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last time you had slutty poppers

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Topic created by reginald
on Sat, 18 Jun 2022 at 18:16

reginald said on Sat, 18 Jun 2022 at 18:16...

the last one I can remember was pig black back in around 2017 by aromas eu.
it was butyl I am sure but got pulled off the shelves as it wand think they got into trouble for selling it.

it was full on slutty it was the first decent popper for a number of years. unfortunitly they only kept for a day or 2 but we're mind blowing whilst they lasted.

unfortunitly it disappeared as quickly as it appeared.the "pig black" name remained for a year or 2 but ingredients changed and was just the standard rubbish we have had for 5 or 6 years.

what was in that pig black for those months it was in sale. any ideas?

please don't try and say there are currently bottles on sale at aromas or other venders because I have tried them all.

reginald said on Sat, 18 Jun 2022 at 18:20...

sorry a few typing errors, corrected below

Anonymous said on Sat, 18 Jun 2022 at 20:20...

Don't know anything about those particular poppers, BUT butyl nitrite will make your room smell distinctly like a freshly deodorized locker room. The 95% butyl nitrite I bought from Sigma Aldrich, a major chemical supplier in the USA, also acquired a very sweet banana like odor as it degraded. The residue in the bottle had this odor. The liquid contents evaporated rather quickly. Nitrites are often called "room deodorizers" and this is why.

Anonymous said on Sat, 18 Jun 2022 at 20:23...

I would add, none of the OTC poppers I ever bought starting in 2008, had the odor of butyl nitrite. That said, there could have been impurities present that masked the odor of butyl nitrite, if any of them were indeed BN.

Anonymous said on Sat, 18 Jun 2022 at 20:26...

Also, of the common alcohols used for poppers, butanol has the sweetest odor. So as an impurity or degradation product, it would give the popper a sweeter odor, perhaps like candy sweet rum.

The Professor said on Sat, 18 Jun 2022 at 23:44...

readers that are new to this forum probably haven't experienced the lying, deceitful, willful ignorance that is Ken (aka anonymous, aka popperass, aka madeplentypoppers, aka NitriteSpecialist aka PopperExpert, aka PopperMaker, aka kenjoneslee, aka John Mulligan, etc.

He'll fight his wrong ideas to the ground, hasn't attained control of this reaction 13 years, and is wasting everyone's time.

another big yawn with no new content, a dollop of lies, with a dash of baloney

Those interested in the REAL science can always refer to the wiki, and join PopperMakers (a subreddit) if you need support for it.)


Maker's forum:

Anonymous said on Sun, 19 Jun 2022 at 15:18...

In Europe, butyl is only available in the Amsterdam special 24ml product from PWD S.A. Luxembourg pwdfactory@gmail.com It has now disappeared from the Skyline online shops. You can buy it in other online shops, But it is banned all over Europe. Those who sell it don't know it has butyl, because it says "amyl nitrite" on the bottle CAS 110-46-3

Anonymous said on Tue, 21 Jun 2022 at 15:08...

No isobutyl nitrite is sold in Europe. The risk is too high because poppers products are legal. French tried to sell but the products were analysed by authorities and every single bottle was drawn back.

Shizuko said on Tue, 21 Jun 2022 at 19:26...

UK could go for it

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