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Blue boy by JJ

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Topic created by pp_slut
on Tue, 20 Jul 2021 at 20:49

pp_slut said on Tue, 20 Jul 2021 at 20:49...

Tried the blue boy which I got from aromas eu (small bottle)

First of all no stupid child-save-cap - so easy to open.

I know the old blue boy from good old times which had some sweet “blue” aroma - a bit like the blue candies - guess that the reason for name.

This bottle had not this sweet blue smell.
A bit harsher and a bit more chemical than the Everest (blue) I tried from same (re-)seller on first hook.
On open I heard some gas coming out of the bottle.

No classical warm head, no slutty feelings but good ass relax.
As I said - a bit harder smell than Everest and the nose gets a bit closed (a bit - not too much or completely closed in my case)

But so far no other side effects - I tried it quick and hard - so in short time some big breaths and at the end I was using blue boy and Everest together.

Will see how my lung feels tomorrow - hopefully I can say again no side effects.

I took the stuff old school straight from bottle - so no socks or mask method.

But for now I think Everest works pretty good if you use mask or similar things where you continuously get it, as it is not so strong and such long time as advertise says.

Blue boy on the other side might be a bit to harsh and with the closed nose thing it might be better for straight from bottle consumption (at least for fresh opened bottles)

Overall from aromas itself so far:
Quick and easy shipping, best products I had over last 2 years - feels more save and more quality without these side effects (so far)
Lung feels ok, Vision ok (no spots/blurry), no disgusting smell, quick back to normal if you stop…
Seems like relax effect is ok - will try out the pain resistance end of month :-)
That’s for me thumb up

But also again far, far away from that original poppers thing where you get the warm head and this horny/bottom mind thing like in 2000-2018
Thant’s the thing why I started with poppers - It takes you out of this world and you normally stop thinking - some kind of…
This effect I had not since 2-3 years…
None of them smelled like the classical poppers years ago which is ok because it wasn’t the best smell, but it indicates it’s not the same anymore and if you tried out some stuff - you now from first swiff that it doesn’t work same way as years ago.

Hope that might helps a bit…

Nitritespecialist said on Tue, 20 Jul 2021 at 21:41...

@Slut....Is your Blue Boy a Locker Room popper?

I bought 3 bottles from Locker Room....JJ Black....I've had open for 5 days and I swear it's better now than when I first tried it. I just got some amazing ass effects from it. It's better than Joe Miller's poppers - mostly because it's doesn't go dead in a few hours. But I did put a little KCarb and MS4 in it...so maybe that helps.

My Everest smells absolutely horrid....foul musty camphorous odor. It's degraded isoamyl nitrite. Not good.

Nitritespecialist said on Tue, 20 Jul 2021 at 21:50...

The Locker Room JJ Black and Gold have similar odors. I don't love the odor, but I can tolerate it. Smells a bit like paint/thinner/leather scent. It seems better now that it's evaporated and older.

The Everest bottle just smells nasty and degraded.

pp_slut said on Wed, 21 Jul 2021 at 08:02...

If I can trust the label, than it’s from locker room CA

And it’s marked as pentyl nitrite/ methylbuthyl nitrite - so no official amyl

No side effects on me today too
Lung feels ok, no headache, no blurry vision/blind spot

Think your Everest is simply dead for some reasons.
I placed my order shortly after yours and on first hit it smells a bit like the ice Bonbons we have in Germany. Some kind of fresh and cool before the regular chemical poppers smell comes up.

Nitritespecialist said on Wed, 21 Jul 2021 at 12:43...

@slut....Locker Room puts a lot number on the lid's plastic label...mine was on the side of the lid H45....manager of LR said that indicated a recent batch. He vouched that my purchase was legit from PA.eu.
Amyl and pentyl are synonyms. The only variation depends on the particular "isomer" of alcohol used. Because there are 8 isomers(variations) of amyl alcohol, a chemist has to be more specific when referring to the "amyl/pentyl" group. Medical amyl nitrite was apparently a mixture of amyl isomers. The popper makers are not very anxious to say exactly what's in their poppers...it's their trade secret. I have purchased isoamyl/isopentyl nitrite twice from chemical companies. The first was 500 mls from Alfa...it smelled slightly fruity upon opening, but the whole 500 mls turned to stinky, dead fish vinegar in less than two weeks. The second purchase was 100 mls from TCI and it smelled very similar to my Everest bottle....a musty, disagreeable camphorous odor. I placed Kcarb and MS4 in it and a few weeks later, it smelled better and had decent effects. My Everest bottle has effects, it's just I can't stand the odor enough to take a big whiff.

Nitritespecialist said on Wed, 21 Jul 2021 at 13:29...

@slut....I had poured off some of my Everest when I first bought it...and I washed it in soda/brine...hoping to get rid of the funky scent.
After drying this portion, I poured onto fresh Kcarb in brown bottle. I tested today and the funky odor is gone...it's a light minty, fresher scent and it has strong ass relax, not much else...wears off quickly like a switch turned off. So the Kcarb absorbed the funk scent and made it more palatable without killing activity.

pp_slut said on Wed, 21 Jul 2021 at 17:17...

Yes it smells a bit minty and had good ass relax and it’s quickly over if you stop sniffing.
No other effects for me - no good one but as I said also no bad ones.

Gym said on Wed, 21 Jul 2021 at 23:06...

This is just a general FYI and not directed at anyone in particular.

JJ is a simple abbreviation for Jungle Juice. JJ is not the actual manufacturer's name. In fact, Lockerroom Marketing (located in Delta, BC, Canada) is the manufacturer of all genuine Jungle Juice (JJ) products currently on the market such as Jungle Juice Black Label Extreme Formula (pentyl)(10-30 ml), Jungle Juice Gold Label Triple Distilled (pentyl)(10-30 ml), Jungle Juice Platinum Original (pentyl)(10-24 ml), Jungle Juice Platinum (hexyl)(30 ml), Jungle Juice Plus (pentyl)(10-24 ml) and Jungle Juice Plus (hexyl)(30 ml)

Lockerroom make plenty of other poppers as well such as Blue Boy (pentyl)(10-24 ml) and "old school" Amsterdam (pentyl)(10-24 ml).

On the other hand, products such as Jungle Juice Black Label Extreme Formula (amyl)(24 ml), Jungle Juice Platinum (propyl)(10-24ml) and Juice Zero Black Label (mix)(10-24ml) are NOT genuine Lockerroom products as they are clearly listed as originating (aka manufactured) in Europe.

Furthermore, all genuine Lockerroom products can be easily identified by the very distinct "JJ/Lockerroom" marking on the plastic wrapping both at the top of their unopened factory-sealed bottles as well as at the back of the bottles.

And while I can't speak for the smaller 10 ml size bottles as I've never bought them, the 30 ml size bottles that I've bought all have enough space on the back for the manufacturer's Canadian address to be written there. My Jungle Juice Black Label Extreme Formula bottles each came inside their own original box as well.

Anyway, this can all be seen on the Poppers-Zone website. Please read each individual product description carefully. Product info and images are all there.

Bottom line: before anyone buys on the internet, please make yourselves aware -- inform yourselves -- of the different origins/manufacturers/nitrites because some of the product names may be very similar or even exactly the same while, in fact, they are completely different products from completely different manufacturers.

pp_slut said on Thu, 22 Jul 2021 at 06:18...

@gym on small bottles there is also in most cases the address written, but you need good eyes to be able to read it.

I was referring to the JJ because it’s written big an top of the seal (on cap)
- it’s something like JJ and line below smaller locker room)
It’s easier to read

Don’t know how “trustable” the whole stuff on the labels is at all. Saw also email addresses on some bottles.

Its a bit the same like classic yellow rush in old days - there where bottles out there with some Superman image and some without - the rest was still the same.
Can’t remember which one - but one was working and one wasn’t.
Don’t know if someone remembers…

PJ said on Thu, 22 Jul 2021 at 14:06...

Superman was Captain Rush :-) I think he disappeared because of a complaint by the DC Comics (?) As with all things poppers...mysterious.

>Don’t know how “trustable” the whole stuff on the labels is at all<

I agree.

Gym said on Thu, 22 Jul 2021 at 21:20...


You wrote:

"Don’t know how “trustable” the whole stuff on the labels is at all. Saw also email addresses on some bottles"

That is correct. On the label at the back of Canadian-manufactured Lockerroom 30 ml bottles, there is also an email address at the bottom of the mailing address, and there's a phone number as well. Lockerroom are clearly giving consumers multiple ways to contact them. Why would you wonder how "trustable" any of that is?

As I said before somewhere, I can't speak for other poppers manufacturers and the products they sell but the Canadian-made Lockerroom poppers I've bought from Poppers-Zone have been extremely consistent label-wise. As such, I have no doubt whatsoever that Poppers-Zone are buying poppers in bulk directly from the JJ manufacturer in Delta, BC, Canada and simply re-selling them around the world. There's clearly no monkey business going on, at least not with the Lockerroom products. And I would assume that Poppers-Zone is the same with all the products they sell. After all, good reputable businesses want to retain their customers with quality and dependablity, not to lose them after just one purchase due to shady practices.

Along with info on the type of nitrite, this is the address, telephone number and email address of the manufacturer as seen not only on the back of the JJ Black Label Extreme Formula 30 ml bottles I bought but also on the back of the JJ Gold Triple Distilled, the JJ Platinum and the Jacked! bottles I bought as well:

Leather Cleaner
(Pentyl Nitrite, 2-Methylbutyl Nitrite)

Lockerroom Marketing Ltd.
#202 - 590 Ebury Place, Delta, BC
V3M 6K7, Canada
Phone +1 604 522 5354


I mean, how much more info does one expect to see on a bottle of poppers? The actual formula itself?? lol

In other words, the labeling has been very consistent on all the Lockerroom products I've ever bought from Poppers-Zone. The JJ Black Label Extreme Formula bottles even came inside their original boxes.

In the end, if certain consumers cannot trust what is clearly very consistent info on the labels of what are obviously Canadian-made Lockerroom products, then maybe those consumers are the type that will never trust anything they buy, not just poppers.

Nitritespecialist said on Fri, 23 Jul 2021 at 11:04...

@Gym...the manager of LRM said their labels are being 100% faked...so really, testing the product and/or calling LRM is the best way to confirm a legit source.

Gym said on Fri, 23 Jul 2021 at 19:02...


Not surprised Lockerroom would say that but it's highly unlikely. He was probably talking more along the lines of other companies that use the "Jungle Juice" brand name to sell their products. However, those non-Lockerroom Jungle Juice products are usually advertised as being manufactured/produced in Europe or elsewhere, and not from the Lockerroom facilities in Delta, BC, Canada.

That being said, I suppose actual Lockerroom labels could be faked in some fashion but I cannot see how the current Canadian-made Lockerroom product labels could ever be perfectly reproduced in exact detail. Doing something like that would end up being far too costly for someone to do and still make a profit. It would only end up increasing the price of the fake product and they'd never end up selling their fakes for any length of time except perhaps to a few completely ignorant fools.

Most importantly, none of the legitimate reputable online companies would ever even think of faking labels. They'd immediately be jeopardizing their business going forward. Once word got out one or more of their products was fake, no one who knows anything about poppers would buy from them anymore.

Gym said on Fri, 30 Jul 2021 at 19:29...

Just to clear something up.

In a previous comment, PP_Slut wrote:
"Don’t know how “trustable” the whole stuff on the labels is at all. Saw also email addresses on some bottles"

I replied:
"That is correct. On the label at the back of Canadian-manufactured Lockerroom 30 ml bottles, there is also an email address at the bottom of the mailing address, and there's a phone number as well."

What I wrote about an email address was a mistake. There is no email address on the back of the Lockerroom (Canada) bottles I've bought.

What I meant to say is that there is a website address on the label at back of the bottles (www,junglejuiceplus.com). Clearly not an email address.

If PP_Slut saw an email address on the back of his bottles, then I can't vouch for those bottles.

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