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What is 2-Metylbutyl nitrite C5H8 ?

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Topic created by sb
on Sun, 14 Mar 2021 at 07:07

sb said on Sun, 14 Mar 2021 at 07:07...

I saw on JungleJuice bottles from Lockerroom Marketing

Pentylnitrite (which is clear)


2-Metylbutylnitrite C5H8

What are the properties of 2-Metylbutylnitrite ?

sb said on Sun, 14 Mar 2021 at 07:20... said on Sun, 14 Mar 2021 at 08:08...

My favorite brand until a year ago was JungleJuice Gold Label triple distilled.

When I spilled it into a tissue and inhaled it, the effect was as follows. Normally, when you close your eyes you see background noise. With this brand I saw immediately deep black with closed eyes, except for a spot in the center, which developed into a"tunnel". My arms started feeling cold. Later the "tunnel" closed, seeing all deep black. The first time I experienced this, I panicked, opened my eyes, but vision was perfect. Finally, I got a tremendous orgasm of may be two minutes and felt out of my body for a while. (I am using poppers with electrostimulation).

Unfortunately, Lockerroom changed the formula, and the effect is gone.
So the big question, which chemical is missing ?

I am not happy with amylnitrite. With isobutyl I may see blue spots and some chaotic disturbance, but nothing closed as described above. I want exactly the old Lockerroom formula

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 14 Mar 2021 at 13:21...

That CAS number is amyl nitrite II. It's an isomer of amyl nitrite. The "C5" means it has 5(pent) carbons, which all amyls have. There are 8 isomers of amyl alcohol and therefore there are 8 possible poppers. I don't think anyone knows the recreational properties of most of them.

Plus, you can't trust labels. And the OTC poppers available are likely filled with impurities, imparting off odors and effects, making it harder to know exactly what type of principle nitrite is in a bottle based on scent.

For example, someone posted that French amyl poppers reeked of camphor. This odor is an impurity associated with amyl nitrite and not isobutyl nitrite.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 14 Mar 2021 at 13:30...

Correction: No CAS number was given; however, 2 methylbutyl nitrite is still an isomer of amyl nitrite. It is NOT pentyl nitrite per se.

Since there are 8 isomers(versions) of amyl nitrite, it's important to be exacting. Normal, straight chained amyl nitrite (n-amyl nitrite) is the same as Pentyl nitrite(n-pentyl nitrite). This compound is NOT an isomer(the abnormal ones). And since isomers have different properties, it's important to identify the precise chemical in order to accurately assess it.

sb said on Sun, 14 Mar 2021 at 17:48...

Thanks a lot !
(I missed the NO2 group in my initial post. I googled for metylbutyl rather than metylbutylnitrit)

So may be this isomer is the secret of the old Lockerroom formula ? I suspect they reduced the amount of metylbutylnitrit.

Nitritespecialist said on Sun, 14 Mar 2021 at 18:10...

@SB....I think quality/purity is more important than exact type of nitrite. Possessing high quality means the popper doesn't have any significant levels of impeding or more toxic impurities. Impurities are generally not good unless they are inert. One inert chemical is epoxidized linseed oil. It could be added to increase volume without impeding effects(I assume) or altering the odor much. This oil neutralizes acids and keeps the nitrite stable. There are 5 main types of poppers commonly made and sold. Isopropyl, butyl and isobutyl, amyl(pentyl) and isoamyl(isopentyl). Assuming they are all of sufficient quality, whichever one appeals most to someone is going to vary, if it appeals at all. I personally prefer n-amyl. N-butyl might be my second choice. I don't care for isobutyl or isopropyl. N-butyl seems tricky to make. I think it requires very high quality reagents in order to use it without distillation. It makes a potent, banana smelling popper, BUT impurities can make it much more toxic and unpleasant.

Harry1950 said on Thu, 18 Mar 2021 at 05:52...

@Nitritespecialist: Thanks very much for your very informative information and comments.
@sb : I agree with you observation about the Jungle Juice Gold Label (triple distilled) product. I have been using it for two or more years and the formula appears to have been diluted. It is not as strong and effective as it used to be when I first started to use it.

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