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So my stuff arrived from BuyRushOnline.com

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Topic created by PWDavie
on Wed, 27 Apr 2022 at 16:46

PWDavie said on Wed, 27 Apr 2022 at 16:46...

I placed an order on their website about a week ago, for the European popper Mix Pack. Well, my products arrived a few days ago, so I thought I'd report back with what I got...

First off, I ordered their European solvent mix pack. It's 4 bottles from Europe, half Pentyl/half Amyl and they only wanted like $75 for it, shipping included. So naturally that caught my eye. The price did seem a little low, I thought it could be a rip off. But maybe not. I was able to check out pretty easily by Credit Card, so I took that
as a good omen for the quality of their products.

They arrived in a plain, non-descript white bubble mailer, with no mention of Rush or Poppers anywhere in the return address. I opened the package and sealed up in there was 4 bottles, all different kinds of Everest. Looking at my dresser, it was a Black Label, a Titanium, an Original and an Enjoy It!

I never had these brands before, but they all look like they came direct from the manufacturer. The labels were securely on the bottle, there was no leakage, seemed very professional. I have had amyl before, so I gave the Titanium a shot.

From doing it just once, I could tell that it was the real deal. It had a very pure smell to it and hit cleanly, instantly arousing me to action. Definitely enhanced my experience without any kind of a headache whatsoever. Haven't had amyl in years, but this was definitely how I remember it. The Enjoy It! was mild but enjoyable and felt like a beginner version of the Titanium. Though both were very high quality.

Now I never tried pentyl in my life, but the Black Label and the Original were strongly aromatic and pleasing. The pentyl had a very relaxed and uninhibited vibe to it, with a strong feeling of virility. I think the Black Label might be stronger, though it was pretty hard to tell.

Overall, I'd say BuyRushOnline does a pretty good job. They have products no one else has, they take a credit card, and I was very happy with the quality of the items received. I really don't see anything else they could have done differently to make this better.

I didn't order any of their American solvents, but if their PWD line is anything like the European stuff, then it's most definitely legit. If you're looking for where to get poppers, I would advise giving these guys a chance for sure.

KMA said on Thu, 28 Apr 2022 at 02:31...

Where can I get some poppers?

Elvis said on Thu, 28 Apr 2022 at 15:10...

Okay. So are you saying that this is an American based company selling authentic European poppers ? I'm in the USA and have never purchased any poppers from Europe. But many people here purchase from France because they produce Amyl. Are you saying that those exact same Amyl products are being sold by this USA company ?

PWDavie said on Sat, 30 Apr 2022 at 15:58...

It sure as hell looks and smells like the real deal. I'm not sure what this particular vendor does (import them wholesale probably?), but I've been very pleased with everything received from BuyRushOnline so far. I'd give 'em a shot.

Elvis said on Sun, 1 May 2022 at 18:38...

This sounds great. I am definitely going to place an order from ByRushOnline. Thank you for the sage advice!

Anonymous said on Sun, 1 May 2022 at 23:19...

Just ordered mine from BuyRushOnline. I'm excited!

Elvis said on Mon, 2 May 2022 at 03:22...

Me too. I'll post my reviews when I receive my order. Thanks, BuyRushOnline.

Elvis said on Mon, 2 May 2022 at 14:30...

Just an FYI, the two recent comments are frauds. I did ask the original question on Thursday Apr 28. But the other two comments posted by Elvis on May 1 and May 2 were not from me the original Elvis.

I may or may not try ordering from them.

bearboy646 said on Tue, 10 May 2022 at 12:28...

Products look legit but who knows. Can always go to www.neverfakeit.com to confirm. I always go to popper king but doesn't hurt to have real connects

@PWDavie said on Tue, 10 May 2022 at 12:43...

You are clearly the owner of this website. I find fake reviews so funny! The word choices and the way you put the sentences together lol. Fake reviews for yourself are one thing but proceed with caution against bashing other legit businesses on here. Big fish eat little fish

Sus said on Wed, 18 May 2022 at 07:34...

Sounds like you work for BuyRushOnline.com.

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