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Wish I tried poppers 10 years ago

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Topic created by PopperLake
on Sun, 3 Apr 2022 at 22:11

PopperLake said on Sun, 3 Apr 2022 at 22:11...

I was home alone a couple of days ago because my wife was out of town, so I went to the adult store to see what I might want. I already have butt plugs and a dildo, so I just bought womenís lingerie and a cock ring, with the thought that I might go online and Skype. On a whim, I bought poppers to try, and that night I tried them and they were awesome: I managed to almost get my whole hand in my hole. The next night, I planned out a popper session with the cock ring, some weed, poppers, lube, butt plug, dildo, and lingerie. I managed to goon out and had one of the best orgasms Iíve ever had. Iíve been chasing that feeling for years and I finally realized that poppers are the key! Iím gonna try and cum hands-free tonight for my last night alone.

Stephen said on Mon, 4 Apr 2022 at 01:39...

Hello PopperLake; k know just how you feel I am 45 and I wish I discovered poppers when I was a boy as I would have spent my life gay instead of hiding thinking I was straight, which as I discovered I am a total submissive gay bottom and I love it, poppers helped me realize who and what I am, they just help you realize why you are what you are and in my case that is a total bottom boy mentally and physically here to please and pleasure Top Men, I usually use Amsterdam as they really get me going, my first gay experience was with an Asian Top who gave me Amsterdam I guess thatís why I keep using that brand

Sissygasum said on Tue, 5 Apr 2022 at 11:17...

PL you sound so cool poppers helped me have my first sissygasum while using a butt plug it was the most intense feeling I have ever had your whole body shakes and quivers and you donít even touch yourself I also got a pink chasity device to wear just to make sure it stays soft and you arenít tempted to touch your clit love it so much have fun let me know how it went

Steve said on Thu, 7 Apr 2022 at 19:43...

@ Popperlake I do the same thing lots of silicone lube I like Gun Oil butt plug some good weed and some really hot gay porn cum over and over again love it especially when I am plugged

CuteAss said on Wed, 20 Apr 2022 at 03:03...

I agree with you both. 44 here and also wish I had tried poppers sooner. When I was 10, I was at my best friends house and his older brother (about 15 yrs old then) was at the house too. For some reason my best friend had to leave and run an errand and he asked me to stay because he would return shortly. So I stood behind with his brother. His older brother popped in a porn into the ole vcr and we started watching it. Then his brother went into the bathroom and came out completely naked. He also asked me to take off my clothes. So I did, lol. He began to touch me all over then started concentrating on my ass cheeks which I was loving by the way. We were watching a 69 scene and he asked if I wanted to try it. I said how weíre gonna do that? So he laid on his back completely naked and asked me to get on top. At first I felt a little strange. Mind you, here I am, a 10 year old undeveloped boy with a 15 year old teenager pretty well developed. So I got on top, and there I was starring at his hard cock. Feeling a bit uneasy again I noticed I wasnít feeling too fresh back there because I can pick up a scent of ass in the air and I knew it was me lol. I began to move forward in an attempt to dismount. He said donít worry it smells good and slowly pulled me by the hips to have my ass in his face. With intense porn playing on the tube, the smell of unwashed ass in the air, I finally gave in and he spread my little ass cheeks apart and buried his face in my ass. The feeling of his slippery tongue swiping up and down on my little asshole felt soo fucking good. He would spread it so wide and sniff on it and say it smells so good. Now Iím starring right into his hard cock and seeing this clear liquid leak out. He asked me to put it in my mouth and as I attempted to do so, the doorbell rang downstairs. It was my best friend who had returned. I went through my first marriage and divorce. Loving pussy all the time but especially paying close attention to my exís asshole. I begged her not to wash it and to let me sniff it and eat it while ripe. I was loving it! We parted ways and now Iím back to the single scene. Slowly began to spark my interest in m4m play. I desperately needed to re-live that moment when I was 10 and needed my hole eaten again. Had my ass ate by hundreds of men. Then I got curious in getting fucked. Started fingering myself, playing with toys and even buttplugs. One day I see a bottle of rush at the smoke shop. I knew what it was and what it was used for but never tried them. I buy the bottle and go home. Iím naked, having a few drinks with a vibrating plug in my asshole. I open the bottle and take a quick sniff and ÖOMG! The feeling it gave me in my asshole was unbelievable! I took a few more sniffs and before I knew it, I had 4 fingers in my hole ramming them in and out. So lately, Iíve been going to a video store with buddy booths. I go in with my remote control vibrating plug in my ass and a few drinks on me feeling tipsy. Put my cock ring on, get completely naked, scrolling through the sissy porn on the sceen and rubbing my cock while taking sniffs of the poppers. Once my cocksucker comes in, he starts sucking. I put the vibrating plug on full blast and sniff my way to one of the most intense orgasms ever. Leaving my cocksucker with a coated throat. This same place has body glory holes which Iím so tempted to try. I just need to get real tipsy to get the nerve to do it, and I know Iím a do it real soon. Iím gonna get completely naked, bend my cute little ass over and let the first guy mount from behind me until he breeds me as I sniff my lovely poppers. Canít wait to do it.

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