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Suggestion for Goldencock Poppers

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Topic created by MD_bottom
on Mon, 23 Aug 2021 at 00:36

MD_bottom said on Mon, 23 Aug 2021 at 00:36...

@Goldencock Poppers. It's good that you seem to be open to feedback from customers. After reading some of the posts here, along with my own experience going all the way back to the '80s, it seems that sealing the bottle is of paramount importance. I remember back in the '80s, Hardware, along with another brand called "Thrust" were my favorites. That was back when they were made by "Great Lakes Products", which then became PWD. Every time I would open a new bottle there would be a hiss as the pressure escaped. I also remember that as a bottle got old, some sort of crystals would start growing in the bottom of the bottle, and you could almost gauge whether it was still any good by the amount of crystals.

But on to my suggestion about sealing the bottles. Have you ever thought about dipping the top of the bottle in parafin wax (after you put the cap on)? Or maybe that red stuff that "Maker's Mark" whiskey uses to seal their bottles.

Elvis said on Tue, 24 Aug 2021 at 13:08...

I agree. It seems like a seal would go a long way towards showing that you want the best possible outcome for your product safely reaching its destination. I think a good idea would be for the makers to invert the bottles upside down for maybe 24 hours or so after filling to make sure the cap is good and tight before shipping them out. It would sure save the hassle and headache of dealing with an unhappy customer who receives a leaking wet package.

@GoldenCockPoppers.com said on Tue, 24 Aug 2021 at 19:48...

Thank you for feedback,
@MD_bottom:I actually did think about sealing bottles with wax, and here is the problem. The paraffin will melt in transit. I know, not ideal to store poppers, but they will survive a few days in transit even at higher temperatures. I have wax that will stay hard at 140+ degrees, sort of like Members Mark, but opening and using the product will become a bit of production. That said, shoot me a text or comment in the order, and I'll be happy to seal it in wax.

@Elvis: that was also suggested to me to store bottles, with the idea that the gas will not escape from the top. You are right, even the vinyl cone caps occasionally do not hold up to the challenge, but I try to always test the bottles out before shipping.

I also tried electrical tape and silicone tape between the glass and the cap - like on the picture on the website. I did not find it effective, tbh.

NTBiman said on Thu, 26 Aug 2021 at 10:05...

I don't think the seal is the problem, the existing caps work very well.
The problem is the air replacing the liquid you have used in a session. The more humid the air, the worse it is, as the nitrite reacts with both water and oxygen and degrades.
Read what the Professor has to say elsewhere on these forums.
Decanting into smaller bottles can help, and some use ball bearings to take up space and reduce their in the bottle.

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