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Got that old slutty feeling again!!!

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Topic created by BrewMeister...
on Tue, 21 Jun 2022 at 14:44

BrewMeister... said on Tue, 21 Jun 2022 at 14:44...

Tested my 48 hour old amyl brew today and got that old slutty feeling again. Didn't expect it cause it normally doesn't happen, BUT this is how if felt for me.....

Big whiff straight from the 10 ml wide mouthed bottle...waited about 5 seconds...and a subtle, but very distinct sensation of increased energy follows, followed by strong ass relax, followed by the mind racing to clutch onto the first erotic thought that appears. It becomes just crazy lust filled indulgence all fueled by the nitrite. Each subsequent hit has an extra charge of anticipation, that the next whiff will do the same thing. It becomes a positive feedback loop.

I have a theory as to what might be necessary for the slutty effect. The popper has to be pure enough and perhaps the right nitrite and it has to be VERY VERY dry, which means even tiny traces of water have to be gone; hence the purpose of the drying agents. Also, I think the acid has to be low as there is no sense of a biting acid in these samples. In fact, the odor is decidedly pleasant...like a dry spritzy Sprite soda, slightly fruity, slightly sweet, very mild, slightly like a room refreshner, cleaning agent of some sort, with an aromatic quality.

The popper is normal amyl nitrite made with one pentanol and car battery acid(35% sulfuric acid).

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