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Butyl Nitrite brew a bust....

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Topic created by BrewMeister...
on Sat, 25 Jun 2022 at 19:57

BrewMeister... said on Sat, 25 Jun 2022 at 19:57...

I tried making 20mls of BN using sulfuric acid and it produced a very weak popper with an odor similar to sweet butanol. I was very slow and careful and used an ice bath and very cold reagents. I also used argon and a light shield to cover the reaction.

So....as I have long learned, and as the manager of LR in Canada affirmed, it's very hard to make good butyl nitrite. It almost always has a bad odor, is weak or has very enhanced toxic effects.

The good news is...I made a third 20 mls brew of amyl nitrite and it's very potent and smells like tangy spic and span cleaner. Very mild, nothing disagreeable. If it preserves well, I'm calling this method a winner.

It remains a mystery why BN is so hard to make, but I don't care since I NAN serves the same purpose and never has enhanced toxic effects.

MyShitStinksBad!!! said on Sat, 25 Jun 2022 at 20:02...

@Brew.....thanks for posting your most recent experiences and thoughts. I suppose that's why BN is rarely encountered in OTC poppers...at least according to some of the scientific reports I've read. A great question is why the old time chemists and Eli Lilly chose amyl nitrite over the other possible nitrites to serve as the angina drug. Perhaps it had something to do with what you've experienced.

AmylSlut... said on Sat, 25 Jun 2022 at 20:05...

@MyShit.....it figures....the FEDS outlaw amyl and make the more toxic nitrites more available via a label change and warning "not for human consumption".

PlowMyHoleHard!!! said on Sat, 25 Jun 2022 at 20:09...

@Amyl....I don't know anything about what they put in popper bottles. But I do know something changed for the worse and now it hurts to get my hole plowed. I used to take constant whiffs from a PWD bottle and man oh man...it was like heaven. so relaxing....felt so good. Never felt anything bad.

PlowMyHoleHard!!! said on Sat, 25 Jun 2022 at 20:11...

Last bottle of PWD with halogram lid I bought didn't work at all. Was fresh and new....30ml bottle. Was laying in the sling taking a huge one and OMG...pain pain PAIN!!! I was actually bruised internally for days afterward. And the top wasn't even aggressive. It was just the popper didn't work. And my throat got all hoarse from acid.

Billy said on Sat, 25 Jun 2022 at 22:07...

Read and learn, boys


The Professor said on Sun, 26 Jun 2022 at 03:15...

Don't waste your time Billy. Brewmeister (ken) is talking to some of his multiple personalities (also ken) above.

Since discovering that his entire 13yr poppermaking journey has been not only fruitless, but pointless, uninformed, and entirely wrong, he's flipped out and decided to make this forum suffer for his madness.

He's spent his reputation on trying to isolate the aroma of alkyl nitrites, but since his prep method guarantees un-reacted alcohol, he's been chasing his tail describing how the un-reacted alcohol smells.

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Sun, 26 Jun 2022 at 08:46...

Getting rather ridiculous...all this manic noise...I cannot understand why!

The Professor said on Sun, 26 Jun 2022 at 18:27...

It's mostly outside the purview of this forum, but there's a very concise article that explains most of it.


If a person genuinely thinks an alternative that is obviously true is highly unlikely meaning they are misunderstanding then in an environment in which partial information about the truth is gradually revealed, their perception will slowly shift towards the truth, albeit fluctuating over time. Even if they have a strong belief in a false alternative, their view will very slowly converge from this false alternative to the true one.

However, if a person knows the truth but refuses to accept it is a liar then according to the model, their behaviour is radically different: they will rapidly choose one of the false alternatives and confidently assert this to be the truth. (In fact, they may almost believe in this false alternative that has been chosen randomly.) Then, as the truth is gradually revealed and this position becomes untenable, very quickly and assertively they will pick another false alternative.

Hence a rational liar will behave in a rather erratic manner, which can ultimately help us spot them. But they will have such a strong conviction that they can be convincing to those who have limited knowledge of the truth.

Popperasswipe said on Mon, 27 Jun 2022 at 16:31...

@Professor...thanks for a slew of vague wordy rhetoric. It's your usual dish isn't it? The other maker demonstrates he has changed his opinions over time as his experience has changed. You sir have not demonstrated the slightest deviation. No amount of experience changes your tune.

MyHoleHurts said on Mon, 27 Jun 2022 at 16:34...

@Popper...oh yes....Professor has been making the same I've made Holy Grail poppers for at least a decade. And they are all concoctions of butyl nitrite, mixtures of varying toxicities, odors and difficulty of making. And regarding methods...there are so many methods that can be used to make poppers. He just grabbed the first one he saw online(Noyes) tweaked it a bit and called it his own.

The Professor said on Mon, 27 Jun 2022 at 16:44...

The other makers (you, Ken) did the rational liar description to a T. Going from one alternative to the next, trying to stand his ground at each hill, until the ground becomes untenable and he's forced to switch to another alternative. It's a perfect fit.

I'd say your readers know this, with your demands that the problem is with:

(Cut and paste philosophy of Ken through the years (heavy on madness, light on method)

"The acid must be fresh because it decomposes quickly. I know because I was getting good yield until acid was about half gone"

"The acid can be cheap sidewalk cleaner from home Depot"

"The acid must be sulfuric because it nitrates more powerfully"

"The acid must be HCL because sodium sulfate bogs down a store bar"

"The acid must be sulfuric because it pushes the traction to the right"

"The acid must be HCL because sulfuric is so desiccating that it removes the reaction medium (water) from the vessel and chokes the reaction"


The Professor said on Mon, 27 Jun 2022 at 16:45...

Of say your readers got your number, but the only readers you seen to have are inside your skull.

MyShitStinksBad!!! said on Mon, 27 Jun 2022 at 18:50...

LOL....the Professor can't address any of the points with any reference proof. It's just his half assed...I've debunked everything attack mode. Where are the references? What published chemists are presented? ZERO...the Professor copied off William Noyes, tweaked it a bit, added a ton of beads to suck up his impure concoctions and called it his own.

The Professor said on Mon, 27 Jun 2022 at 19:25...

Everything Ken is complaining about above is his attempt to make me waste my time.

References have been provided already in prior posts; his cut and paste tactics from his previous fails are completely transparent; he's blown his credibility on all fronts.

The Professor said on Mon, 27 Jun 2022 at 19:25...

Ken's still playing with his imaginary friends

readers that are new to this forum probably haven't experienced the lying, deceitful, willful ignorance that is Ken (aka anonymous, aka popperass, aka madeplentypoppers, aka NitriteSpecialist aka PopperExpert, aka PopperMaker, aka kenjoneslee, aka John Mulligan, etc.

He'll fight his wrong ideas to the ground, hasn't attained control of this reaction 13 years, and is wasting everyone's time.

another big yawn with no new content, a dollop of lies, with a dash of baloney

Those interested in the REAL science can always refer to the wiki, and join PopperMakers (a subreddit) if you need support for it.)


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