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IPN developed toxic impurities...

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Topic created by Anonymous
on Sat, 16 Apr 2022 at 17:11

Anonymous said on Sat, 16 Apr 2022 at 17:11...

It's been a few days since I last tested my IPN. Both brews unfortunately have changed odor(slightly) and have developed toxic effects that set in right away. After one whiff of the one brew, I dropped to my knees because my blood pressure caved.

There wasn't much gas hissing upon opening. I stored in frig. Each bottle had MS4 and carbonate in them, but no nitrogen gas...just air covering the fluid.

So....the IPN was pure enough out of the pot to not give toxic effects, but as with Butyl Nitrite, it can easily develop impurities that give horrible toxic effects after just one or two whiffs.

Anonymous said on Sat, 16 Apr 2022 at 17:12...

I have never experienced these profound toxic effects with home brew amyl nitrite....even when it clearly is not very pure.

Anonymous said on Sat, 16 Apr 2022 at 17:18...

So....I would conclude that isopropyl nitrite, as well as isobutyl and butyl nitrite MUST be kept from degrading while they are sitting on the shelf. If not, assuming they are pure enough during bottling, they CAN and probably will develop toxic impurities.

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Mon, 18 Apr 2022 at 20:02...

These statements "MUST" and "CAN" should be replaced with "in my opinion" and in lower case. Otherwise the statements sound ex cathedra, whilst they are really just your personal opinions, and rarely shared by others from the science discussion group. What do you think? :-) or are you now The Pope of Poppers?

Anonymous said on Tue, 19 Apr 2022 at 14:54...

Hey babycakes....Nobody online has any diehard FACTUAL information regarding the recreational and/or toxic effects of poppers and all their possible impurities.

Why? Because nobody is doing studies in a professional lab where you have professional chemists with professional equipment....and a bunch of people inhaling all the various concoctions of poppers.

So...the best you are going to get is what I've been giving you - my personal lived experience using and making poppers.

Anonymous said on Tue, 19 Apr 2022 at 15:00...

There is online drug literature from the early 1900s, that describes what the professional chemists were doing regarding amyl nitrite, especially, as well as other common nitrites. They mention lots of various impurities that they found....but since discovering impurities was not their goal, nor was ascertaining the recreational properties of nitrites, they only touched on the subject of impurities. What they did learn was even small amounts of impurities will impact physiological effects. So....I doubt any studies have ever been done to determine all the most likely impurities and their effects when contained in an alkyl nitrite and inhaled simultaneously. And I'm almost 100% certain that a study has never been done to determine the best formula for recreational use of poppers.

The Professor said on Tue, 19 Apr 2022 at 17:00...

Now that Ken's had his (whatever that repetition of lies was this time).

Ancient and debunked information will not yield anything useful, it's a waste of time to re-learn discoveries SINCE then, and you end up chasing rainbows.

Nitric oxide was molecule of the year in 1992; there are thousands of recent publications with up to date information on reactants, properties, etc.

Anonymous said on Tue, 19 Apr 2022 at 20:59...

The professor has debunked ZILCH. Nothing has changed since 1910. Alcohols may start out pure, but they do degrade and the purity of the alcohol matters immensely to the final product. Impurities matter!!! And that will NEVER change.

The professor always states that reagents purchased online from any source are to be assumed PURE.....that's total BS....it's like assuming any popper bottle is PURE whatever. It's total BS!!!

Anonymous said on Tue, 19 Apr 2022 at 21:00...

The Professor wants to replace Joe Miller.....but he has proven over and over again....that the methods he sells to third parties are NOT good enough. This is why HE CANNOT touch Joe Miller's success. And this is why he resents every mention of Joe Miller.

Anonymous said on Tue, 19 Apr 2022 at 21:03...

The Professor claims that the reason his third party popper makers CANNOT produce good quality consistent poppers is because they simply do not follow his protocols. This is exactly why they CANNOT.

He never stresses the quality of the reagents and how quality MATTERS to the finished products. Nothing is checked for quality. Everything is assumed to be 99.999% pure each and every time the reaction begins. It's total BS!

The Professor said on Tue, 19 Apr 2022 at 21:40...

lying to others while revealing YOUR truth. psychs would call that deflection.

Funny thing is, the DEFLECTOR (that's you) has NO idea that' he's revealing his own insecurities, he thinks he's arguing with the DEFLECTEE.

That's hilarious!

thanks again ken

The Professor said on Mon, 20 Jun 2022 at 16:17...

readers that are new to this forum probably haven't experienced the lying, deceitful, willful ignorance that is Ken (aka anonymous, aka popperass, aka madeplentypoppers, aka NitriteSpecialist aka PopperExpert, aka PopperMaker, aka kenjoneslee, aka John Mulligan, etc.

He'll fight his wrong ideas to the ground, hasn't attained control of this reaction 13 years, and is wasting everyone's time.

another big yawn with no new content, a dollop of lies, with a dash of baloney

Those interested in the REAL science can always refer to the wiki, and join PopperMakers (a subreddit) if you need support for it.)


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