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Fake Everest products ?

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Topic created by About Everest ?
on Wed, 7 Dec 2022 at 12:34

About Everest ? said on Wed, 7 Dec 2022 at 12:34...

Do you know these everest poppers products that are made in the USA? It looks like a nice counterfeit? They don't look at all like the everest that are in EU ?



The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Wed, 7 Dec 2022 at 23:24...

And you know all about the trademarks / licensing agreements do ya? Your judgemental post implies that you are fully conversant with them.

About Everest ? said on Thu, 8 Dec 2022 at 12:49...

It's just a question! I'm a consumer, the products on the American sites don't look like the products I buy in Germany, the logo is different and a bit crude in the copy
and the everest poppers products are sold in Europe not in America...
it looks like a Chinese counterfeit

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Thu, 8 Dec 2022 at 20:36...

it looks like

oh OK...well Donald Trump looks like a nice jovial grandpa, but he 'aint. So the "Looks Like" school of thought doesn't work. US products are sold differently to those elsewhere, that's one possibility, for example they are called "solvents"..

What does the label on your bottle say? who is it made by?

Anonymous said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 17:28...

The popper market is totally unregulated. It's a "gray" market essentially.

I wouldn't expect of find much integrity anywhere in the business.

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