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Centurian Sauna NZ

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Topic created by btmpopperboi
on Sun, 1 Aug 2021 at 01:15

btmpopperboi said on Sun, 1 Aug 2021 at 01:15...

Does anyone know if Centurian Sauna (Auckland NZ) still sell poppers?

spankboy said on Sun, 1 Aug 2021 at 01:39...

no there are prescription only in nz now i get mine online from overseas

popperpopper said on Mon, 2 Aug 2021 at 06:23...


Which online supplier, do you have the url?

spankboy said on Mon, 2 Aug 2021 at 23:11...

poppers- aromas.eu ships from france can expensive you have to pay in euros.

spankboy said on Thu, 5 Aug 2021 at 00:24...

Have just ordered from BuyPoppers.Net there site is online and can order in us dollars and cheap shipping

Btmpopperboi said on Thu, 19 Aug 2021 at 20:54...

And has your order arrived without any problems?

How many bottles did you order?

Spankboy said on Tue, 24 Aug 2021 at 05:56...

yes my order arrived no problem from slovenia it took over two weeks only ordered 1 bottle another on the way

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