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Tried Jungle Juice Black, think it may have been a bad batch. Seeking advice.

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Topic created by Jason
on Sun, 13 Mar 2022 at 04:31

Jason said on Sun, 13 Mar 2022 at 04:31...

Hi guys,

A friend got me to try one of his poppers and I have never so much as smoked a cigarette in my life.I cannot remember the last time I have felt so ill, it has been a week and I am still suffering the world's worst hangover: headaches, blocked nose and ears, vertigo and an upset stomach. On the first few days I could barely function without needing to lie down every hour or so. I have more energy now, but I still suffer from headaches and feel disorientated. I am terrified, but my GP said it's fairly safe in the grand scheme of things. Problem is, they only seem to know of amyl nitrite, not the newer compounds that are sold.

Should I get a second opinion, or continue to wait it out? If it helps, it was Jungle Juice Black and the bottle was over six months old. Could I have just had a really bad batch? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

Jason said on Sun, 13 Mar 2022 at 04:54...

Actually it was JJ Platinum*** if that makes a difference

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