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How many ml in a pipette?

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Topic created by Billy
on Sun, 25 Jul 2021 at 08:27

Billy said on Sun, 25 Jul 2021 at 08:27...

Going to try inhaling through my nose from a tall jam-jar with the poppers on cotton wool. Taking the lid off quickly.

Is that really wasteful? Better off just using the bottle?

Also, I have got a 1ml pipette. Will that be about the right amount?
Then if I want more, just add another 1ml? Or clean out and start again?

The Professor said on Mon, 26 Jul 2021 at 00:35...


the whole idea behind the 'sippy cup' method (and your technique is a variant) is to STORE the product in one bottle (with very little headspace for oxygen to degrade the liquid), and USE the product in a larger bottle (with more headspace for the vapor to build).

This not only protects the nitrite from degradation due to handling (opening and closing the bottle), but it also gives the nitrite space to produce vapor. The vapor is the active ingredient.

I don't know how large a tall jam jar is, but we tend to use 2ml of N-Butyl/iso(o rsec)Butyl and tert-Butyl mix. This lasts us about 45 minutes, and we usually end up adding another 1ml into our dosing device if we go longer.

The Professor said on Mon, 26 Jul 2021 at 00:38...

Our dosing device is exposed to air on both sides, so there's a constant airflow through the tube.

This is very accessible, just grab it and go, no caps to remove. The downside is that this will increase evaporation.

Not a problem for us, since I make our own, and we aren't trying to make a 10ml bottle last months.

Billy said on Mon, 26 Jul 2021 at 14:18...

Thank you for your advice. You are a gentleman and a scholar!

There's no worry about me trying to make a bottle last. I get through a bottle in a maximum of 4 days - since I'm binging on porn that whole time :-) - and then I've had enough and will throw it down the nearest drain.

Though some times it might sit in my fridge for up to a week until I'm horny enough to be bothered with the whole kerfuffle....

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