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Kavos/Corfu availability? Legal even?

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Topic created by AwnHoliday
on Sun, 26 Sep 2021 at 10:03

AwnHoliday said on Sun, 26 Sep 2021 at 10:03...

Unlikely I know but worth asking - anyone know if you can get poppers anywhere in Kavos?

Came on holiday and foolishly forgot to bring the poppers.

In a place known for partying and sex I thought I'd find wm easy but I've asked in the smoking paraphernalia shops and they don't have a clue what I'm on about.

PJ said on Sun, 26 Sep 2021 at 17:23...

How did you ask? Best to ask discreetly maybe; known as "leather cleaner" "room odorizer"

? said on Sun, 26 Sep 2021 at 17:35...

So you asked in tobacco shop? Are you French? Because in many countries, poppers is sold in sex shops or even gay bars. In France poppers is sold in tobacco shops too.

And more sex less poppers.

zombilivesthePvgod said on Sun, 10 Oct 2021 at 10:24...

hey bro you will not find anything in those places, aside for maybe 10 ml bottles of shitty isopropyl for 25 euros/bottle.
remember to always stock bottles and carry with you.
Dont let sexy shop owner scams you

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