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Where to buy SN without being a business

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Topic created by Supply Issues
on Mon, 5 Dec 2022 at 11:31

Supply Issues said on Mon, 5 Dec 2022 at 11:31...

Title says it all. Used to buy Duda Sodium Nitrite, now I can’t find any group that will sell to an individual. Suggestions or a point in the right direction?

The Professor said on Mon, 5 Dec 2022 at 22:00...

It helps to have an LLC and address.
All I had to do was provide my LLC's address, and send photos and description of my spill containment equipment and protocol.

The Professor said on Mon, 5 Dec 2022 at 22:08...

USP grade would probably be the thing to do for selling to others. it's not that much more expensive if bought direct from sigma aldrich, for example.

For personal use (when you are not an LLC , but still want a good result), Duda's food grade stuff can be refined easily at less cost.

The largest difference these days is how the powder is stored. Food grade vendors usually sell in plastic containers (not airtight) and oxygen leaches into the powder, shortening the shelf life.

NaNO2 degrades slowly on exposure to air; as long as your food grade product was born relatively recently, and if bought from a large company with lots of turnaround, the powder should be very pure, probably wetter than USP grade, but not choked with impurities.

Refining it yields BETTER than USP grade at less cost, just store the powder correctly (glass, sealed, with dessicant) and it'll last well over 2 yrs.

Anonymous said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 17:11...

You can still buy SN from Consolidated....they just upped their prices.

I have been using it to make some mighty potent isopropyl.

It's important to use the right ratios....10-10-20

10 mls Muriatic, 10 grams SN and 20 mls 70% isopropyl alcohol.

You don't need super cold temps....40 to 50F is all that's required.

If ratios are changed too far from ideal, the product becomes bitter and weak. Any bitterness is bad.

You don't need to add any additional water. It won't help.

Anonymous said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 17:18...

It's just as important, if not more important, to get factory sealed alcohols, like from TCI. Even these alcohols will degrade with repeated exposure to air and in one to two months, you will notice a sudden drop off in potency and a turn for the worse in odor. Bitterness is always BAD, whether it's fresh out of the pot or months old.

Isopropyl alcohol is easy to get. It's everywhere. And if it has gone bad, it's cheap and easy to replace it.

The Professor said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 21:23...

And in the other post this idea is shot down in flames.

Various alcohols have a shelf life of two to three YEARS.

Yes, you will notice a 'de3gradation will repeated exposure to air (that wrecks your popper), IF you both leave the alcohol unsealed for several months (about 6) AND prep your poppers at room temperature or thereabout (guaranteeing unreacted alcohol).

In that extreme 'ONLY KEN SEES THIS' case, the unreacted alcohol will taint the aroma.

If, however, you prep the right way (as cold as possible and at as high pressure s possible) then the yield will have less than 0.5% or less alcohol, and that's not enough for a human nose to detect.

A properly prepared popper has NO alcohol, the alcohol ingredient of interest (the methyl groups) are all that remain of the alcohol.

Alkyl nitrite itself will also decompose, so stabilization AND preservation are still needed (unlike your ignorant willfully demand (as you've been presented with the facts, but have decided to deny them and remain ignorant) that all that's needed is activated alumina.

Anonymous said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 23:27...

Dunstan and Wooley (Pharm. Jour. (3) 19, 487) give a process for the manufacture of iso-butyl nitrite which is exactly the same as that which they use for amyl nitrite. The quantities were calculated according to the equation :- 2C,H,,OH + H,SO, + 2NaN0, = 2C,H,,NO, + Na,SO, + 2H,O and a slight excess of sodium nitrite used. The acid was gradually mixes with the alcohol, the mixture cooled and poured very slowly to the bottom of a solution of the sodium nitrite in three parts of water, keeping the whole cooled to 10” or 12”. The amyl nitrite formed floats on the aqueous layer and is washed with alkaline carbonate solution and dried over fused potassium carbonate. If abso- lutely pure reagents are used, the amyl nitrite so formed requires no distilla- tion and is almost perfectly pure. With less pure grades of alcohol, distillation must be resorted to.

None of what Thomas the disabled, embittered Vet in Nebraska has said counters what the REAL and published chemists figured out 100 years ago....the ALCOHOLs have to very absolutely very pure. Thomas wrongly assumes and lies about the fact that every source of alcohol online is selling very pure alcohols. They are NOT.....and every pure alcohol will degrade...;oxidize once exposed repeatedly to air. None of the hot steaming pile of shit Thomas P. counters one iota of what I have said.

Let's remember....he NEVER tested any of my poppers, but I have tested his.....and they were the smelliest, cloudy white turbid garbage, made from 3 degraded alcohols he was keen to dump together in an effort to make something stellar. BUT, it turned out to be turbid shit.

Anonymous said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 23:31...

And I know Tom's methods are bullshit.....because I tried them all over and over all....and once the reagents are too degraded absolutely NOTHING works. minus 12 C will absolutely NOT overcome degraded alcohols.

Dunstan performed their synthesis at 10 to 12 C...40 to 50F..and they got very pure amyl and isobutyl. Everett Farr's patent states 10 F...

Minus 12 is NOT the magic bullet Thomas claims it is. He's full of BS when he states so.

Anonymous said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 23:35...

There is far more than base alcohol tainting poppers made from degraded reagents. Thomas implies so much shit....it's safe to assume he wheels around in his chair smelling of dried feces.

The Professor said on Mon, 12 Dec 2022 at 23:54...

Back to ad hominem attacks, the last recourse of the uninformed.

have you ever stopped to realize that the poppers you make, (guaranteed to have unreacted alcohol because you ignorantly insist on under-moling the acid and prepping too warm) are the SAME thing as the sample I sent you that you claim made you sick from the vomit odor?

The difference being that I intentionally added parent alcohol in a trial of YOUR idea to use le'chattliers principle to slow decomposition. Your preps have unreacted alcohol as a consequence of your inferior prep.

I call bullshit on your repeated lie here, in that molecular seives can DUST, the dust is inert clay and doesn't affect the vapor. Also, unreacted parent alcohol DOESN't smell like vomit, and your own stuff has more3 of it than the sample I sent you 11 years ago.

PopperExpert said on Tue, 13 Dec 2022 at 18:11...

The fact is....the 30 ml sample Thomas sent me was far, FAR worse than anything I have made. How on Earth does one end up with MILKLY white, turbid, shit that smells like butter milk and tropical decaying fruit.

The Professor said on Tue, 13 Dec 2022 at 22:44...

"the fact is" is a tactic I love to see you try to use, since you've been proven wrong EVERY time.

Your 'still didn't answer my question' thing is old and boring, particularly after I've already countered your opinion with facts several timers over.

Making things up is an extra bonus for me; my 11 yr old neice understood the concepts that I've explained to you, and she had NO problem with comprehension. When you deny reality like this it enforces the fact that you don't understand what you're reading.

And the 'it's so easy to google the right answer' thing is stale as well, since you've been shown to be wrong EVERY time you play that card (a goose egg batting average for Ken)

The 'oh yes' and 'I forgot to mention' stuff is also old hat; you HAVE mentioned everything you can think of in trying to discredit ME, and have been paying NO attention to the process.

Blaze on, Ken, you reinforce your ignorance every time you lie (tip: you can easily tell when ken is lying; there will be text in his posts

The Professor said on Tue, 13 Dec 2022 at 22:45...

OH, and a reminder to newbies out there. If you are interested in rehashing Ken's history and parade of lies, arguing against himself, denying reality, etc. just search this forum.

site:https://poppersguide.com/forum/ professor

some of my posts will be answering questions regarding making, but the lion' share will be corrections to this willfully ignorant man's fumbling, dangerous and bitter attempts to make over the past 12 years.

I know, not fun reading, but it blows his rhetoric wide open.

e.g. the post above where he says that what I was making 11 years ago was cloudy and nauseating, (despite the fact that he's doing the same thing with his preps (unreacted alcohol) that I tried back then, and quickly dismissed as inappropriate)

what he DOESN'T repeat when telling this story is that, as part of a 'cook off' among makers, I sent 12 samples out. 11 of the 12 makers reported favorable results, actually they were held in very high regard.

GUESS who the 12th maker was? you got it, it was KEN.

so, 11 years ago (i'd been making for about 2 months) a resentful maker claimed he didn't like my submission to the cook off, and he just happened to be the guy who WAS running a maker's forum at PoppersPlace.com, who WAS and IS having tremendous difficulty in making a potent, pure and relatively stable product, who LOST ALL of his audience when THEY were trapped in his viscious cycle of 'my way or the highway' Gaslighting.

he made such a nuisance of himself that reddit banned him.

he's only here now because this forum doesn't have the ability to ban members.

So, we're struck with him; a fish out of water on a vendor comparison site, trying to impress people with his misunderstandings.

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