9% pure poppers no matter what. I tested his poppers and they were total crap. So who's lying?

The Professor said on Tue, 13 Dec 2022 at 00:10...

asswipe et al,

claim I haven't proven it, but it only shows what a bitter, creepy liar you are, trying to pretend you have a clue.

Of COURSE I've shown attributions that claim that the shelf life of the parent alcohols is roughly 2 to 3 YEARS.

Of COURSE an alkyl nitrite that has been completely converted will have VANISHING amounts of unreacted alcohol. the alcohol's job is to provide methyl groups, that's it. If your making with pentanol, that's 5 methyl groups. any oxidation of the parent alcohol doesn't matter TO THE PREP because the prep isn't binding those oxidization components to a yield.

Of COURSE an alkyl nitrite that has only partially been satiated will contain large amounts of UNREACTED alcohol, and THAT"S where the obnoxious odors can develop from continuing oxidization of the alcohol.

STRAW MAN FALLACY this all you want; your OWN words testify that you don't understand the chemistry, that you intentionally sabotage your own preps in order to try to make a point and that you pretend I say things so you can argue against them.

e.g. I have NEVER said that prepping at -12C 'overcomes' anything. let alone degraded reactants.

I HAVE said that-12C preps have vanishingly low levels of unreacted alcohol.

I HAVE said that prepping at -12C prevents reactants from boiling away

I HAVE said that the prep doesn't care if the Pentanol is SLIGHTLY oxidized, all it cares is how many methyl groups there are in the alcohol.

whatever insanity YOU take from that says more about your comprehension failure than anything.

Anonymous said on Tue, 13 Dec 2022 at 18:04...

Thomas has still said nothing that counters what Dunstan discovered 100 years ago. In order to obtain highly pure alkyl nitrites straight out of the pot without distilling, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST USE HIGHLY PURE REAGENTS.....especially the alcohols, which they tested extensively.

Thomas falsely assumes that every source of alcohol, Ebay, Amazon..etc. etc. is going to deliver very pure, undegraded alcohols that have been stored under optimum conditions.

I know for a 100% FACT that TCI's pentanol and butanol do DEGRADE after they are opened and once that happens, the crude popper becomes a bitter, toxic poison that absolutely MUST BE distilled.

Shelf life means nothing if the alcohol is not stored properly.

Another clue that the alcohols have degraded is blue/green nitrous acid will be present and accumulate...but the alcohol sitting there seems to be ignoring it. Blue nitrous should NOT become so concentrated it's visible. A pure alcohol will gladly and quickly combine with nitrous to make the nitrite.

When I make IPN, I see no blue nitrous and addition is fairly quick.

As always, the proof is in the pudding....I have tested the Professor's brews and they were turbid milky smelly toxic crap....far worse than anything I have made.

Anonymous said on Tue, 13 Dec 2022 at 18:07...

Oh...I forgot to mention, Thomas got very mad that I didn't put on a gas mask to test his samples. He sent a gas mask gadget to do so, assuming I was the type who likes to wear a gas mask to do drugs. I am not and I have no plans to put on a gas mask to smell any drug.

The Professor said on Tue, 13 Dec 2022 at 22:24...

Your 'still didn't answer my question' thing is old and boring, particularly after I've already countered your opinion with facts several timers over.

Making things up is an extra bonus for me; my 11 yr old neice understood the concepts that I've explained to you, and she had NO problem with comprehension. When you deny reality like this it enforces the fact that you don't understand what you're reading.

And the 'it's so easy to google the right answer' thing is stale as well, since you've been shown to be wrong EVERY time you play that card (a goose egg batting average for Ken)

The 'oh yes' and 'I forgot to mention' stuff is also old hat; you HAVE mentioned everything you can think of in trying to discredit ME, and have been paying NO attention to the process.

Blaze on, Ken, you reinforce your ignorance every time you lie (tip: you can easily tell when ken is lying; there will be text in his posts

The Professor said on Tue, 13 Dec 2022 at 22:39...

OH, and a reminder to newbies out there. If you are interested in rehashing Ken's history and parade of lies, arguing against himself, denying reality, etc. just search this forum.

site:https://poppersguide.com/forum/ professor

some of my posts will be answering questions regarding making, but the lion' share will be corrections to this willfully ignorant man's fumbling, dangerous and bitter attempts to make over the past 12 years.

I know, not fun reading, but it blows his rhetoric wide open.

e.g. the post above where he says that what I was making 11 years ago was cloudy and nauseating, (despite the fact that he's doing the same thing with his preps (unreacted alcohol) that I tried back then, and quickly dismissed as inappropriate)

what he DOESN'T repeat when telling this story is that, as part of a 'cook off' among makers, I sent 12 samples out. 11 of the 12 makers reported favorable results, actually they were held in very high regard.

GUESS who the 12th maker was? you got it, it was KEN.

so, 11 years ago (i'd been making for about 2 months) a resentful maker claimed he didn't like my submission to the cook off, and he just happened to be the guy who WAS running a maker's forum at PoppersPlace.com, who WAS and IS having tremendous difficulty in making a potent, pure and relatively stable product, who LOST ALL of his audience when THEY were trapped in his viscious cycle of 'my way or the highway' Gaslighting.

he made such a nuisance of himself that reddit banned him.

he's only here now because this forum doesn't have the ability to ban members.

So, we're struck with him; a fish out of water on a vendor comparison site, trying to impress people with his misunderstandings.

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