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Interesting quote about reaction control

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Topic created by The Professor
on Fri, 10 Jun 2022 at 19:05

The Professor said on Fri, 10 Jun 2022 at 19:05...

While reading up on standard deviations and statistical analyses used to determine testing intervals, I came upon this quote that nails the whole '[ken'[ experience.

Analytical chemistry

Evaluation and Optimization of Laboratory Methods and Analytical Procedures

Eisenhart has stated -- "Until a measurement operation has been 'debugged' to the extent that it has attained a state of statistical control it cannot be regarded in any logical sense as measuring anything at all"

The Professor said on Sat, 11 Jun 2022 at 15:56...

So Ken's been flopping around the deck like a fish for 12 years, wasting his time with nonsense descriptions of what his failures smell like.

His life's work is summed up by Eisenhart as 'much ado about nothing'

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