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UK poppers law 2021: Can I legally import poppers from the EU??

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Topic created by Poppersnewbie
on Mon, 22 Mar 2021 at 19:55

Poppersnewbie said on Mon, 22 Mar 2021 at 19:55...

New to buying poppers in the uk and need some clarification.

From what I have read here and about, Amyl Nitrite is a controlled medicine and it is illegal to sell to people unless you are a pharmacist. I have also read that possession of amyl nitrite is legal.

Does this mean that it Is legal for me to BUY poppers (predicated on some major leather cleaning needs and the bottle delivered from overseas saying as much on the label)

Thanks all!

Solomon said on Mon, 22 Mar 2021 at 23:39...

There is no new law or legislation - so what do you mean exactly? Brexit? In any case, as a learned poster has pointed out, it is not usually amyl nitrite, but rather pentyl nitrite, or isoamyl (both kissing cousins so it is not really an issue)

But your concern is Brexit I think, newbie?

Poppersnewbie said on Mon, 22 Mar 2021 at 23:56...

Thabks for your reply! Brexit isnt worrying me, its just whether importing amyl nitrite poppers from a European shop (which is what I've been reccomend to buy to protect eyesight) can land you in trouble with the law if say customs found them!

Poppersnewbie said on Mon, 22 Mar 2021 at 23:58...

And also if I was gonna get somthing like pentyl nitrite instead, is that legal to have shipped?

Thabks for your help btw. Trying to stay the right side of the law with all this and still a bit lost with it all

Jammerlappen said on Tue, 23 Mar 2021 at 10:22...

Brexit is big success for all euro people! you need visa to visit Costa del Sol and must make your urlaub in Isle of Wight or Torquay; no more is it seen at buffet breakfast fighting over "full english" with baked beans.

R.Don said on Tue, 23 Mar 2021 at 13:00...

There are no new EU laws, only eye-damaging iso propyl nitrite is legal in the UK after they banned iso butyl nitrite in 2007.

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Tue, 23 Mar 2021 at 16:45...

You are wrong as usual. The United Kingdom is subject to common law, not civil law. Amyl nitrite and iso-butyl / butyl nitrite are *restricted* not illegal under different pieces of legislation. One of which is EU-origin and has not been amended - that is the choice of UK legislators...or more likely they have better things to do. You know like the economy, schools, pandemic, and other boring stuff like that.

Pentyl, hexyl, or any other nitrite that is not subject to any such restriction, by the essential nature of common law, is OK. That is why I can drive geese through my neighbors garden every Whitsun, and you are allowed to take a shower in the middle of the night...you cannot do this in some civil law jurisdictions. Freedom, my love. 'Tis a wonderful thing. But guess what...nobody gives a damn about poppers...so don't expect your beloved, expensive to produce, short shelf-life, isobutyl, to turn up at your local adult store anytime soon. Distribution, production costs, and the fact that nobody cares, are the real reasons...but you are welcome to dwell on your Euro-phobic prejudices if it passes the time. Personally I think we should all be thankful for what we've got! Count your blessing, my love. What is your favorite thing at the moment?? aside from moaning about how poppers were sooo much better when you young....ba!

R. Don said on Tue, 23 Mar 2021 at 22:13...

Unlike yourself I don't automatically believe everything the EU tell us. They didn't tell us about the rat experiments where they forced rats to inhale iso butyl
fior 48 hours untill one of them died.

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Wed, 24 Mar 2021 at 19:36...

I am guessing the scientists expected the rat to expire, my love. They probably euthanized the rest. For the simple reason that the intention of the scientific study was to...what?

a. examine the effects on the tissue and reach a conclusion
b. see if rats got randy and started rutting
c. create a weaponized Super Rat as part of a diabolical plot

My guess is a. :-)

R.Don said on Wed, 24 Mar 2021 at 21:42...

Titter ye not. Iso butyl nitrite was declared carcinogenic after the rat died and the EU changed the formula to iso propyl nitrite in 2007. They also insisted on replacing the traditional screw top bottle with the annoying safety screw cap. Why do they poke their noses into everything ?

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Wed, 24 Mar 2021 at 22:46...

Rats are very hardy creatures. Did you know that they can even become immune to some poisons over time? My guess would be that "the rat" (hereinafter known as Basil) was not in the best of health, unlike his comrades. But the point of the poppers study, as with any study of this kind, was not to execute rats. It was to study the effect of on the tissues. The exposure period, which seems to outrage you, my dear rodent lover...well, that was intended (one assumes) to give data based on the rodents relative size, and the long term effects of exposure. It would have been scientifically designed that way, and peer reviewed. You are suggesting some sort of bizarre ,Brussels - based, comedy scenario, you have also anthropomorphized a dead lab rat as a martyr. These sort of tests are carried out all the time on so many things, all part of a scientific discipline.

Cigarettes, and many other things, have carcinogenic properties....red meat? Does Iso-butyl have the quality? No idea....but pentyl / amyl is widely available and is much better. IBN is a short lived thrill often accompanied, in my experience, by a coughing fit. You seem to regret IBN's passing as much as Basil's....can't you be happy with some pentyl? Perhaps it is a matter of personal preference... or it could be that there is some sort of association (a psychological effect) that is triggered...like the smell of bacon, or lavender. Because IBN has a very particular smell, yes?

R.Don said on Thu, 25 Mar 2021 at 00:09...

RIP Rattus norvegicus. I recently tried a pentyl popper from a UK supplier. Alas, it didn't really give me that strong pulse in the head followed by rapid heartbeat and then a smooth warm long lasting rush to the head.

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Thu, 25 Mar 2021 at 13:35...

Basil was Norwegian was he? Wow! So he was not even part of the European Union! The plot thickens....:-)

Poppersnewbie said on Thu, 25 Mar 2021 at 15:20...

So to sum, if I bought amyl nitrite poppers from a French website and had them shipped to england (as leather cleaner) could I be prosecuted?

Also RIP basil

William Apple said on Thu, 25 Mar 2021 at 17:05...

nah....'cus it 'aint amyl..it's pentyl..and Donny told u he got some from a UK site.

thoughts go to Bazzer's family & friends at this time

Poppersnewbie said on Thu, 25 Mar 2021 at 17:44...

Is it only the seller of Amyl nitrite that is at risk then?

Thanks all for the responses btw.

Poppersnewbie said on Thu, 25 Mar 2021 at 19:30...

And also how is not amyl but pentyl. Are they the same?!?! Donny got pentyl but I'm angling for Amyl.

Does shipping AMYL mean I can get done?!


New to the poppers Poppersnewbie

R.Don said on Thu, 25 Mar 2021 at 20:01...

I did hear pentyl nitrite and amyl nitrite are the same, but I need some clarification on that. Apparently pentyl is now legal in the uk.

R.Don said on Thu, 25 Mar 2021 at 20:16...

Don't worry, you won't get done. The police are too busy arresting little old ladies for breaching lockdown rules.

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Thu, 25 Mar 2021 at 22:22...

Amyl is apparently restricted under the Medicines Act.. thanks to some drag queens who made a big fuss back in the day..or so it is told... that lot got some small high street shop in hot water. So you cannot buy it in the UK...end of. R.Don's beef with the EU is about iso-butyl and you cannot buy that nitrite anywhere except one place that apparently doesn't give a rat's arse about what the EU say...weird. It is not France.

You can buy pentyl nitrite poppers. But not in Basil's home country Norway...all poppers are banned there.

Oh...and Don...prior to Basil's unfortunate demise there was a lot of iso-butyl about sure...but way back in the 80s/90s it was amyl nitrite originally. So now you got pentyl which is basically back to the good old days...:-)

Poppersnewbie said on Thu, 25 Mar 2021 at 23:28...

To the glove, thank you for your response, unusual to hear that in your country it is banned completely, I always imagined a place like yours to be fairly relaxed on these matters.

in the UK it is restricted to sell amyl as a medicine However to posses it is fine as long as it isn't described as a medicine. So having a bottle if amyl nitrate on me isn't a crime. The gray area is whether or not the act if buying/importing is a crime.

As far as I can see the duty is on the seller not to sell amyl as medicine butnI just can't tell for sure if customs found a bottle on route to the UK if they'd go bananas!!

R.Don said on Fri, 26 Mar 2021 at 09:30...

I'm in the UK, in the past I've ordered from poppers-aromas.eu in France dozens of times - no problems with customs. I also ordered from Canada once - no problem, just took two weeks! I also ordered some dodgy stuff from China once - no probs,

The Dreadful Flying Glove said on Fri, 26 Mar 2021 at 20:14...

There is no gray area as it is pentyl. Also a bottle of amyl nitrate will not be of any use unless you are a gardener, as it is a fertilizer (like most nitrates). Amyl nitrite is restricted, but UK restrictions do not apply to French citizens who can do what they want ...who anyway are shipping pentyl (not restricted) with names like Super Amazing Amyl Original Black Hardcore Formula No 1...or similar hyped up name. That is the same formula as Jungle Juice Plus from Lockerroom in Canada, and that one is probably the best.

Nobody sells amyl nitrite. What the thing is with iso-amyl nitrite I do not know, better ask Nitritespecialist. But from what i gather it is tier three.

Poppersnewbie said on Sat, 27 Mar 2021 at 00:05...

Thanks gloves, ill have a look into the pentyl poppers. Seen a site offering them to the UK and I'm guessing they ship from the UK to as they use the UK postal service!

Anonymous said on Thu, 1 Apr 2021 at 01:47...

@T-D-F-Glove: Hello and thanks for your extended comments and responses with the sarcastic humor, which is appreciated.
I have been purchasing pentyl nitrite products from Poppers-Aromas.EU (France) and my experience has confirmed for me that these formulas are definitely not the same as real n-amyl nitrite, which I purchased back in the 70's and 80's.
Since you live in the UK, it may interest you to know that the best popper product I ever purchased [ from 1976 - 1983 ] was RAM from RAM Products in the UK, the manufacturer of the original Jungle Juice. Based upon my communications [ mail and phone calls ] with the business owners of RAM Products, the RAM formula was - in fact - real n-amyl nitrite, and it was absolutely superb.
Jungle Juice was a combination of amyl (10%) and butyl (90%).
Now that the UK is no longer a member of the EU, I have been hoping that some entrepreneur in the UK might consider manufacturing and selling real n-amyl nitrite, realizing that there exists a significant and legitimate demand for this particular product.
I understand that the UK government [ i.e. National Medical Board or Commission ] most likely would not approve the sale of n-amyl. But, you did say that "nobody cares" about poppers in the UK. So, if nobody cares, then maybe someone will seize the business initiative and try and manufacture and sell n-amyl nitrite again in the UK.
Thanks for taking the time to post your comments.

Harry1950 said on Thu, 1 Apr 2021 at 01:49...

@T-D-F-Glove: I forgot to include my name in my response above.
Thanks again.

Altared Boy said on Fri, 15 Oct 2021 at 15:19...

We Homosexists only have "ourselves" to blame ... i.e. some cantankerous, traitorous, killjoys in our midst. Some "clean living", ultra-gym, "MY body is a Temple" bastards always hated Poppers, so when AIDS was still "mysterious", they blamed Poppers (even though it was, OBVIOUSLY, of infectious origin!) and so, 'Gay Leaders' DEMANDED Poppers be banned -- and brainless MPs obeyed!!!
An ENTIRELY self-inflicted wound by our fellow Homosexists!
As an absolute CONNOYZOUER of "The Pop" since 1980 (starting with GENUINE, medical, Amyl Nitrate in 'Snap-N-Sniff' glass vials -- personally liberated from the Hospital Pharmacy fridge; then "graduating" to New York Gay Sex Shoppe Isobutyl Nitrite), I CAN assure everyone that Isobutyl Nitrite WAS and IS the 'Original and Bestest' that 'WE' (those ancient enough to remember) REALLY ENJOYED back in the 80s to late 90s!
I -- too -- would appreciate a definitive answer (there must be SOME legally qualified Homosexists out there!?!?) to the question:
"Is it legal for an individual to order & purchase (via T'Interweb) Isobutyl Nitrite (from an overseas supplier) and have it shipped to himself (here in the UK)?"
I -- and MANY others -- would GREATLY appreciate an answer from someone who KNOWS the answer, rather LESS than from someone simply guessing or surmising -- no matter how well-intentioned and otherwise self-infi
With great thanks!!!

Isobutylplease said on Wed, 3 Aug 2022 at 19:41...

Iíve been ordering amyl nitrite from poppers-aromas.eu. Never had any problems, however itís not as good as the Isobutyl stuff I used to get in the 90ís. I had a bad scare with isopropyl nitrite back in 2015. I foolishly thought of my self as a bit bomb proof. No allergies or reactions to anything, legal or otherwise. After a fairly light huffing session on isopropyl I developed the dreaded vision blur you hear about. It was terrible. I couldnít recognise people when I was out and about. The effects didnít ease for about 4 months and didnít return to what I think was normal for over a year. I didnít touch poppers again until I finally decided to trust amyl nitrite from poppers-aromas. Iíd just love to find some old fashioned Isobutyl, so if anyone knows where itís available please let me know.

Andy said on Tue, 17 Jan 2023 at 20:42...


Andy said on Tue, 17 Jan 2023 at 20:43...

Isobutyl nitrite sold in the uk

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