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Black hole of misinformation....

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Topic created by Anonymous
on Sat, 23 Apr 2022 at 23:08

Anonymous said on Sat, 23 Apr 2022 at 23:08...

Isopropyl nitrite is easy and very cheap to make. I have uploaded the addresses of TWO current Youtube videos showing how to make it...and BOTH use a great molar excess of HCl. I have found after doing what the Professor has preached.....that the IPN that results from using too little acid ALWAYS turns out too toxic to use. And yes....I tried over and over and over again doing what the Professor preached...total insanity as he puts it.

Also...YOU CANNOT use subzero temps when making IPN. Once again, I tried using them over and over again...as the Professor preached and I always 100% of the time got scant toxic yield.

The Professor is the BLACK HOLE of misinformation.

The Professor said on Sun, 24 Apr 2022 at 01:26...

Ok. If you want to talk misinformation, let's go.

Useful terms:

Activation energy: the amount of energy required to START a chemical reaction.

Endothermic: a reaction that needs continuous application of energy.

Exothermic: a reaction that is self sustaining (one of its products is raw energy)

Reversible reactions:
Can run in both directions, from reactants to yields, and from yields back to reactants.

Reaction RATE:
The speed at which a reaction takes place. Higher energies typically mean faster reactions (indiscriminate reactions typical fall into an uncontrolled runaway reaction with both desired yield and undesired products)

Reaction EQUILIBRIUM constant: Conditions which favor a maximum concentration of desired product. With reversible reactions this is the inverse of reaction RATE, in that the highest concentration of desired product is at the lowest possible energy.

The Alkyl nitrite preparation is reversible, exothermic, very low activation energy, pressure positive.

Altogether, this means that a fast reaction RATE (a higher temperature environment) will occur rapidly but have lower ratio of desired product to side reaction products.

It also means that a slow reaction RATE, from using a very cold ice bath, will occur very slowly, but will have the highest ratio of desired/undesired product.

I have chosen to favor quality of desired product over output quantity and reaction rate.

The common advice with this type of reaction is 'as cold a temperature and as high a pressure as can be managed' and that's exactly what I do.

Does it matter to me that colder reactions require longer reaction times? Not when the product comes at maximum concentration of desired output and has none of those pesky impurities that are all over at room temperature or near.


Ken, as usual, disregards standard chemistry logic in favor of his own and ends up with toxic crap. His experiences validate the entire schema involved with this type of reaction. The colder the better

So there your have it. Ken's lies and misinformation fly in the face of reality, to the extent that is Ken is telling you 'up is down'

Smart Human Being said on Sun, 24 Apr 2022 at 03:06...

Hey Professor,

Why do you even bother arguing with this guy? This is like getting in a fight with a chihuahua.

I'm glad that you're here, but why do you even bother anymore? Your recipe is out there, and we can either follow it or not follow it. I like your recipe because it works great in small batches for IBN. We aren't tuning flow reactors or 100 foot high columns of N2O3, HNO3, and H2O to get IBN, and your recipe still gives an OK yield. Aren't you done, or are you upset about the falsehoods spewed by this retard that you feel that someone needs to counter him?

Every time he shows up on some new venue, he's attracting naive gayfers, they follow his mis-advice, and they end up with methemoglobinemia, cyanosis, or whatever. They are harming themselves due to his recklessness.

Jimmy said on Sun, 24 Apr 2022 at 09:51...

Nevermind all the scientific mumbo jumbo. Iso Propyl Nitrite is toxic, causes central vision loss, low blood pressure and breathing difficulty.

Anonymous said on Sun, 24 Apr 2022 at 11:53...

@Jimmy....ALL poppers cause all of that....when they have impurities.

They ALL lower O2 saturation below 90% when pure. They ALL lower the blood pressure....when pure...and they ALL change the RBC when pure(hence the lower O2saturation).

So....the point I have been making...and this is for the sake of the unknowing consumer....is that the presence of certain impurities will and CAN make all of these effects much worse....PLUS add additional undesirable and weird effects.

The Professor pretends like NONE of this matters.

Anonymous said on Sun, 24 Apr 2022 at 11:58...

@Smart....I was ONLY referring to isopropyl nitrite when describing what works and what doesn't.

Isobutyl nitrite is different.....BUT it still requires a very pure alcohol to get the pure nitrite without distillation. That's something you cannot know without testing. A whiff test isn't good enough.

Anonymous said on Sun, 24 Apr 2022 at 16:03...

BTW....I just made another IPN brew. I used a different bottle of 91% IPA with a different lot number and got slightly different, but seemingly improved results....higher yield and amazing ass effects....ZERO toxic effects.

None of this success was possible when I used too little acid OR when I used sub zero temps as the Professor often proclaims to be the ideal for all types of nitrites. The proof is in the pudding. The Professor doesn't make IPN and so has no idea what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said on Sun, 24 Apr 2022 at 16:09...

What the Professor has done starting over a decade ago...is search online for a way to make alkyl nitrites(poppers). Yes...he saw the William Noyes method from 1933 and tweaked that by substituting HCl for sulfuric acid.

And then he started adding three types of alcohols together all at once to get some type of toxic concoction mixture. And then he claims he's produced a series of 99% plus pure poppers. All while never having produced one single pure alkyl nitrite, because that has never been his goal. So, he wouldn't know any of the properties of a pure popper if he inhaled one.....so he has long sent out samples and relies upon others to give him the type of positive feedback he so desperately needs. If there is any dissent....he squelchs it.

The Professor said on Sun, 24 Apr 2022 at 17:31...

Fantastic work there Ken, keep it up.

Bonus points for the 'even Tiny impurities matter, and can't be determined with a sniff test.

It goes well with your 'after 11 years of cooking crap, I can determine if it's going to be good by a sniff test', and 'my IPN (that I was bragging about) became toxic after two days'

Abso-f'en-lutely perfect tail chasing.

The Professor said on Sun, 24 Apr 2022 at 17:44...

It sounds like your know what you're doing. Yes, the liquid batch procedure is fairly simple.

I agree with you that anybody that follows Ken is in for a kick in the teeth.

One doesn't doesn't HAVE to be a chemist to undergo the procedure; my efforts here are only to provide rational information to interested parties that may not be chemists, but they are capable of thinking.

All Ken's 'up is down' BS is easily rectified, as you mention, by introduction of useful, factual information.

I'm NOT trying to change his opinion at all anymore; that's a lost cause. I'm giving the counter-point to babbling insanity.

People that understand the truth decide for themselves who's ideas have make and who's ideas are harmful.

A certain type of user will follow Ken's advice and pay for it dearly, I agree.

I just want to save the other types of people that enjoy high purity, high strength and fast recovery while ameliorating undesired effects.

That's the 'why' for me

Jimmy said on Mon, 25 Apr 2022 at 16:19...

The main offender for vision loss, low oxygen levels and difficulty breathing is IPN.
I never had any of these bad effects until 2007 when The EU changed the formula from IBN to IPN and put safety caps on the bottle instead of the traditional screw top.

Anonymous said on Tue, 26 Apr 2022 at 15:05...

@Jimmy...and I in the USA never had any problems until 2010, after Joe Miller died and all poppers OTC turned to toxic and/or weak shit. This clearly means IMPURITIES entered OTC poppers due to low quality reagents and faulty techniques of making and bottling.

Anonymous said on Tue, 26 Apr 2022 at 15:08...

The Professor still refuses to acknowledge that you can't end up with high purity poppers UNLESS you start with high purity reagents OR unless you have a good way to distill fractions of the tainted crude product.

Anonymous said on Tue, 26 Apr 2022 at 15:11...

And you certainly will end up with impurities IF you do NOT add sufficient acid. The amounts the professor recommends for IPN in particular are at odds with many Youtube IPN making videos and they are completely at odds with my new discovery from personally making IPN that excess molar HCl works best...without any question.

Anonymous said on Tue, 26 Apr 2022 at 15:13...

And I just tested my two most recent IPN brews....both sitting in freezer for a few days. And they are VERY VERY good with no toxic effects.

The Professor said on Tue, 26 Apr 2022 at 15:21...

Good job Ken.
You claim BOTH that super cold preps don't have enough energy to create yield, and that they will somehow create toxic impurities.

I'd be interested to hear of any group of reactants at any temperature that is insufficient to start a reaction, yet somehow creates toxic impurities?

The fun part of all this being that if an argument starts from a foundation of ignorance, the lies HAVE to get bigger and bigger, which only makes the arguER sounds increasingly silly.

Tail chasing at its finest

Jimmy said on Tue, 26 Apr 2022 at 18:43...

I wonder if Joe was selling his wares to the UK back then? It would have been a very Lucrative market.

GURU said on Wed, 27 Apr 2022 at 07:23...

He was.

Anonymous said on Thu, 28 Apr 2022 at 09:29...

All this talking of alkyl nitrite synthesis et cetera is unnecessary nonsense. Alkyl nitrite synthesis is old very well known procedure. If you need to talk it any more or if you need some advice or if you think you have better ideas don't prepare the product: you simply can't and you simply don't understand anything.

The Professor said on Mon, 20 Jun 2022 at 16:20...

readers that are new to this forum probably haven't experienced the lying, deceitful, willful ignorance that is Ken (aka anonymous, aka popperass, aka madeplentypoppers, aka NitriteSpecialist aka PopperExpert, aka PopperMaker, aka kenjoneslee, aka John Mulligan, etc.

He'll fight his wrong ideas to the ground, hasn't attained control of this reaction 13 years, and is wasting everyone's time.

another big yawn with no new content, a dollop of lies, with a dash of baloney

Those interested in the REAL science can always refer to the wiki, and join PopperMakers (a subreddit) if you need support for it.)


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