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Poppers headache

Posted on Poppers Guide's Forum

Topic created by Captain Coomer
on Thu, 26 Aug 2021 at 01:58

Captain Coomer said on Thu, 26 Aug 2021 at 01:58...

Bought some Rush from a porn store owned by the Janra company out of California. Gave me the worse popper headache I've experienced in 11 years. Felt like my head would crack open. Almost as if my skull was tearing. Stopped using it and headache went away within 30 minutes. I was at the video arcade so didn't have access to Advil. I knew it wasn't real PWD because the cap on the 30ML bottle was black with PWD and not the hologram sticker but I was in a hurry and it was only $19 after tax. Never again. I can still feel the head pain in my memory. Lots of shit out there. Gave me a good rush but within 15 minutes the pain started. I chunked the bottle.

The Professor said on Thu, 26 Aug 2021 at 17:18...

try neutralizing the product first before you toss it:


Captain Coomer said on Fri, 3 Sep 2021 at 02:37...

Thanks but that article is overwhelming. I'm a visual learner. Some of you popper makers need to upload videos. Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee, self hosted. I would certainly love to learn the DIY route. Probably could get away with it on YouTube. I doubt it would get censored if you kept it private and shared the links to this community.

Captain Coomer said on Fri, 3 Sep 2021 at 02:48...

The pain was severe. Started at the rear right side of my skull and shot up to my right temple. Feeling like
a tear was happening. I've experienced the normal poppers headache but nothing like this before. Only time in 12 years that I ever mumbled to myself the words...."Fuck this!!... I'm done with poppers (I'm not).
Just a bad experience. It was Amsterdam Platinum (Isobutyl Nitrite). I've used in the past with great results but probably a bad bottle. Would I just pour the poppers into a bottle with baking soda and then separate??? I wouldn't know the proper amount or container. White vinegar?? See I just need a tell me or show me like I'm 5 years old video/instructions.

The Professor said on Wed, 8 Sep 2021 at 16:10...

from the linked post:

To properly neutralize the excess acid that is dissolved in the yield you need to first at 20% w/v of distilled water, then 20% w/v baking soda and stir or shake until no longer fizzing. If you have a magnetic stir bar, set it on high speed and slowly sprinkle in the baking soda. Remove the water layer on the bottom and proceed.

That's a neutralization, quick, easy, and it can also be used to quickly remove acids from a putrid OTC product. It won't eliminate the resulting SALTS (e.g. neutralizing butyric acid leaves behind sodium butyrate), but it will remove many objectionable qualities of an otherwise 'dead' bottle.

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